Give Your Kitchen the Perfect Finishing Touch with New Handles

Upgrading your kitchen faucet handles is an easy way to give your space a quick makeover. With so many styles to choose from, you can find the perfect handles to match your decor.

Lever Handles

Lever style handles are the most common type used in kitchen faucets today. There are several reasons this versatile handle style remains popular:

types of faucet handles
  • Available as single or double handle configurations to control water flow and/or temperature
  • Sleek and streamlined contemporary appearance
  • Easy to grip and turn on/off with just a flip of the wrist

Lever handles work well with nearly any kitchen decor style. You can find them in graceful arched shapes for traditional kitchens or straight and angular for modern spaces.

Variations and Features

While simple lever handles are most affordable, upgrading to a model with special features allows you to customize for convenience and functionality:

Spray FaucetsAdd a pull-down or pull-out sprayer for directed water flow when washing produce and cleaning dishes.
SidespraysA separate sprayer mounted on the side of the faucet is helpful for rinsing large items.
Pot FillersSwing arm pot fillers make it easy to fill stock pots right on the stove.
Water FiltrationBuilt-in filters help remove contaminants and improve water taste and quality.

Blade Handles

If you want to add contemporary flair, blade style faucet handles are an eye-catching choice. The elongated, razor-thin handles have a cutting-edge look:

  • Angular facets catch and reflect light for high visual impact
  • Precise lever-like motion makes adjusting water simple
  • Ideal complement to modern kitchen aesthetics

Blade handles work best in kitchens with an contemporary vibe. Their sleek facades pair nicely with stone or quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Styles and Finishes

These stylish handles come in a range of metal finishes. Opt for darker muted finishes like matte black or gunmetal for bold contrast. Brushed nickel or polished chrome lend a brighter, mirror-like look.

Cross Handles

Traditional two-handle faucets have vintage appeal that never goes out of style. The familiar cross shape control hot and cold water separately:

  • Nostalgic style fits well with cottage or farmhouse decor
  • Handles can be ceramic, metal, or glass for added personality
  • Separate hot and cold handles give you precise control over temperature

This old fashioned setup works today much as it has for generations. The right or left handle controls hot or cold water for fast temperature adjustments when doing tasks like washing hands or produce.

Customization Options

While many stick to basic metal handles, upgrading to custom porcelain or crystal handles transforms the ordinary to extraordinary with minimal effort:

PorcelainIntricate molded handles for ornamental flair
CrystalCut glass or crystal handles refract light beautifully
MismatchedChoose unique handles for hot and cold for eclectic charm

Touchless Faucet Handles

On the leading edge of innovation, touchless faucets turn on water with just a wave of your hand. They are perfect for busy kitchens:

  • Motion sensors detect when hands are nearby to start/stop flow
  • Reduced contact improves hygiene
  • Great for messy prep work or handling raw meat

Touchless operation also conserves water since it shuts off automatically. This makes your kitchen more efficient and earth-friendly.

Functional Features

Beyond touchless activation, many sensor faucets include convenient extras like:

Auto-Shutoff TimerPrevents water waste by turning flow off after a set time
Water Saving ModesLow flow aerators help reduce water consumption
WaterSense CertificationMeets EPA criteria for water efficiency and performance

Pull Down Sprayer Faucet Handles

Kitchen tasks require water delivery aimed precisely where you need it. Faucets with pull down spray heads give you maximum versatility:

  • Flexible hose extends your faucet’s reach
  • Directed spray makes filling, cleaning, and rinsing easy
  • Great for quickly cleaning large items or sink

Whether washing piles dishes, large pots, or messy countertops, the adjustable sprayer tackles tough jobs with ease.

Upgrade Your Existing Faucet

Love your existing faucet but want better water control? Installing a new pull down sprayer upgrades functionality fast:

Easy DIY InstallTypically replaces existing aerator without tools
AffordableFraction of the cost of a new faucet
Flexible HoseGives you added reach to tackle tasks

With so many handle styles and features to select from, you can upgrade to a faucet that flawlessly fits your kitchen’s decor and function. Whether modern and sleek, traditional with vintage charm, or technologically advanced and hands-free, the right handles make all the difference.

Use this overview to narrow down the ideal handle option. Then, browse choices to discover the perfect handles to give your kitchen a fresh new look and enhanced convenience.

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