How Much is an Endless Pool?

If you’ve looked into installing a modular swim spa, also known as an endless pool, one of the first questions that undoubtedly came to mind was “how much will this cost me?” With promises of bringing a luxurious backyard oasis for swimming and aquatic exercise into your home, the appeal of endless pools is easy to understand. However, the price tag can sometimes come as a surprise for those starting to budget for an upcoming project.

You’ll learn what impacts pricing, see price ranges for different setups, and get sample budgets for planning purposes. Whether you have sticker shock or find the costs reasonable, we aim to answer the #1 question homeowners have about endless pools – how much is it really going to set you back? Let’s dive in!

What is an Endless Pool

Unlike traditional swimming pools designed primarily for relaxation or laps, endless pools utilize propeller-driven currents to allow you to swim or walk in place. The swim current amps up the exercise intensity, while still fitting in a reasonably compact footprint. Here’s an overview of the different types on the market:

Modular Pools

The most popular style, modular endless pools come with all components needed to install them. The molded pool shells, jets, filters, and pumps all ship together for convenient setup.

Single-Shell Pools

As the name implies, single-shell endless pools feature a seamless pool molded from a specialized material for durability. These uni-body constructions install much like a hot tub.

how much is an endless pool

Commercial Pools

Similar to single-shell, commercial endless pools utilize steel-reinforced acrylic shells. Built for rugged daily use, these suit fitness centers, clinics, hotels, and apartment complexes.

Fastlane Pools

The Fastlane endless pool uses a modular steel frame over which tile and waterproof barrier materials get added during site construction. A current generator on the pool floor powers the swim current.

Cost Factors to Consider

Many variables influence endless pool costs. Let’s examine some of the main factors that will determine pricing:

Type of Endless Pool

As outlined above, construction methods and component quality varies. In terms of affordability, modular pools fall on the lower end of the spectrum, while commercial-grade and Fastlane models sits at the high end regarding MSRP pricing.


Like traditional pools, endless pools range from small (around 10x12ft) to large (over 16x40ft). Some manufacturers even build custom dimensions to suit specific spaces. Dimension impacts capacity, swim current power needs, and water volume which all tie back to costs.

Features and Accessories

From essential swim currents to luxury add-ons like covers, sound systems, and fountains, what you outfit your endless pools with makes a significant impact. Limiting upgrades defrays expenses.

Site Preparation and Installation

Getting your site ready for an endless pool takes careful planning. Land grading, structural pads, electrical, plumbing, drainage, decking, fencing and permitting can account for up to half the total project investment depending on geography and complexity.

What Impacts the Cost?

We can break down the overarching factors influencing endless pool pricing and budgets into four categories:

Pool Product

The starting price varies based on which endless pool brand and line you choose. Materials, manufacturing quality, warranty coverage, app control integration, and customization options differ.

Construction Complexity

The site layout, grading requirements, zoning restrictions, decking footprint, and accessibility impact installation labor and permitting fees.

Accessories and Upgrades

Swim current generators, lighting, water features, heating, sound systems, covers, and more drive costs upward from the minimum needed for a basic endless pool installation.

Regional Factors

Labor rates for excavation, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, concrete contractors and material supply vendors vary greatly across different parts of the countries. Rural inland regions tend to see lower site development bids compared to dense coastal cities.

Cost by Pool Type

Now that we’ve covered the universal cost drivers, let’s take a look at general endless pool expense ranges broken down by construction type:

Modular Pools

The molded polymer shells, combined with off-the-shelf pumps and filters makes modular endless pools the most affordable model coming in between $15,000 to $45,000 fully installed. The upper end covers larger units with more swim jets and plenty of upgrades.

Single-Shell Pools

Ranging from $30,000 to $60,000, single-shell endless pools offer seamless installations perfect for small yards but do entail a construction premium. Sidesteps and exterior finish options expand the scope and costs.

Commercial Pools

Engineered for constant daily use, commercial endless pools utilze the most heavy-duty construction. Build costs run from $45,000 on the low end, to well over $100,000 for full-scale installations at luxury hotels and fitness centers.

Fastlane Pools

Utilizing steel support structures opens up more custom layouts and sizes with Fastlane endless pools, with projects starting around $37,000 with more complex ones involving concrete foundations and tile finishes pushing the budget to $75,000 and beyond.

Average Endless Pool Cost Ranges

Looking at installed prices for endless pools across the four main construction categories, we can extract average cost ranges:

  • Modular Endless Pools: $35,000 – $45,000
  • Single-Shell Endless Pools: $45,000 – $60,000
  • Commercial Endless Pools: $60,000 – $100,000+
  • Fastlane Endless Pools: $50,000 – $75,000

Again, remember regional construction expenses cause variance. Luxury upgrades also push budgets upward. Use these averages for general planning purposes.

Ongoing Ownership Costs

While the initial purchase and installation represents a significant investment, endless pools also incur regular upkeep expenses. Here’s what to budget for post-installation:

  • Energy Costs: $200 – $350 monthly depending on size, usage, heating
  • Chemicals and Water Care: $50 – $150 monthly
  • Cleaning Tools and Supplies: $30 – $60 monthly
  • Maintenance and Repairs: $250 – $750 yearly average

As with estimating the initial cost, tally projected long-term expenses for your total budget amount. Proper maintenance safeguards your investment in backyard bliss!

Total Cost Breakdown Scenarios

Seeing complete endless pool project budgets provides the best sense of what to expect. Here are three samples covering low, medium and high-end installations:

Basic Small Modular Pool

  • Endless Pool Product: $6,000
  • Delivery: $500
  • Site Prep and Simple Slab: $7,500
  • Fencing: $2,000
  • Installation Labor: $5,000
  • Total Cost: $21,000

Upgraded Medium-Sized Pool

  • Endless Pool Product: $19,000
  • Site Prep with Decking: $15,000
  • Fencing and Sidesteps: $5,000
  • Accessories: $3,500
  • Cover Lifter: $2,500
  • Total Cost: $45,000

Luxury Custom Fastlane Pool

  • Pool Frame and Wall Materials: $17,500
  • Excavation and Masonry: $12,500
  • Tile and Copings: $9,000
  • Recirculation System: $14,000
  • Cover and Lifter: $4,500
  • Outdoor Kitchen: $10,000
  • Landscaping: $8,000
  • Total Cost: $75,500

Prepare your budget with care as expenses add up quickly! But endless pool ownership delivers health, fun and memories justifying costs for most.

FAQs on Endless Pool Costs

Let’s wrap up by addressing some common questions homeowners have around figuring endless pool pricing:

How is an endless pool different than other backyard pools?

While traditional swimming pools focus mainly on relaxation or laps, endless pools utilize propeller-driven currents you swim against for intense low-impact workouts in a small footprint.

Does size impact the cost?

Yes, larger endless pools require more powerful pumps and filters to circulate water volume and drive currents, in addition to added materials. Size significantly influences prices.

How much does installation add to the total cost?

Roughly 50% of your total endless pool budget will go toward labor and materials for site development, footings, electrical, decking, fencing, permitting and finishing touches.

What factors create cost variances?

Construction complexity, accessories added, and regional labor rates cause price differences between endless pool installations of the same dimensions.

Should I get quotes from multiple pool companies?

Absolutely! Comparing bids from several highly-rated builders helps you understand pricing better and avoid getting overcharged.

As you can see, precisely forecasting the cost for an endless pool requires weighing dozens of variables from construction types and sizing to finishing materials and accessory upgrades. While daunting at first glance, understanding the cost factors empowers you to budget accurately and get financing lined up if needed.

Armed with the pricing knowledge and sample budgets contained here, you now hold the key data needed to start planning your project. Reach out to the top pool builders in your area for custom quotes based on your endless pool vision. Let the experts handle the heavy lifting while you focus on anticipating the health and happy memories to come!

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