Illuminate Your Kitchen With a 4 Foot LED Light Fixture: A Complete 2023 Buying Guide

Looking to upgrade your kitchen lighting? A 4 foot LED light fixture could be the perfect solution.

With the right fixture, you can illuminate your kitchen beautifully and efficiently. LED technology offers incredible advantages over traditional lighting.

Benefits of 4 Foot LED Kitchen Light Fixtures

Why should you choose a 4 foot LED kitchen light over other options? Here are some of the key benefits:

Unbeatable Energy Efficiency

LED lights are widely known as the most energy efficient lighting option. They use up to 80% less power than incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer.

4 foot led kitchen light fixture

Some 4 foot LED kitchen fixtures even have integrated motion sensors. These can automatically power off the light when no motion is detected in the kitchen. This provides an extra level of energy savings, reducing unnecessary energy usage.

Many LED kitchen lights are also dimmable. You can lower the brightness when full light isn’t needed, saving even more electricity.

Durability You Can Count On

With an incredible lifespan of over 50,000 hours, you’ll enjoy years of reliable illumination without replacing bulbs frequently.

These fixtures are designed to last. Made from sturdy metal and impact-resistant polycarbonate, they can withstand everyday kitchen use.

Superior Light Quality

4 foot LED fixtures flood your kitchen with 5600+ bright and uniform lumens. The diffused frosted lens prevents glaring light.

With a wide 120+ degree beam angle, the light spreads evenly throughout the space. No more dim corners or counter spaces!

Premium LED chips provide a high 90+ CRI rating. This ensures colors and food appear natural, vivid and appetizing under the light.

Sleek, Modern Styling

An elegant, minimalist design with metallic end caps gives these lights a sophisticated look. They perfectly complement any contemporary kitchen.

Choose from stylish finishes like matte black, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze to match your decor.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installation is straightforward with detailed instructions and mounting hardware included. No need to call an electrician.

The light fixture comes ready to mount under your kitchen cabinets. You’ll be up and running in under 30 minutes.

What to Consider When Buying a 4 Foot LED Kitchen Light

Keep these factors in mind when choosing the ideal 4 foot LED fixture for your kitchen:


Confirm the dimensions match your under-cabinet space. The fixture should be a snug fit end-to-end for full illumination.

Lumen Output

Higher lumens equate to brighter light. Consider the size of your kitchen and how much light you need for food prep, cooking and dining.

Beam Angle

Look for a wide 120+ degree beam angle. This allows the light to spread evenly across more surface area.


Frosted diffusers give softly glowing, uniform light. Clear diffusers create a brighter, more direct light.

Light Color Temperature

Lower Kelvin (2700K-3000K) emits a warm, cozy light. Higher Kelvin (4000K-5000K) gives a cooler, clinical brightness.

CRI Rating

Aim for a CRI of 90+ to accurately render colors for cooking tasks.

Special Features

Consider added features like motion sensors, dimmability, and flicker-free tech.


Quality LED lights have a higher upfront cost but provide long-term savings on energy bills.


1-3 year replacement warranties cover defects and give peace of mind.


Check for reputable safety certifications like UL, ETL, DLC, and Energy Star.

Brand Reputation

Choose a brand known for performance, quality, and reliability.

The Best 4 Foot LED Kitchen Light Brands

These top brands deliver exceptional 4 foot LED fixtures:

Cree Lighting

Cree is a leader in LED technology. Their 4 foot fixtures like the ZR-RKLM provide incredibly bright, uniform lighting with a sleek low profile.

GE Lighting

Known for lighting innovation, GE’s 4 foot LED under cabinet fixtures distribute wide flood illumination for task lighting.


Philips offers user-friendly LED kitchen lights with great CRI ratings and specially designed reflectors for ample illumination.

Commercial Electric

This brand from Commercial Electric provides affordably priced 4 foot LED fixtures with all the essential features and reliable performance.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Installing a 4 foot LED kitchen light is a straightforward DIY project. Here are the key steps:

Safety First

Turn off power to avoid electric shock. Use a non-conductive ladder to reach high cabinets.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Drill with assorted drill bits
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape

Mounting Hardware

The fixture includes mounting clips, screws, and connectors.

Installation Steps

1. Measure and mark mounting locations with a pencil. Drill pilot holes.

2. Feed wires from junction box through mounting clips.

3. Secure mounting clips to cabinet bottom with screws.

4. Connect fixture wires to junction box wires (black to black, white to white).

5. Attach fixture to mounting clips and turn power back on.


How do I choose the right lumen output?

Lumen guidelines: 3500-5000 lumens for medium kitchens, 5000-6500 for larger kitchens.

Can these lights get wet?

They have an IP44 rating, meaning they’re splash resistant but not waterproof.

Do the lights get hot?

LEDs run much cooler than other types of lights, so heat is not a concern.

What is the power draw?

Most 4 foot LED kitchen lights use between 25-45 watts.

What is the operating voltage?

They are designed to operate at standard 120V AC voltage.

What is the junction box size requirement?

The junction box should be at least 5 inches wide to accommodate wires.

With the right 4 foot LED fixture, you can take your kitchen illumination from dreary to amazing. LED technology offers efficiency, long life and great light quality.

Consider lumens, CRI, and features carefully. And stick with trusted lighting brands for safety and reliability.

Made specifically for under cabinet use, these LED lights will make food prep, cooking and clean-up a brightly lit delight.

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