Give Your Living Room a Cozy Makeover With Shaggy Rugs

Is your living room looking a little dull and lacking personality? Do you want to give it a quick style upgrade that makes it feel cozier and more inviting? Adding a shaggy rug is an easy way to instantly warm up your living room and give it a fresh new look.

With their plush, full piles and inviting textures, shaggy rugs infuse spaces with comfort and style. In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about using shaggy rugs to refresh your living room decor.

What Are Shaggy Rugs?

Shaggy rugs are defined by their long, fluffy piles that give them a charming, retro-chic style. The shaggy pile on these rugs creates an ultra-soft and cushy texture underfoot. Many people love sinking their toes into the plush softness of a shag rug!

The origins of shaggy rugs can be traced back to flokati rugs handcrafted in Asia from goat hair. The long, shaggy pile of flokati rugs inspired rug makers in the 1960s and 70s to recreate the cozy style in a variety of materials like wool, acrylic, and polyester.

Today, you can find shaggy rugs made from both natural and synthetic fibers. Wool is a popular choice as it’s soft, durable, and naturally stain-resistant. Some rugs combine wool with materials like nylon or polyester for added durability and affordability.

shaggy rugs for living room

Benefits of Using Shaggy Rugs in Living Rooms

Shaggy rugs bring a number of benefits that make them a great addition to living room spaces:

They provide incredibly soft cushioning underfoot that feels great to walk on barefoot. The plush pile has more “give” than low pile rugs, making your living room more comfortable for lounging and relaxing.

Shaggy rugs also add wonderful visual texture and interest to a room’s decor. The shaggy surface catches the light beautifully, adding depth and dimension.

The cozy, enveloping nature of shaggy piles makes your living room feel more welcoming. The softness underfoot helps create a warm, inviting environment for curling up by the fire or chatting with friends.

Shaggy rugs provide insulation and warmth. Their thick piles can make chilly hard flooring feel more comfortable and heat up your living room. In addition, shaggy rugs come in a vast range of styles, colors, and patterns to match any home’s existing decor. Whether your style is modern, bohemian, or Scandinavian, there’s a shaggy rug to complement it.

Tips for Selecting a Shaggy Rug

Here are some top tips for choosing the perfect shaggy rug for your living room:

  • Consider the size of your living room and furniture layout. Measure to ensure the rug fits the space properly.
  • Select a color and pattern that complements your current decor. Solid neutrals or earth tones work well.
  • Look for quality construction and materials like wool that provide comfort and durability.
  • Assess the pile height based on comfort needs and practicality for vacuuming.
  • Figure out if you need one large rug or can layer a few smaller rugs.

Shopping armed with measurements and an idea of your style needs will help you select a rug that fits and flatters your space.

Styles and Placement of Shaggy Rugs

There are countless stylish options when it comes to shaggy rugs:

  • Solid shag rugs offer a classic, versatile look in colors like cream, gray, navy, or nutmeg brown.
  • Patterned shag rugs provide visual interest with graphic prints or bohemian motifs.
  • Vintage shag rugs play up ’70s vibes with retro colors like orange, mustard, or avocado green.
  • Modern shag rugs often feature neutral tones and graphic designs.

You can use shaggy rugs as anchor pieces to define a seating area or layer smaller rugs for additional zones of softness. Follow these placement tips:

  • Anchor larger rugs under couches/chairs so front legs sit atop the rug.
  • Layer square shag rugs by the coffee table or under armchairs.
  • Arrange multiple rugs so they’re slightly overlapping for a cohesive look.
  • Leave enough border space around rugs so they don’t get snagged.

Caring for and Maintaining Shaggy Rugs

While supremely cozy, shaggy rugs do require some special care and maintenance:

  • Vacuum frequently using a vacuum meant for high pile carpets. This prevents matting and keeps piles fluffy.
  • Limit moisture which can damage fibers. Immediately soak up spills with a cloth.
  • Professionally clean shag rugs every 1-2 years to refresh fibers and remove embedded dirt.
  • Use a rug pad to prevent sliding, add cushioning, and protect floors from scratches.

With regular upkeep, your shaggy rug will retain its ultra-soft, plushy feel for years.

Where to Shop for Quality Shaggy Rugs

Many popular home goods retailers offer an array of shaggy rug styles. Here are some great places to shop:

  • Online: Wayfair, RugsUSA, Overstock, Urban Outfitters
  • In-store: IKEA, West Elm, Pottery Barn, World Market, Target
  • Rug specialists: Land of Rugs, Ruggable, Lulu and Georgia

When browsing rugs, look for detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, fair pricing, and generous return policies. Some custom rug sites even let you design your own shaggy rug!

With their welcoming comfort and stylish appeal, few rugs can revamp a living room quite like a shaggy rug. When chosen with your space and lifestyle in mind, shaggy rugs become cherished living room staples for years to come.

A shaggy rug instantly infuses your living room with coziness and personality. Its plush softness underfoot and inviting texture encourage relaxation and connection. Give your living room the makeover it deserves with the perfect shaggy rug!

The Benefits of Shaggy Rugs for Living Rooms:

  • Improved Acoustics: Shaggy rugs can help to reduce noise levels in a living room, making it a quieter and more peaceful space. This is because the long fibers of the rug absorb sound waves, making them an ideal choice for homes located in busy areas.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Shaggy rugs provide a soft and cozy surface that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding in the living room. They are especially comfortable when paired with soft furniture and throw pillows.
  • Added Texture: Shaggy rugs add depth and texture to a living room, making it feel more inviting and warm. They also create a visual interest that can make a living room feel more dynamic and interesting.

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