Give Your Dixon 55 Accent Cabinet a Custom Look with These Adjustable Features

The Dixon 55 Accent Cabinet from Costco offers versatile storage and display options that can be customized to suit your space. With features like adjustable shelves, drawer storage, and glass cabinet doors, you can truly make this cabinet your own. Read on to discover how to leverage the adaptable design of the Dixon 55 to create a custom look and optimized organization system for your home.

Adjust Shelves for Storage Flexibility

One of the key benefits of the Dixon 55 is its adjustable shelving behind the glass cabinet doors. Having the ability to arrange shelves at different heights opens up a world of organizational possibilities. Here are some tips for getting the most out of this adaptable feature:

Take measurements of the tallest items you plan to store in the cabinet. This could include vases, lamps, or decorative boxes. Position the top shelf low enough to accommodate these taller pieces. For standard ceiling heights, starting the first shelf about 12-15 inches from the top is typical.

Think about grouping items by frequency of use or category. Place items you use most regularly on easy-to-access shelves. Designate higher shelves for seldom used or seasonal items. Or, organize shelves by type – one for books, one for home accents, one for decorative boxes.

Adjust shelf positions over time as your storage needs change. For example, raise a shelf to fit new possessions or lower shelves to adapt to new heights of display items.

Get Creative with Shelf Organizing

Now that you’ve optimized the shelf arrangement, get creative with how you organize the contents using the ample display space:

  • Display collected items like seashells, pottery, or geodes grouped by color or texture.
  • Show off memories with framed photos and travel mementos arranged by destination.
  • Organize a tea cup collection for easy selection and prominent visual appeal.

The adjustable shelves empower you to design your ideal display. Let your collections and favorite accent pieces shine with personalized organization.

Set Up Drawers for Specialized Storage

Take advantage of the Dixon 55’s two drawers to separate and organize items conveniently. Here are some ideas for designating each drawer’s purpose:

dixon 55 accent cabinet

Use one drawer for office supplies – pens, notepads, chargers and batteries. The second drawer can hold cleaning accessories like dust cloths and furniture polish for quick access while tidying.

Make one drawer a gift wrapping station with tissue paper, gift bags, ribbons, and tags. Utilize the other drawer for frequently used food serving pieces like chopsticks, napkin rings, and appetizer spreaders.

Dedicate a drawer to small decor – stacked coasters, electronic candles, vases and artificial floral stems ready for arranging. Use the second drawer for less frequently accessed items like extra batteries, wall mounts, or extension cords.

Customize Drawers with Organizers

To truly customize your drawer storage, look into drawer organizer options:

  • Insert adjustable dividers to create compartments for separation.
  • Try drawer organizer trays to corral smaller items.
  • Use stacking bins for vertical storage to maximize space.

With some DIY or purchased organizers, you can optimize the Dixon 55’s drawer space to suit your unique needs and favorite items.

Show Off Style with Glass Door Display

One of the most visually appealing features of the Dixon 55 Accent Cabinet is the glass doors that allow you to artfully display treasured items while keeping them free of dust. Here are some tips for styling your cabinet display:

Elevate displayed objects with acrylic risers to add height and dimension to the arrangement. This helps create an eye-catching vignette behind the glass.

Use decorative bookends to keep books upright and attractive. Try angling books horizontally to serve as platforms for other objects on display.

Incorporate decorative lights such as battery-operated puck lights or LED strips to draw attention to your favorite pieces. This adds great visual interest.

Change Displays with the Seasons

Don’t keep your cabinet display static. Freshen it up by switching themes with the seasons:

  • Fill with autumn accents like miniature pumpkins and faux leaves in fall.
  • Showcase snow globes and red ribbon for a winter holiday vignette.
  • Welcome spring with a floral and butterfly theme behind the glass.

The glass door cabinet is perfect for building stunning seasonal displays year-round.

Manage Cords to Minimize Clutter

One significant advantage of the Dixon 55 is the built-in cord management system. The holes and notches in the cabinet back keep unsightly wires hidden and organized.

When setting up your electronics, position them to minimize cord length visible. For example, place the DVD player with inputs facing the back panel rather than the side.

Use the cord management holes strategically based on device placement. Route cords vertically straight down whenever possible for a streamlined look.

Additional Cord Control

For optimal concealment of cords, use these supplemental cord control methods:

  • Attach cord clips or guides along the back panel for a tidy, close fit.
  • Use flexible spiral wraps to bundle cords together and tightly confine excess length.
  • Slip cords into sleeve tubing for a hidden, protected route.

With planning and some simple accessories, you can banish messy cords from sight within your Dixon 55.

Adjust Levelers for Uneven Surfaces

For proper functionality of drawers and cabinet doors, the Dixon 55 Accent Cabinet should sit flush and stable. The integrated levelers allow for adjustment to align on uneven surfaces.

Begin by setting the cabinet in the desired location. Then lower the levelers in opposite corners to lift those sides slightly off the floor. Use a level tool on the cabinet top to guide you in adjusting the levelers until the cabinet sits evenly.

For extremely uneven floors, shims can help fill extra gaps beneath the leveler feet. Cut thin wooden shims to size and place under levelers as needed to stabilize the cabinet.

Achieve Proper Door and Drawer Alignment

With the cabinet aligned evenly using the levelers, you’ll achieve ideal alignment for:

  • Drawers gliding smoothly without catching on the frame
  • Doors fitting flush without gaps between door edges
  • Shelves sitting level within the cabinet interior

Take the time to properly adjust the levelers. Your organizational system will function at its best within a stable, aligned cabinet base.

Pick the Perfect Accent Lighting

Proper lighting can make your decorative display pop. Accent lighting adds great visual appeal to your staged vignettes behind the glass. Here are some accent lighting options for showcasing your treasured items:

Hardwired puck lights install directly to the cabinet top or sides. A remote controls the dimmable lights. Though hardwiring requires more work, the lights provide superior illumination of the contents.

Battery-operated LED lights offer convenience and portability. Stick them anywhere inside the cabinet or on glass shelves using adhesives. Easily change locations as you update your displays.

LED light strips are very versatile. Adhere them to cabinet edges or the back wall. Their slim profile keeps them discreet while providing bright, focused light on your items.

Play with Lighting for Different Effects

Experiment with accent lighting placement to achieve different aesthetic effects:

  • Light from above to spotlight items and eliminate shadows.
  • Angle lighting to create intriguing silhouettes and depth.
  • Graze lighting along the sides to illuminate contents without glare.

The right lighting transforms your Dixon 55 into a stunning showpiece full of dimension and visual interest day or night.

Style with Hardware for Visual Interest

Switching up the hardware is an easy DIY way to refresh the look of your Dixon 55 Accent Cabinet. Dress up your cabinet with new knobs and pulls to match your home’s style.

Black iron hardware has an industrial, vintage vibe. Brushed nickel evokes contemporary elegance. Oil-rubbed bronze communicates warmth and rustic charm.

The decorative options don’t stop there. Glass, crystal, and natural agate pulls add light-catching detail. Whimsical ceramic knobs inject a playful accent.

Make It Yours with New Hardware

Look for cabinet hardware that reflects your own design sensibilities and brings you joy. Here are some ideas to inspire:

  • Choose hardware with shapes that catch your eye – oblong, faceted, or curved.
  • Select finishes that complement your existing decor – matte, polished, hammered.
  • Collect favorite shells or stones to attach for one-of-a-kind custom pulls.

With the simple switch of hardware, you can customize your Dixon 55 cabinet to be distinctly yours.

Add Interior Paint or Stain for Custom Color

For a more dramatic custom look, consider painting or staining the interior of your Dixon 55 Accent Cabinet. This allows you to add bold, beautiful color.

Paint has an opaque effect, completely covering the existing surface. High quality cabinet paint also offers a protective, smooth finish that’s easy to wipe clean.

Penetrating stains allow wood grain to show through while tinting the interior a rich hue. Oil-based provide deeper color saturation than water-based options.

Fun Color and Stain Ideas

Here are some stylish ways to use color inside your cabinet:

  • Stain the back wall a striking teal or deep berry color.
  • Paint the side walls and shelves a light, airy pastel shade.
  • Stencil a pattern or geometric design onto one of the cabinet panels.

With a vibrant custom color or stain, your organizational masterpiece will be picture-perfect inside and out.

The versatile Dixon 55 Accent Cabinet from Costco lets you customize your storage solution for both form and function. Adjust the shelves, optimize the drawers, style the glass door display, and make it uniquely yours with lighting, hardware upgrades, and color. With some creativity, this cabinet becomes the ultimate accent piece reflecting your personal organization style and design aesthetic.

Elevate your space and storage capabilities with a Dixon 55 Accent Cabinet. Perfectly adapted to your needs with the tips in this article, it will become a personalized home showpiece full of smart solutions and eye-catching style.

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