How to Choose the Perfect Bel Furniture Living Room Set for Your Space

Transforming your living room with a stylish new furniture set can completely change the feel of your home. When done right, it creates an inviting space for relaxing and entertaining. Bel Furniture offers high-quality living room sets that can match any style and fit your budget. From contemporary leather sofas to classic fabric sectionals, they have options to suit your needs. Follow this guide to choose the ideal Bel Furniture living room set for your space.

Measure Your Room Size and Layout

The first step is getting detailed measurements of the room you want to furnish. Note the length, width and any odd angles or alcoves. Draw a rough floorplan sketch showing windows, doors and traffic flow. This helps visualize how furniture will best fit your space. Here are some layout tips:

  • Allow enough room for walking paths and entrance/exit access.
  • Position the sofa facing the TV/focal point with enough space behind it.
  • Place end tables and lamps near seating areas within arm’s reach.
  • Keep a minimum of 24-30 inches between pieces for easy navigation.

Measuring before ordering ensures your Bel Furniture living room set will properly fit your room’s footprint. This avoids returns and exchanges down the road.

Consider Sectional Configurations

For large or open concept spaces, a sectional allows flexibility in arranging pieces. Modular designs let you customize the shape – L, U or curved. Measure the room to determine which will work best. Just be sure to account for the extra depth and dimensions of a sectional during planning.

Maximize Small Space Layouts

For tight quarters, look for sleek, compact living room sets. You can cheat inches with nesting tables instead of bulky coffee tables. Opt for a loveseat instead of a full sofa for additional space savings. Measure carefully to ensure enough clearance space around narrow room openings when moving furniture in.

bel furniture living room set

Evaluate Your Design Style and Needs

Consider your interior design taste and lifestyle needs when choosing a living room set. Make note of these factors:

  • Formal vs. casual style
  • Color palette and desired aesthetic
  • High traffic vs. occasional use
  • Entertaining and seating capacity needs
  • Accommodating kids, pets or mobility issues

Your Bel Furniture consultant can help match a set to your style. For contemporary spaces, clean lines and sleek gray or white leather work well. Traditional rooms suit classic fabrics and wood trim accents. Families may want durable, stain-resistant microfiber.

Plan for Multiple Functions

To accommodate both media watching and conversation areas, look for a modular sectional or seating to define each zone. You can angle pieces toward each other or group chairs near end tables. This facilitates multiple room uses.

Factor in Your Decor

If starting fresh, pull inspiration colors and patterns from your new Bel Furniture set to style the rest of the room. For existing spaces, choose upholstery that complements current colors and blends well. leather and darker hues hide wear best if pets or kids are hard on furniture.

Choose Furniture Pieces and Fabric

Now for the fun part – selecting your actual living room furniture! Follow this process when planning your Bel Furniture set purchase:

Pick Your Core Pieces

A typical living room set includes a sofa, loveseat, lounge chair(s) and ottoman(s). Available configurations include:

  • Standard sofa + loveseat + chair(s)
  • Sectional sofa with chaise and corner piece
  • Modular sectional with interchangeable components

Add occasional tables like end tables and coffee tables to finish the look. If floor space is limited, accent chairs can substitute a loveseat.

Choose Customization Options

One benefit of buying from Bel Furniture is the array of customizations to make each set your own:

  • Hundreds of upholstery fabric and leather options
  • Contrast welting and accent piping
  • Wood stain colors for legs and trim
  • Adjustable seat heights and cushion density
  • Power recline and USB ports

Take advantage of these to get the ideal living room set tailored to your family’s preferences.

Add Styling Touches

Decorative details give your Bel Furniture living room set designer flair. Consider these upgrades:

  • Patterned toss pillows that pull out a fabric accent color
  • Tufted seat cushions or back rests
  • Brushed metal or wood nailhead trim
  • Accent arm covers in leather or patterned fabric

A professional designer at your local Bel Furniture can help assemble the perfect components for your space. Schedule an in-store appointment to view swatches and samples.

Compare Quality and Budget of Sets

With living room sets spanning a wide price range, set a realistic budget first. Here are tips for finding quality at the right price point:

  • Inspect frame construction – kiln dried hardwood frames withstand years of use.
  • Compare warranties – quality cushions should retain shape for several years.
  • Evaluate fabric content – look for stain-resistant, durable fibers suited for high-traffic areas.
  • Test out recliners and moving parts – smooth operation shows quality components.
  • Ask about aftercare – builtin stain guard and cleaning services keep sets looking fresh.

Cost ultimately comes down to materials, construction quality, size and customization. Leather sets run higher while microfiber or polyester blends offer greater value. Belt Furniture focuses on well-made living room sets across price tiers to suit any budget.

Set a Spending Limit

Have a maximum budget for your living room furniture purchase. Remember to factor in sales tax, delivery fees and any additional costs for alterations. Buying directly from Bel Furniture helps cut out retailer markups.

Compare Retail Prices

Don’t just look at Bel Furniture’s MSRP pricing. Ask what current sale prices and promotions are offered both online and in your local store. Sign up for email alerts so you can jump on periodic sales and clearance offers.

Arrange In-Home Consultation and Delivery

While you can start the buying process online, it’s recommended to come into a Bel Furniture showroom for a personalized design consultation. Here’s how it works:

  • Set an appointment with a Bel Furniture design advisor at your local store.
  • Come prepared with room dimensions, fabric samples, and photos of your space.
  • Discuss options and view swatches to select the perfect living room pieces.
  • Ask for firm quotes with any promotions or discounts applied.
  • Schedule professional room measurements if needed.

After ordering, their team handles delivery directly to your home. This includes hauling away your old furniture upon request. Allow 2-3 weeks from purchase date for custom order delivery.

Prepare for Delivery Day

To make placing your new furniture easy, clear a path from the entry point to the living room. Remove existing furniture and decor ahead of time. Have a friend assist with assembly, especially for large sectionals. Provide refreshments and tip furniture movers for exceptional service.

Style Your New Bel Furniture Living Room Set

After your Bel Furniture purchase arrives, pull together the full living room decor. Complement with these design elements:

  • Hang new art, mirrors or wall shelves to match the furniture aesthetic.
  • Roll out a patterned area rug to define the seating zone.
  • Arrange your new throw pillows and blankets on the sofa and chairs.
  • Place storage ottomans or side tables for functional surfaces.
  • Add floor and table lamps for ample light throughout the space.
  • Finish off with your decorative touches like trays, plants and sculptures.

Step back and admire your fresh, fashionable living room oasis. Enjoy lounging in style and comfort with family and friends in your new customized Bel Furniture set!

Smart Technology Integration

With the increasing demand for smart homes, Bel Furniture is now integrating smart technology into its living room sets. This includes features such as voice-controlled lighting, temperature control, and entertainment systems that can be easily integrated into the furniture design.

Eco-Friendly Materials

In response to growing environmental concerns, Bel Furniture is now using eco-friendly materials in its living room sets. These materials not only reduce the carbon footprint but also provide superior durability and comfort.

Modular Designs

Bel Furniture is now offering modular designs for its living room sets, which allow for customization and flexibility in space utilization. This means that customers can select individual pieces that suit their specific needs and arrange them in a way that optimizes their living space.

Adjustable Heights

Bel Furniture is now incorporating adjustable heights into its living room sets, particularly for the seating area. This feature enables users to adjust the height of the seat to suit their preferences, making it easier for elderly individuals or those with mobility issues to sit comfortably.

Bel Furniture is responding to interior design trends by releasing living room sets with a minimalist aesthetic. These incorporate clean lines and neutral tones blended with sleek, modern styling. The minimalist sets allow the furniture to blend seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional decorated living rooms.

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