Impress Guests by Styling Your Bedroom in Chic Black and Gold

Black and gold has become one of the most popular color schemes for creating a dramatic, glamorous bedroom design. By combining classic black elements with opulent gold accents, you can craft a luxurious oasis that feels straight out of a 5-star hotel. The look oozes sophistication and luxury, immediately impressing any guests that enter the space.

From lavish textiles to striking metallic furniture, we’ll cover all the details you need to know.

Selecting Black and Gold Textiles

Textiles like bedding, drapes and upholstery play a foundational role in establishing the black and gold aesthetic within your bedroom. As you select fabrics for these key elements, aim for a mix of decadent textures that incorporate both black and shimmering gold.

Bedspreads and Duvet Covers

Opt for a quilted black velvet bedspread or duvet cover with embroidered gold flourishes. Black satin with a subtle metallic sheen also pairs beautifully with gold accent pillows in textures like lace or velvet. For a bolder look, choose a duvet with a graphic black and gold print. Include plenty of coordinating lumbar pillows for additional drama.


Hang floor-length black curtains across your windows for a formal style. Choose velvet or silk with gold ornamental trim for a glamorous effect. For functionality, install separate blackout curtain panels behind your main drapes to block light and allow uninterrupted sleep.

black n gold bedroom decor

Incorporating Black and Gold Lighting

The right lighting can shift the ambiance of a black and gold bedroom from drab to fab. Include a mix of ambient and accent lighting options to fully transform the look after dark.

Ambient Lighting

Install dimmable black chandeliers, sconces or table lamps with gold detailing to infuse a baseline glow. Black floor lamps with metallic gold shades direct light in a more focused stream. Place lighting strategically to avoid shadows in seating nooks or at the vanity.

Accent Lighting

Use accent lighting to spotlight specific areas and make them shine. Try picture lights above artwork, strips of LED lights underneath the bed for drama or plug-in sconces layered with jewelry on the vanity. Mini table lamps and elegant candle holders also serve as functional gold accents.

Adding Black and Gold Accents

Once your textiles and lighting establish the black and gold theme, have fun with accents and accessories in the same color scheme. Use accents to create a focal point or enrich existing furnishings.

Focal Point Accent Wall

Wallpaper with black background and metallic gold damask print
Geometric black and gold patterned feature wall
Floor-to-ceiling golden wall mural behind the bed


Black and white photographs matted in deep frames imbue modern sophistication. Hang gilded gold mirrors above bedside tables to amplify ambient lighting. Consider a printed canvas or custom wall mural depicting iconic glamour symbols like a Hollywood actress, Eiffel Tower or vintage car.


Scatter small decorative objects like trays, vases, jewelry boxes and framed photos around your room. Keep them generally black and gold themed. Touches like gold tissue box holders and luxurious hand soaps in the en suite elevate the fanciness.

Selecting Statement Furniture

From the bed itself to nightstands and a glam stool or bench, furniture selections speak volumes. Ground the look with classic silhouettes and opulent finishes.

Tufted Black and Gold Headboard

A button-tufted headboard upholstered in black velvet imparts unmatched drama. Opt for an intricate hand-carved black wood headboard with gold leaf accents for a more organic statement. Incorporate built-in sconces or shelves as desired.

Nightstands & Other Furnishings

Choose black lacquer nightstands with metallic gold hardware for a striking bedside look. Hexagon, scalloped and curved silhouettes infuse added whimsy. An upholstered bench or stool at the foot of the bed doubles as extra seating and valet storage.

As you pull the whole black and gold aesthetic together, mind the details that distinguish divine from dull. Seek out high-end looking materials that emulate luxury. Display decorative objects artfully without overcrowding the space. And carefully balance patterns and textures to prevent visual overload.

You can create a bedroom that dazzles every guest with the use of regal black and gold textiles. The bold color pairing symbolizes confidence – project yours by giving this iconic look your own stylish spin.

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