Harbor Freight Rolling Stools – Our Review After 1 Year of Heavy Use

When outfitting our new auto shop, we needed durable and adjustable rolling stools that could withstand the demands of our busy garage. With a 1 year warranty and budget-friendly price points, Harbor Freight’s line of Pittsburg rolling stools caught our eye. After extensively using both the manual and pneumatic models for the past 12 months, we’re ready to share our in-depth review.

Rolling Stool Options at Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight offers two main options when it comes to rolling stools: the Pittsburg Automotive Mechanic’s Roller Seat and the Pittsburg Automotive Pneumatic Roller Seat. Here are the key details on each:

harbor freight rolling stool

Pittsburg Automotive Mechanic’s Roller Seat

  • Manually adjustable height with a screw lever
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • Thick 3″ foam cushion
  • Integrated storage tray
  • 360deg swivel casters

Pittsburg Automatic Pneumatic Roller Seat

  • Pneumatic lift allows variable height adjustments
  • Higher weight capacity at 300 lbs.
  • More expensive than the manual version
  • Otherwise same features as manual model

Unboxing and Assembly

Both stools arrive mostly assembled in the box. For the manual model, you simply have to attach the casters, seat cushion, and backrest. The pneumatic version requires attaching the air cylinder lift in addition to those other pieces.

With basic tools like a screwdriver and adjustable wrench, assembly was straightforward. Each stool took around 30-45 minutes to fully piece together. Instructions were clear with illustrations provided.

Features and Benefits

Here’s an overview of how both models stacked up after a year of heavy garage use:


The thick foam cushions strike a nice balance between dense support and all-day comfort. We’ve spent up to five hours at a stretch working on vehicles without any soreness or need to take a break. The backrest offers lumbar support for good posture.


The casters rotate a full 360 degrees making it easy to roll around the shop at whatever angle you need to reach tight spaces or awkward angles. Unlike cheaper stools we’ve used, the wheels don’t catch on floor imperfections either.


We appreciate how both seats allow flexibility in setting your ideal height. The manual version uses a simple screw lever to lock into position. To lower or raise the pneumatic model, you just pull the lever to activate the air lift.

With a range of 18 – 23 inches, it’s easy to dial in the right height whether you’re 5′ 5″ or over 6 feet tall.


The handy integrated trays come in super handy for storing small items like wrenches, screws, bolts within easy reach. Beats trying to balance things in your lap or constantly reaching down to the floor for what you need.

Durability with Heavy Use

We’ve easily put over 500 hours of use on these stools in the past year. Between the two of us, they see service 5 days a week as primary shop seats.

Impressively, they still look and function like new. The cushions show no signs of compacting or deteriorating. Casters roll smooth as the day they came out of the box. No need for any maintenance or repairs yet.

Pros and Cons of Harbor Freight Rolling Stools


  • Incredible value pricing with frequent coupons
  • Proven durability with over 500 hours of use
  • 1 year replacement warranty


  • Heavy and bulky compared to similar metal frame stools
  • Casters occasionally get stuck on cracks/gaps in concrete

For small garage owners on a tight budget, Harbor Freight’s rolling stools provide excellent bang for your buck. We can’t argue with the comfort, customization, and longevity considering the price paid.

Between the two models, we prefer the smooth adjustability of the pneumatic version despite the slightly higher price. For larger framed users, the 300 lb. capacity is also nice to have.

Overall, Harbor Freight’s Pittsburg line of rolling stools earn top marks and our strongest recommendation after surviving a year of heavy commercial-grade use.

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