Heighten the Allure of Majestic Tall Ceilings With Stunning Curtains

Rooms with extraordinarily tall ceilings can be gorgeous yet tricky to decorate. The expansive vertical space lends a feeling of grandeur, but the height can also make the area feel cold and cavernous if not properly adorned. This is where creatively selected and hung curtains can help enhance majestic tall ceilings and allow you to embrace their decorative potential.

The right curtains will draw the eye upwards, accentuating the sense of height in an elegant fashion. Thoughtfully chosen fabrics and textures complement the proportions. Strategic installation techniques maximize the curtain’s ability to frame the space. Along with some complementary decor elements, curtains let you highlight the beauty of your tall ceilings.

Selecting the Right Curtains for Tall Ceilings

Consider Floor-to-Ceiling Length

For rooms with ceilings above 8 feet, opt for long curtains that extend all the way from the floor to the ceiling. These floor-to-ceiling curtain panels visually enhance the vertical dimensions of the space in a striking manner. Place the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible, about 6-12 inches below the crown molding. Leaving a large gap above the curtains tends to make the room feel disconnected.

Having the curtains hung close to the actual ceiling draws the eye up and seamlessly incorporates the entire wall from floor to ceiling. This framing effect is excellent for accentuating height in a tasteful way. Floor-length curtains also elegantly puddle at the floor, adding a nice touch of sophistication.

curtains for tall ceilings

Choose Appropriate Fabrics and Textures

When it comes to curtain fabrics and textures for tall ceilings, avoid anything too lightweight or sheer. Go for substantial, drapable fabrics like silk, velvet, linen, or wool that have some weight to them. These luxe, opulent fabrics form graceful folds as they cascade from curtain rods installed near the top of majestic ceilings.

Incorporate fabrics with a subtle sheen to reflect light beautifully. Velvets and taffeta curtains, for example, have an elegant drape and subtle shine. Embossed fabrics and those with texture like chenille also make excellent choices, as they cast dimensional shadows that add depth.

Get Custom Curtains Made to Fit

Finding ready-made curtains long enough to suit rooms with 9-foot or even 12-foot ceilings can be challenging. Your best bet is to have curtains custom-made specifically for your ceiling height. Many curtain retailers like Custom Curtains and Drapes or Select Blinds and Curtains will tailor curtains to your exact measurements.

Provide them with the height of your ceiling and the length you want the curtains to fall to the floor. They can then create floor-to-ceiling curtains in the perfect dimensions for your space. For a seamless look, provide exact measurements for each window as well if they vary in size.

Hanging Curtains for Maximum Impact

Mount Curtain Rods High

Measuring curtain rod placement properly is key to giving tall ceilings a cohesive feeling. For standard 8 to 9 foot ceilings, rods are often mounted just above the window trim. But for dramatic tall ceilings, the rod needs to be mounted much higher to connect the curtains to the actual ceiling.

Place the rod about 6 to 12 inches below the ceiling if possible. For tricky installation with high windows, use long rods that extend well beyond the window trim for a consistent visual line. You can get custom extra-long rods or join two standard rods together. Inside mount the rod into the ceiling with sturdy brackets for the best support.

Utilize Layered and Double Rods

Consider a layered curtain approach to add beautiful dimension to tall window walls. Install double curtain rods, one near the ceiling and one lower by the window. Hang floor-length curtains on the higher rod, and choose shorter functional curtains on the lower rod.

This elegant technique lets you layer different fabrics and colors. The shorter lower curtains provide privacy and light control, while the long top layer frames the space. Double rods add depth and luxury to rooms with stunning tall ceilings and large windows.

Consider Motorized Curtain Systems

Manually operating curtains may be unrealistic when rods are mounted far above reach. In rooms with very high ceilings, install motorized rod systems that easily glide curtains open and closed with the press of a button. Somfy and Silent Gliss have motorized rods that work with remote controls or smart home tech.

Motorized curtains are perfect for hard-to-reach windows in tall spaces. Keep long drapes accessible via remote control or voice activation. Programmable timers automatically close curtains at night for convenience.

Complementing the Space Above the Curtains

When hanging curtains close to the ceiling, consider how to decorate the tall space above them as well so the area does not feel isolated. Place art and wall sconces with uplighting high on the walls to draw the eye up. Recessed lighting in the ceiling also nicely illuminates this space.

Hang pendant lights on long cords from the ceiling to connect the area visually. Large-scale floor lamps placed by windows will cast light up to the ceiling. The goal is to make the entire wall feel cohesively connected from floor to ceiling.

To further complement the proportions of a space with dramatically tall ceilings, incorporate design elements that guide the eye upwards. Place tall bookshelves and floor lamps near curtained windows. Choose large, prominent artwork to adorn the tall walls. Mirrors also visually expand the sense of space.

Warm lighting creates a cozy vibe that counteracts the potential coldness of a vast space. Strategically place furniture like sofas and room screens to help define separate seating areas within a large open room.

With custom curtains hung high to frame the windows and accentuate the vertical dimensions, you can highlight the majestic tall ceilings with style.

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