Give Your Living Room a Stylish Makeover with Navy Blue and Gray Curtains

If your living room is looking a bit dull and lackluster, it may be time for a stylish makeover. One of the easiest ways to revamp the look and feel of your living space is with brand new curtains. Opting for a classic color combination like navy blue and gray can instantly give your room a sophisticated facelift. The rich navy blue adds depth and dimension while the soft gray provides a balancing neutral backdrop. Together they create a peaceful, inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

Benefits of Navy Blue and Gray for Living Rooms

Navy blue and gray complement each other beautifully, making them a go-to color scheme for designing fashionable, elegant rooms. Navy has a deep blue tone that conjures feelings of trust and stability. It’s an anchoring color that stands out without being overbearing. Gray represents balance and composure. Different shades can be light and airy or warm and cozy. When paired together, these cool neutrals strike the ideal tranquil mood. You get the stylish pop of color from navy paired with gray’s versatility.

This combo allows you to add visual interest while maintaining a soothing ambiance. The navy blue exudes richness and sophistication to keep the look from becoming too flat or lifeless. Your eyes will be drawn to the navy curtains as a focal point while the gray offers a muted, calming backdrop. This is what makes navy and gray so ideal for restful living spaces where you want to relax after a long day.

Choosing a Navy Blue Shade

There are a few different shades of navy blue to choose from when selecting curtains. A lighter navy with hints of bright blue comes off as more cheerful and nautical. Opt for a deeper, darker navy that appears polished and elegant. For a flexible shade, look for a true navy that pairs well with grays, tans, and other neutrals. Be sure to consider your room lighting when deciding on a navy tone. Darker blues can feel imposing in dim rooms but will stand out beautifully in sunlit spaces.

Finding the Perfect Gray

Like navy blue, gray is available in a spectrum of shades from faint dove grays to charcoal and pewter tones. Cool-toned grays with blue undertones complement navy blue especially well. For a dreamy, peaceful look, try an airy light gray. Go bold with a dark gray or choose an in-between medium tone for maximum versatility. The gray should recede slightly to let the navy curtains take center stage while providing a neutral background.

navy blue and gray living room curtains

Choosing Your Navy Blue and Gray Curtain Style

Once you’ve settled on the ideal navy and gray shades for your living room, it’s time to choose a curtain style. Consider your room’s size, ceiling height, and existing decor when making this decision. Here are some popular options for navy and gray living room curtains:

Floor-Length Curtains

For a look of elegance, long, floor-length curtains in navy blue and gray are a wonderful choice. They can make small rooms appear larger while adding a touch of luxury. Have them puddle slightly on the floor to create a clean, tailored effect. Floor-length navy blue curtains paired with shorter neutral gray ones provide beautiful contrast.

Sheer and Light-Filtering Curtains

To keep your living room light and open, go for sheer curtains in one or both colors. They allow sunlight to filter through while still providing coverage and visual interest. Alternate navy sheers with neutral gray opaque panels or vice versa. Light-filtering options like linen or textured cotton help control brightness while maintaining your views.

Textured and Patterned

Incorporate captivating textures and patterns through your navy and gray curtains to make them true style stars. Choices like striped, medallion, floral or paisley printed in navy blue on a gray background inject major personality. For texture, try embroidered and jacquard weave curtains to catch the light beautifully. Ribbed and banded curtains add depth and architectural detail.

Layering Curtains

Layer your window treatments to create a luxe custom-designed look with navy and gray. Hang a set of breezy sheers behind opaque curtains in one or both colors. Mix sheers in one color with solids in the other. Pair textured linen navy curtains with smooth gray velvet ones. The combinations are endless for building layered visual interest.

Tips for Hanging Navy and Gray Curtains

Achieving an elegant, pulled-together look relies heavily on proper curtain hanging techniques. Here are some tips for displaying your navy and gray curtains to perfection:

Use Extended Rods

One simple trick is using extra wide curtain rods that extend well past the window frame. This gives the navy blue and gray curtains a built-in drapery effect that beautifully frames your windows. Extending rods can make small windows appear larger. For a cohesive look, match rods to curtain hardware finishes.

Hang Rods High

Mount your navy and gray curtain rods higher than you typically would, around 6-12 inches below the ceiling. This elevates the eye upward, creating the illusion of taller ceilings. It also allows more space to showcase beautiful long curtains without overwhelming the room.

Display Floor-Length

For a clean, tailored appearance, be sure to have floor-length curtains actually reach the floor, just slightly kissing it. Puddling curtains can drag down the look. Use a skirt brush or weights if needed to keep bottom hems in place. This gives the navy blue and gray curtains a streamlined finish.

Layer Properly

When layering curtains, make sure they work cohesively. The outer curtains should be at least two times the width of the inner layer. Hang inner sheers on a slim discrete rod and mount opaque outer curtains on more substantial decorative rods. Follow the ceiling line instead of framing each window individually for a custom built-in look.

Complementing Your Navy and Gray Curtains

Once your statement-making navy and gray curtains are up, it’s time to accessorize and tie the whole room together. Here are some ideas for complementing your curtains and creating a cohesive living room design:

Accent Colors

Use small pops of accent colors in your pillows, throws, furniture and decor items to keep the room looking fresh and inviting. Colors like ivory, cream, light green, and robin’s egg blue go nicely with navy and gray. Metallics such as gold, silver and copper also pair beautifully and add a touch of glam.

Tie In Furniture

Incorporate navy blue and gray hues in your furniture and rug to create a complete pulled-together look. However, don’t feel you need to match pieces directly to your curtains. Varying wood stain shades and metals like brass and chrome make for nice contrast. Painted furniture and shelving in coordinating blues and grays help continue the color scheme throughout the room.

Wall Color

Consider the walls when decorating with navy and gray curtains. A light gray or greige paint color enhances the blue tones. For drama, paint your wall navy blue and use light gray curtains to temper the boldness. Frame your window with white or neutral molding to let the curtains pop.

Shopping for Navy Blue and Gray Curtains

Ready to buy your new navy and gray living room curtains? Here are some shopping tips to find the perfect pair:


Pay attention to fabric, as it affects the curtains’ appearance, durability and functionality. For opaque curtains, look for densely woven cotton, velvet, linen or textured polyester in navy or gray. Sheers work well in silk, polyester or linen that diffuses light beautifully.


Focus on quality construction, with details like double or triple stitched hems, thick weighted bottom hems, sturdy reinforced grommets and smooth curtain rings. Feel the fabric’s weight and density. Cheap lightweight curtains won’t drape properly or last.

Measure Carefully

To achieve that perfectly tailored custom look, take very careful measurements of each window, the rod width and desired curtain length. This ensures a proper fit. Provide exact measurements when ordering curtains online or custom making them.

Set a Budget

Prices can vary widely for curtains. Set a realistic budget before falling in love with a designer pair out of reach. With measurement savvy shopping, you can find quality navy and gray curtains at reasonable prices from retailers like Target and IKEA. Custom made and designer brands offer more distinct looks at higher price points.

Revitalizing your living room design is easy with stylish new navy blue and gray curtains. Their classic color pairing looks elegant in any decor. With so many fabrics and styles to choose from, you can create a custom window treatment look on any budget. Use proper display and hanging techniques to show off your curtains to their full potential. Accessorize them with coordinated accent colors and touches of navy and gray throughout the room. Soon you’ll have a living space that’s sophisticated, inviting and brimming with your own personal flair.

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