How to Choose the Best Benches to Show Off Your Deck

A deck can be a wonderful addition to any home, providing valuable outdoor living space. However, an empty deck doesn’t quite reach its full potential. The right deck benches incorporated into the design take the space to the next level in both form and function.

Benches offer supplemental seating, integrated storage, and style accents. They also serve necessary railings and barriers. By selecting deck benches strategically, you can create an outdoor oasis perfect for relaxing, dining, entertaining, and more. But with so many options, it’s essential to choose benches suited to your needs.

Types of Deck Benches

Deck benches come in diverse styles, sizes, materials and configurations. Consider how you want to utilize your deck to determine the ideal bench types.

Backless Benches

Simple backless benches provide basic seating economically. Their simplicity allows flexibility – move them freely to rearrange your deck layout whenever needed. Backless options work well for casual seating if you already have ample cushions around.

benches for a deck

Benches with Backs

Benches with backrests offer lumbar support for more comfortable long-term sitting. Look for contoured designs with tilted backs to cradle your spine properly. Benches with backs promote relaxation rather than just temporary perching.

If your deck functions primarily for lounging and conversations, backed benches belong there. Prioritize ergonomic shapes and cushions for the coziest experience.

Storage Benches

Multitask your deck real estate by installing storage benches. These ingenious benches have hidden compartments inside to neatly stow away cushions, outdoor toys, gardening tools and more when not in use.

Storage benches prevent clutter from marring your deck’s beauty. The key is keeping the interior compartments easy to access while retaining a seamless exterior look.

Built-In Benches

Integrating custom benches directly into the deck railing, perimeter or staircases results in an incredibly cohesive look. Built-in benches maximize usage of available space. With creative designs, you can meet safety railing codes while adding seating.

For a contemporary style statement, built-in benches flow effortlessly along clean lines and edges. Or use built-ins to provide unexpected seating nooks overlooking stunning views.

Letter-Shaped Benches

Make an eye-catching style statement with uniquely shaped benches. Letter-shaped benches in curved lines are especially striking. Try a gently arching C-shaped bench following your deck’s perimeter or L and U shapes fitting perfectly into corners.

Bumper ends on your letter-shaped bench prevent people from accidentally sliding off if overly contoured. These ergonomic designs work well with a curved or round deck.

Key Considerations for Choosing Deck Benches

Keep these vital factors in mind as you evaluate options to determine the best benches for your deck.

Size & Shape

Consider your overall deck proportions along with shape and traffic flow through the space. Measure accurately to determine appropriate bench sizing and configurations for optimal functionality without cluttering.

Look for rectangular, square, circular or corner shaped benches with lengths spanning existing railings or walls. Custom building benches on-site allows perfect integration within your existing footprint.


Contemplate how well each material withstands weather exposure over years outdoors, along with aesthetics and necessary upkeep. Teak wood, recycled plastic composite, aluminum and steel make excellent bench materials.

Teak nets the highest marks for beauty, but requires gradual re-oiling to maintain its golden hue. Ultra-durable composite holds up to extreme climates but lacks natural wood’s visual warmth.

Design Style

Whether modern, farmhouse, tropical or other motif, your benches should coordinate beautifully with the overall deck decor. Blend color tones and finishes accordingly to create a harmonious look. Accent with throw pillows to carry over interior style preferences.

To accentuate a contemporary space, opt for sleek steel benches in gray tones. Or select a charming white washed look for beach house vibes.

Added Features

Determine if backless bench seating suits your needs or if adding backrests improves comfort. Storage bench capacity depends on quantities of items to stow away. Built-ins like planter boxes, ice bins, lighting and more customize functionality.

If using benches frequently for dining, incorporate tabletops at standard heights. For family deck use, include child and elder-friendly features like backs and armrests for security.


Assess cost considerations realistically for the quality and longevity you expect. Opt for affordable ready-made designs from home improvement stores for simpler projects. Custom building more intricate benches on-site carries a higher but often worthwhile price tag.

View deck benches as long-lasting investments that boost everyday enjoyment of your outdoor living space for years to come. Their value outweighs any initial expense over time.

Getting the Most Out of Your Deck Benches

Strategically arrange your deck benches as inviting focal points and conversation areas. Use them to delineate specific functional zones like dining spaces, garden pockets and relaxation nooks. Keep the benches looking crisp by storing wayward items in storage bench compartments. Allow enough circulation space so benches don’t cramp the layout.

Installation Tips and Considerations

Proper installation of deck benches requires sturdy anchoring to bear weight. Set an adequate foundation with footings and posts secured in the ground or built into the deck substructure. Measure sight lines carefully to align benches pleasingly within the surrounds.

Built-in bench designs especially rely on carpentry finesse for proper incorporation. Unless highly experienced, consult a deck construction specialist to handle intricate bench integration. Most crucially, verify rails meet code heights after bench installation. Having expert guidance ensures your dream design executes safely, functionally and beautifully.

Perfect Pairings

Complete your deck bench oasis with gorgeous landscaping surrounds. Strategically placed potted plants, trees and flowering beds complement the space wonderfully. Decorative umbrella stands and side tables fill in additional functional elements nearby bench seating. Ambient lighting sets the perfect mood for nighttime enjoyment.

Space additional chairs, chaises longues, daybeds and hammocks nearby bench groupings to accommodate extra seating flexibility. Try a combination of standalone pieces along with the built-in benches for eclectic personality.

While DIY options work for simple bench additions, extensive customization and built-in designs often demand professional expertise. Reputable deck builders handle intricate bench carpentry and incorporation seamlessly. They can also assess feasibility of complex designs like storage benches, letter-shaped built-ins, amenities like fireplaces and more based on your property’s parameters.

Deck designers provide valuable input to translate your vision onto a practical, livable landscape you’ll enjoy for generations. Guidance selecting ideal materials, safety compliance, longevity factors and visualizing scale prevents missteps. Investment into bespoke deck benches grants enduring returns through years of al fresco living at its finest.

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