High-Power Toilets We Recommend for Unbeatable Flushing

When it’s time to replace your existing toilet, you’ll want to choose a model with serious flushing power. A powerful, effective flush is essential for completely removing waste with each flush and preventing annoying clogs and backups.

In our search for the most powerful high-performance toilets, we looked at key factors like flush valve size, innovative flushing technology, and trapway design. After extensive research, we’re ready to recommend our top picks for unbeatable flushing power.

What Makes a Toilet Flush So Powerfully?

Several key features contribute to a toilet’s flushing capabilities:

  • Large Flush Valve – The flush valve controls the flow of water into the toilet bowl. A wider 3-inch or larger valve delivers higher water volume for a more powerful flush.
  • Siphon Jet/Cyclone Flushing – These systems use water force to create a strong siphon effect, pulling waste out of the bowl effectively.
  • Trapway Design – An extra-wide, computer-designed trapway provides optimal waste passage without clogs.
  • Bowl Shape – An elongated bowl promotes the siphon flush action for a fast, complete clear of the bowl.

While you want a robust flush, many high-efficiency toilets can still deliver power while conserving water with 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF).

TOTO Ultramax II – Best Overall

Our top choice for best flushing performance is the TOTO Ultramax II. This powerful unit features TOTO’s distinguished Double Cyclone Flushing System. Two nozzles forcefully shoot water into the bowl from different angles, creating a centrifugal rinsing action that clears all waste with each flush. The Ultramax II has a large 3-inch flush valve and an extra-wide computer designed trapway.

best toilets flushing power

Key Features:

  • 1.28 GPF
  • Double Cyclone Flushing
  • Fully glazed 2-1/8″ trapway
  • Elongated bowl
  • ADA compliant

With its advanced flushing system and optimal bowl design, the Ultramax II offers unmatched flushing power and residue-free cleanliness. Its smooth, sanitary glazed trapway also resists clogs.

Kohler Wellworth – Best Value

For outstanding flushing power at a more affordable price point, we recommend the Kohler Wellworth. This high-efficiency toilet combines a 3-inch canister flush valve, Class Five flushing technology, and an extra-wide trapway into a high-performance flushing system.

Key Features:

  • 1.28 GPF
  • 3″ canister flush valve
  • 2-1/4″ strong trapway
  • Oversized water surface
  • Elongated bowl

The Wellworth provides robust siphoning action for a clean, clog-free flush. Kohler also offers outstanding warranties, providing peace of mind with your purchase.

American Standard Cadet 3 – Best Flushing Technology

American Standard’s Cadet 3 high-efficiency toilet brings FloWise innovation to the bathroom. The Cadet 3 is engineered for optimal waste removal thanks to its wider 3″ chemical resistant flush valve, PowerWash rim, and EverClean surface that prevents bacteria and mildew growth.

Key Features:

  • 1.28 GPF
  • 3″ chemical resistant flush valve
  • PowerWash rim
  • EverClean antimicrobial surface
  • ADA compliant

With advanced Flowise technology and a fully glazed 2-1/8″ trapway, the Cadet 3 provides a powerful and sanitary flush in an efficient 1.28 GPF toilet.

Other Top Contenders

While the TOTO Ultramax II, Kohler Wellworth, and American Standard Cadet 3 are our top recommendations, we also found high marks for these additional models in terms of flushing performance:

Glacier Bay Power Flush Toilet

– Extra powerful 1.6 GPF flush

– 3.5″ flush valve

– Wide toilet bowl

Woodbridge Toilet

– Quiet, efficient 1.28 GPF flush

– Fully glazed flush system

– Skirted trapway design

Shopping Considerations

When comparing high-power toilets, be sure to look at:

  • Flushing technology
  • Gallons per flush
  • Flush valve size
  • Trapway width and design
  • Toilet bowl shape and size

While shopping, you’ll also want to consider the toilet’s overall ease of maintenance and cleaning. Models with antimicrobial surfaces and easy-access design can save you time and hassle.

Maintain Your Power Flush

To keep your high-flushing toilet working optimally:

  • Avoid flushing inappropriate items
  • Clean the bowl regularly
  • Have a plumber inspect/adjust annually
  • Fix any leaks immediately
  • Replace the flapper when worn out

With proper care and maintenance, your high-power toilet can deliver effective flushing performance year after year.

When you need a toilet that can handle heavy usage without clogs, be sure to choose one of our top recommendations. With advanced flushing technology, optimized components, and powerful performance, these high-power toilets deliver unbeatable flushing power every time.

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