How to Pick the Best Sage Green Paint for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Sage green has become an increasingly popular color choice for kitchen cabinets over the last few years. This muted green with subtle gray undertones provides a soft and peaceful ambiance that perfectly suits the heart of the home. Unlike brighter or bolder greens, sage green adds just the right amount of color without overwhelming a space. With so many shades and options for sage green paint though, it can be tricky to select the perfect one for your kitchen cabinets. Follow this guide to pick the ideal sage green paint color, prep and paint your cabinets like a pro, and pull off a beautiful, soothing sage green kitchen.

Why Choose Sage Green for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Before diving into the specific details of choosing a sage green paint, let’s look at why this color works so well for kitchen cabinets in the first place:

– Adds a subtle pop of color without going overboard: Sage greens are much more muted than other vibrant greens, meaning they provide color without making the space feel too bold or overwhelming.

– Calming, peaceful vibe: Greens, especially in paler, dusty shades, are known to promote relaxation. The cool tones of sage green evoke feelings of calm and tranquility.

sage green cabinet paint

– Pairs well with many design styles: From modern to farmhouse, sage green cabinets suit a wide range of kitchen aesthetics.

– Color psychology benefits: Greens are believed to improve mood, increase focus, and even expand a sense of possibility. Who wouldn’t want those effects in the kitchen, the core of the home?

– Appears brighter and cooler: Sage greens can make a dark, small kitchen feel lighter and airier thanks to the cool undertones reflecting more light.

The Different Shades of Sage Green for Cabinets

Sage green is not just one set color. Rather, it encompasses a range of green-gray tones. The amount of green vs gray in the paint, as well as warm vs cool undertones, impact the look. Here’s an overview of the sage green color spectrum:

– Green-grays: These shades have more gray pigment than green. They read as light grayish greens.

– Gray-greens: These shades sit more in the middle of the spectrum, with a balanced mix of gray and green.

– Yellow-greens: With more yellow pigment, these shades appear brighter while keeping the green earthy.

– Light sage greens: The palest shades work well for a subtle pop of color. They have alettuce green’ appearance.

– Medium sage greens: These familiar, natural looking greens are very versatile cabinet colors.

– Dark sage greens: Deeper, moodier shades add drama and sophistication.

– Warm greige undertones: Hint of yellow makes these sage greens appear richer.

– Cool blue undertones: Subtle boost of blue makes sage feel more tranquil.

Tips for Selecting the Best Sage Green Paint

Choosing that perfect shade of sage green for your kitchen requires a bit of strategy. Here are some tips to pick a winner:

– Get paint samples. Never select a color without testing it first.

– View samples on cabinets in the room. Natural lighting is key.

– Decide on more cool or warm undertones.

– Determine if you want the green or gray to dominate.

– Consider the look you’re going for. Paler for subtle, darker for dramatic.

– Satin or semi-gloss finishes are best for durability and wipeability.

Selecting a Brand of Paint

In terms of paint brands for kitchen cabinets, you can’t go wrong with premium names like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Behr also offers quality cabinet paints. Each brand offers unique sage green varieties:

– Benjamin Moore: High Park Green (gray-green), Misty Green (pale green), Laurel Green (medium-dark green)

– Sherwin Williams: Cozy Gray (green-gray), Rockport Green (yellow-green), Jubilee Green (medium sage green)

– Behr: Bitter Sage (gray-green), Clever Green (medium-light), Restful Green (yellow-green)

– Consumer brands like Valspar tend to have fewer sage options but offer an affordable option for DIYers.

Picking a Specific Paint Color

To give you a sense of popular paint choices, here are a few go-to sage greens for cabinets:

– Sherwin Williams Coastal Plain – A dusty green-gray that’s versatile without being too neutral.

– Behr Bitter Sage – A light yellow-based sage that brightens without going too lemon-lime green.

– Benjamin Moore Misty Green – A pale green with the perfect balance of gray to stay subtle.

– Valspar Yucca Leaf – A muted yellow-green that’s super affordable for DIY projects.

What Colors Go Well with Sage Green Cabinets

One of the great things about sage green cabinets is that they pair with lots of colors. That said, some combinations work better than others. Here are handy guidelines for coordinating colors with sage green cabinets:

– Whites, grays, and natural wood tones are sage green’s BFFs. They balance out the green in a soothing, earthy way.

– Neutral browns and creamy off-whites also complement the green nicely without too much contrast.

– Pops of red, pink, coral and sky blue enliven the soft green in the prettiest way.

– Deeper greens and navies accentuate the lighter green with some dramatic flair.

Recommended Color Pairings

Some examples of pleasing sage green cabinet combinations include:

– Sage green cabinets, white quartz countertops, neutral backsplash

– Sage green cabinets, wood butcher block island, stainless appliances

-Sage green cabinets, oak floors, black accents and hardware

– Sage green cabinets, cream stone countertops, sky blue accent wall

Colors to Avoid

On the flip side, here are some colors we don’t recommend pairing with sage green cabinets:

– Other shades of green that are too similar and clash

– Orangey wood stains that contrast too harshly

– Bland, all neutral looks with little contrast

– Extremely light walls that wash out the green

Sage Green Cabinet Inspiration

Sometimes seeing sage green cabinets used in real kitchens helps visualize the color. Here are some stunning examples of sage green cabinetry in various spaces:

[Insert photos of sage green cabinets in different kitchens]

Real Life Examples

Speaking of real kitchens, here are a few with sage green cabinets:

– Emily Henderson’s modern farmhouse with Misty Green lower cabinets and bright white uppers. Brass hardware ties it together.

– Liz Marie Blog’s renovated kitchen with Restful Green cabinets, oak floors and quartz counters for an airy vibe.

– Angela Rose Home’s dramatic dark sage cabinets paired with moody green walls and vintage brass accents.

– Studio McGee’s take on sage green perimeter cabinets with a large wood island for contrast.

Painting Your Cabinets Sage Green

Ready to move forward with your own sage green cabinet refresh? Here’s an overview of the painting process:

– Remove doors, drawers, and hardware if possible for easier painting

– Thoroughly clean and lightly sand cabinets to prep for painting

– Apply a bonding primer for best paint adherence

– Paint cabinets with 2-3 thin, smooth coats allowing proper dry time between coats

– Consider using a paint sprayer for the most seamless, professional looking finish

– Seal painted cabinets with a polyurethane for added protection

Hiring a Professional vs DIY

Tackling a cabinet paint job yourself can save money, but requires time and patience. Hiring a pro ensures a flawless finish and less hassle but costs more. On average, expect to pay $3,500+ for professional cabinet painting vs $1,500 or under for DIY.

The muted, earthy vibe of sage green cabinets can transform any kitchen or bathroom into a calming, welcoming space. Follow the tips above to select the ideal shade of green for your space and pull off a cohesive, stylish look incorporating complementary elements. Happy sage green painting!

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