Give Your Shower Space And Separation With A Pony Wall

Do you have a small, cramped bathroom that feels closed in and lacks privacy? Installing a pony wall shower is an excellent way to open up tight spaces and delineate separate zones while maintaining an airy, connected layout. With this popular new bathroom design feature, you can give your shower area separation without fully closing it off.

A pony wall refers to a half-height wall, typically around 3-4 feet tall, that cordons off the shower. By only partially segregating the shower, you prevent a boxy, confined feeling but still gain some division from the rest of the bathroom. Glass panels, specialized tilework, or niches built into the petite wall itself add privacy and visual interest.

Introduction to Pony Wall Showers

Before committing to a pony wall style for your upcoming bathroom remodel or revamp, let’s delve into what defines this feature and its many benefits.

What is a Pony Wall?

The term pony wall comes from construction and architecture, referring to any partial-height wall within a space. In a bathroom setting, pony walls specifically separate showers or bathtubs from adjoining areas like vanities or toilets while keeping contiguous sightlines above the shorter wall. Made from tile, glass, metal panels, or moisture-resistant drywall, pony walls boost the functionality of tight bathrooms through semi-private shower access and subtle zoning.

Benefits of a Pony Wall Shower

Compared to a fully closed-in shower, the strategic use of a pony wall lends many advantages, including:

showers with pony walls
  • The illusion of more space and openness
  • Better airflow and lighting circulation
  • Comfortably gaining privacy without confinement
  • Integrated organizational solutions like shelves and niches
  • Defining shower, sink, and toilet areas in one-room baths
  • Modern, up-to-the-minute look

Who Should Consider Installing One?

Pony wall showers make excellent additions for:

  • Those with modestly sized bathrooms seeking expanded roominess
  • People with mobility limitations needing accessible walk-in showers
  • Homeowners or designers wanting to update outdated bathrooms
  • Anyone seeking to carve out specialized zones in a single-room bathroom

Designing Your Pony Wall Shower

Now that you grasp the pony wall concept better, let’s explore planning and design specifics for integrating one into your shower.

Height and Dimensions

Standard pony walls span 32-48 inches high by whatever length needed to partition off the desired area. Measure carefully before installation to suit your bath dimensions and users’ heights and needs. Wall length depends on existing tub or shower size and the enclosure style preferred.

Choose Wall Materials

Water-resistant pony walls are commonly clad in:

  • Tile : Easy to clean, durable surface; allows creativity through color, style, textures, and patterns
  • Glass : Sleek and modern aesthetic, simple to maintain
  • Stainless steel panels : Smooth industrial look, but difficult to cut and work for DIY
  • Waterproof drywall : Budget option; multiple added waterproofing layers needed

Leave Open or Enclose the Upper Portion?

The area atop your new pony wall can either stay open or sport matching tile, glass, or waterproof panels. Leaving open maintains maximum visibility and bright ambiance. Fully covering the upper zone boosts shower privacy and employs complementary or statement-making accents for the tub or shower wall behind it.

Complement the Rest of the Bathroom

Tying your pony wall design into the rest of the bathroom through color schemes, finishes, lighting concepts, storage solutions, or layout drastically elevates the cohesive feel. For a flawless pulled-together style, echo wall tile patterns, paint hues, or tone on tone textural elements throughout.

Adding Privacy and Storage

Two of the best assets a pony wall shower offers are enhanced privacy options and built-in storage capabilities. Let’s explore ideas for optimizing both perks through smart design choices and accessories.

Semi-Private Showering

The 32-48 inch pony wall itself cuts views into the shower zone significantly. Further augmenting seclusion is easy with:

  • Shower curtains : rods can attach atop pony wall or along outer ceiling above
  • Glass panels : affix to upper half of partition for sleek transparency
  • Recessed niches : built into pony wall to hold bath necessities
  • Corner shower kits: enclose two adjoining pony walls

Custom Shower Curtains

Special order extra-long curtains to cover the glassless upper wall areas entirely. Or, install two standard sized shower curtains – one inside atop the lower pony wall, another outside overlapping it for maximum concealment.

Glass Enclosures

For the look of an expansive glass shower minus infinite enclosure extension heights, cut custom glass pieces to size or purchase ready-to-install components. Glass mounted right onto a partial wall grants modern appeal and ample privacy simultaneously.

Built-In Shelves and Niches

Tucking storage nooks directly into the pony wall itself takes organization capabilities even further. Deep set shelves or shallow niches keep toiletries and bath accessories readily available but out of sight.

Tile or Glass Accent Wall

Use the pony wall area as a blank canvas for stunning tile designs, glass mosaics, 3-D geometric layouts or metallic finishes as an artistic focal point and added partition. Contrasting or color echoed mosaic tiles boost dimension and aesthetics.

Pony Wall Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

By their condensed nature, modest bathrooms stand to benefit most from a clever pony wall installation . Let’s explore genius small bath conversions to fuel your own dreams and schemes!

Open Up A Cramped Layout

Does your narrow bathroom’s current setup feel dark and crowded? Remove bulky existing shower enclosures. Constructing a shorter pony style divider instead allows improved traffic flow and breathing room. Use glass panels atop the partition and complementary light tones, like white subway tile, to maximize brightness and the perception of space as well.

Cleverly Transform a Standalone Tub into Shower-Bath Combo

For the ultimate space and sanity saver, build out a pony wall to segment off part of an existing bathtub’s length. This achieves a joint tub and open shower situation without sacrificing storage or floor area to a separate enclosed shower unit. partial wall corral’s moisture to the shower side, while enabling improved bathroom accessibility overall.

Maintain Connectivity in One-Room Bathrooms

Does your home feature a single familial bath with the toilet, sink and a shower/tub all sharing one condensed space? Constructing even a narrow pony wall between main areas helps define individual zones for standing showers or bathtub usage without chopping up room cohesion or requiring major layout changes.

Installation and Construction Considerations

Now that your pony wall design plans fall into place, let’s examine some construction and installation factors to keep on your radar before breaking ground on your bath update project.

Waterproofing and Moisture Protection

Since the partition wall borders an open shower zone, fully waterproofing it is mandatory. Look into waterproof grouting, tiles and glass explicitly rated for wet areas, or comprehensive waterproofing membrane systems to apply before enclosing the pony wall itself. Careful sealing prevents leaks, mitigates mold risks and enhances longevity immensely.

Work With Plumbing and Ventilation

Adjusting showerhead placement, drainage orfloor tiling may be needed to integrate the new wall properly within existing bathroom construction and layout. Check that bathroom ventilation capacity suffices for the revamped shower enclosure style as well. Factoring in mechanicals pre-project helps the redesign shine both functionally and visually long-term.

Lighting and Electrical Planning

If relocating or adding new lighting fixtures, outlets, or heated towel bars, include accurate electrical plans with your pony wall design phase. Place inset ceiling lights strategically to prevent the shorter wall from casting heavy shadows. Low voltage lights shining upward from behind glass panels or recessed in shelving generates amazing effects too.

Design for Accessibility and Entry

Plan walk-through widths and doorway openings carefully in terms of the pony wall placement, especially for users with mobility limitations. Corner-access showers may allow simpler entries without awkward step-overs or tight squeezes. If the layout allows, small passageways built right into sections of the pony wall help tremendously as well.

Costs and Budgeting for a Pony Wall Shower Project

Adding in a pony wall falls roughly in line cost-wise with typical shower renovation project estimates when planned judiciously.

Price Per Square Foot Factors

Materials constitute the main price factor, ranging from:

  • Basic tile: $5-15 per square foot
  • Glass mosaic or stone tile: $15-50 per square foot
  • Glass: $20-100 per square foot
  • Waterproof drywall: $3-8 per square foot

Consider pony wall size, specialized waterproofing preparations, lighting, shelving extras, accessories like glass panels, hardware, demolition and labor fees as well.

Saving on Custom Tilework and Glass

Ordering special cut wall tiles or glass pieces gets very expensive. Precut enclosures, stock sized glass sheets and mosaic meshes avoid costly fabrication. Simple subway layouts also cost and complexify less than intricate designs. Solid panel pony walls with recessed shelves similarly skip pricy custom tile work for budget friendly function.

Additional Pony Wall Design Inspiration and Examples

If the creativity juices still need inspiring, browse these striking pony wall installations housing cohesive finishes, trendy textures and eye catching style:

Eclectic and Modern Styles

Combining an exotic pebble floor, sleek partial wall and wood accented ceiling or sporty checkerboard pony wall beside elegant marble counterparts make eclectic statements. Contrasting metal and organic textures or modern concrete finishes turned pony wall shocked with vibrant mosaic inlays create further intrigue.

Use Color to Make It Pop

Color blocking dramatic hues behind a clear paneled pony wall makes the separator shade the focal point. Glossy or matte flood coat painted walls in lush emerald, cobalt and golden mustard electrify. Mixtures of light and dark neutral glass tiles lend understated radiance.

Natural Materials for Spa-Like Appeal

Rustic wood plank pony walls or organic stacked stone designs beside airy linen curtains exude inviting warmth. Natural concrete, gravel and greenery effects suggest serene decompression chambers rather than sterile, clinical bath boxes!

Revamping bathrooms through clever pony wall additions allow improved space delineation and storage along with easier shower access – all without sacrificing aesthetic flair! With numerous cost-effective materials and designs at your disposal, it’s simple to implement this trendy adjustable bathroom upgrade solution matching any style or spatial needs.

Special Perks of the Pony Wall Shower Approach

For modest and aging bathrooms especially, installing a pony style partition enclosure opens up cramped quarters, adds specialized storage nooks and transforms awkward layouts with custom style. The shorter wall leaves room feeling more expansive and connected by only partially separating shower and sink spaces. Open or glass topped pony walls even allow natural lighting permeation compared to closed off shower stalls as well.

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