Glass Covers Let Your Taper Candles Shine – Here’s How

There’s nothing quite like the warm, inviting glow of a lit taper candle. The tall cylindrical shape catches and reflects light beautifully. But all that gorgeous ambiance is easily snuffed out by a stray draft or gust of air. Protect your candle investment and enhance the mood by adding glass covers.

Glass shades let your elegant tapers shine bright while keeping them safe from spills, dust, and wind. Read on to discover the benefits of using glass covers and learn tips for selecting, styling, and caring for these gorgeous yet functional candle accessories.

What Are Taper Candle Glass Covers?

Taper candle glass covers are cylindrical tubes made of glass, acrylic, or metal that encase taper candles. They fit snugly over the taper to shield the flame and catch any wax drips.

Definition and Purpose

These decorative accessories serve several purposes:

taper candle glass covers
  • Protect the candle’s flame from drafts that could blow it out
  • Catch melted wax drips so they don’t stain your tablecloth or furniture
  • Keep dust, pet hair, and other debris from getting into the hot melted wax
  • Add extra visual interest and polish to your candle display


Glass is the most popular choice for taper candle covers. It comes in clear, colored, and crystal-cut versions. Acrylic plastic is an affordable alternative, but lacks the refined look of real glass. Metallic covers offer beautiful shine but less visibility of the candle itself.

Benefits of Using Taper Candle Glass Covers

Why go through the trouble of finding glass chimneys for all your tapers? Here are some excellent reasons to give your candles an upgrade.

Protect Your Candle Investment

A naked flame left out in the open risks getting blown out by the slightest draft or gust. Glass covers act as a shield to contain and protect the flame. This lets your candle burn longer without wasting wax.

Without protection, melted wax can drip down the taper and stain your table linens, rugs, or furniture. The glass catch drips cleanly so your surfaces stay pristine.

Bugs, dust, and pet hair floating through the air inevitably get trapped in melted wax. Glass keeps debris out of the pool of hot liquid wax as the candle burns down.

Enhance Visual Appeal

Clear glass adds light play, shimmer, and sparkle as the flame flickers behind it. Colored glass sets a mood with amber, red, blue, or green hues. Even plain glass gives off an elegant vibe.

Candlelight glows in a warmer, softer way when seen through glass. The diffusion creates a romantic ambiance perfect for date nights or relaxed evenings at home.

With ornate crystal-cut glass or glittering metallic covers, your ordinary tapers get transformed into something fit for a royal palace. It’s an instant upgrade for any space.

Create a Unified Candlescape

Mixing and matching different holders and tapers can look haphazard. But choosing matching glass covers ties the look together.

The cohesive style makes your assortment of candles appear purposeful and upscale. Whether modern, traditional or rustic, the shades should complement your holders.

Even mismatched thrift store candlesticks look like they belong together when “dressed” in matching chimneys. Quickly elevate any tablescape with this styling trick.

How to Choose the Right Size and Shape

With so many options available, how do you select the perfect glass cover for your tapers? Follow these tips when shopping:

Measure Your Tapers

The most important factor is getting the right fit. Measure your taper’s diameter at the base where it will insert into the glass. Allow 1/16 to 1/8 inch clearance for easy on and off.

Also measure the total height of your assembled taper and holder. Leave 1-2 inches of clearance between the top of the glass and the taper so oxygen can feed the flame.

Consider Taper Style

Will your shade sit flush on top of the holder? Or be suspended above it on the taper itself? This impacts the minimum height you’ll need. Also allow extra space if your tapers have ornate drippings or other protruding decorative details.

Decide on Style

Once fit is determined, pick a shape that suits your holder and decor. Classic straight cylinders or tapered chimneys are most common. But you can also find styles with scalloped edges, short footed stands, or other unique details.

Using Taper Candle Glass Covers Properly

Follow these basic guidelines when using glass shades to avoid mistakes and potential hazards.

Always Use Dripless Tapers

Never use a traditional drippy taper inside of glass. With no place to go, wax will pool at the bottom and become a fire danger. Opt for wax-free tapers instead.

Dripless tapers are designed with a special wax coating that resists melting. This keeps the glass pristine and eliminates messy cleanup.

Fit Snugly Over Taper

The glass should fit closely around the taper, without pinching it. This blocks drafts while still allowing oxygen to feed the flame.

If too loose, air currents can sneak in and blow out the candle prematurely. But don’t squeeze the wick, either.

Handle Carefully

Always lift the shade straight up, avoiding angling or tilting which can stick it to hardened wax. Gently twist back and forth while pulling up to break any seal.

Hold the glass gently to avoid cracking or chipping the rim. Never handle while hot. Let the metal holder and glass completely cool before touching.

Where to Shop for Taper Candle Accessories

You can find taper candle chimneys and accessories both online and in stores. Here are some top places to browse for shades.

Online Retailers

Major online markets like Amazon offer a huge selection of sizes, styles, and sets at various price points. Or visit specialty e-shops focusing on candles, glassware, or home decor.

Etsy hosts many glass artisans selling handmade candle accessories. Expect to pay more but get something unique.

Brick and Mortar Stores

Check stores in your area that specialize in candles, home furnishings, or crafts. Pier 1, Kirkland’s, and At Home also typically carry a selection of candle decor and accessories.

Even big box stores like Target and Walmart have basic taper chimneys available in their home goods sections for very affordable prices.

Buy Individual or Sets

Purchasing shades individually gives you the most flexibility to customize. Or select a pre-made matching set of holders and chimneys. Sets can provide a cohesive style instantly.

You can also mix and match – choose one coordinated set, then supplement with individual pieces. Layering helps each candle stand out.

Set a mood with amber light or give your decor an instant upgrade using glass covers. Protect your candle investment while taking your tablescape to the next level.

With a range of sizes and styles to select from, you can easily enhance your existing taper collection. Follow our fitting guide to get a custom look.

Decorative, yet functional, chimneys let the gorgeous glow of your candles shine through. Browse our selection of candle covers and holders to get started creating a coordinated candlescape for any space.

The Benefits of Glass Covers for Protecting Taper Candles

Using glass covers provides several key benefits when it comes to keeping taper candles looking their best and burning safely.

Protection Against Drafts

Glass covers block air currents from extinguishing candle flames prematurely. This allows tapers to burn longer without relighting, saving wax.

Preventing Wax Drips and Spills

The glass cylinders contain melted wax, preventing messy drips on surfaces below. This reduces the risk of stains on table linens or carpets.

Enhancing the Ambiance

The soft, diffused glow through glass creates appealing candlelight. Covers also amplify the decorative style.

Use Dripless Tapers with Glass Covers

Dripless, non-melting tapers are required for use inside glass chimneys. Traditional wax tapers will pool melted wax inside the glass, creating a fire hazard.

Avoid Messes and Hazards

With nowhere to drip, wax builds up inside the glass instead. This can clog and weaken the glass, or fuel potential fires.

Minimize Frequent Trimming

Dripping wax also requires more trimming of the taper, which can damage fragile glass covers over time.

Types of Glass Covers for Taper Candles

Glass taper candle covers come in many styles to suit your decor. Here are some popular options:

Open-Ended Covers

Open covers have holes at the top and bottom. This allows for easy taper insertion and removal for maintenance.

Closed End Covers

Closed chimneys provide a complete seal around the taper candle. This prevents any debris or drafts but can trap wax.

Footed Versions

Some covers feature a short stem or foot below to elevate them off the candle holder. This can add stability.

Pair with Sturdy Metal Holders

Choose taper holders made of solid metal to provide the most secure base for glass covers.

Prevents Toppling Over

Heavy, sturdy metal avoids tipping of the cover and holder, which could lead to spills or breaks.

Ornate metal like brass combined with glass creates appealing candle decor for tablescapes.

Protecting your taper candle investment while enhancing ambiance is easy with glass covers. Follow our tips to select the perfect shades to let your elegant tapers shine bright.

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