Give Your Bedroom Breathtaking Style with Corner Bookcases

Bedroom corners often go overlooked and underutilized. We instinctively place major furniture pieces like the bed, dresser, and nightstands in the middle of wall space, leaving corners empty. But blank corners represent wasted opportunities to incorporate captivating style. By filling bedroom corners strategically with bookcases, we can transform dull voids into breathtaking vignettes brimming with our favorite novels that make statements.

Bookcases not only provide smart storage solutions but also enable us to infuse our unique personalities into the room. And unlike freestanding shelves that take up valuable floor space, corner bookcases tuck neatly into edges, opening up the floor plan. When styled properly with some key decor items, bookcases breathe new life into boring corners. Let’s explore the spectrum of corner bookcase designs to find inspiration for crafting a bedroom focal point that perfectly fits our needs and style preferences.

bedroom corner decorating ideas

Types of Corner Bookcases

When considering corner bookcases, we first need to decide which variety best suits our space limitations, aesthetic tastes, and functional requirements. Several main options exist.

Freestanding Bookcases

Freestanding corner bookcases offer great versatility since we can move them to rearrange the layout anytime. They come in a spectrum of sizes, shapes, materials like wood, metal, or glass, and configurations. Many feature built-in storage elements like cabinets, drawers, and baskets in addition to the shelves themselves. For heavy bookcases, wheeled casters on the bottom make shifting positions effortless.

Built-In Bookcases

Custom built-in bookcases make a polished upscale statement by integrating flawlessly into the exact corner dimensions. While permanent once constructed, they provide an incredibly streamlined look since shelves seamlessly line up against both adjoining walls in perfect alignment. Without clunky sides or backs, our reading materials blend almost magically into the architecture itself.

Sleek and upscale built-in aestheticMore expensive due to custom construction
Shelves easily accessible right against wallsPermanently fixed into place as built-ins

Hanging Wall Bookcases

For bedrooms with very limited floor space to spare, hanging wall bookcases present an excellent corner storage solution. Mounting a bookcase directly onto the walls creates a floating, airy effect in the room’s design. We can accessorize around wall bookcases without encroaching upon valuable square footage. But the tradeoff comes in weight restrictions. Heavier books and objects may cause these shelves to sag or fall over time.

Style Considerations for Corner Bookcases

With many bookcase varieties to evaluate, several style factors guide us toward wise choices for revitalizing a boring corner.

Size of the Corner

First, carefully measure the exact width and depth of the corner angle along with the ceiling height. This allows proper scaling of the bookcase dimensions to fit the parameters. Remember to leave adequate walking space around the bookcase. Even just a couple of inches gap helps prevent a cramped feeling.

Design Style and Colors

Choose finishes and colors coordinating with the existing bedroom style, whether modern, industrial, classic, rustic, or bohemian. A piece conflicting with the room’s aesthetic looks glaringly out of place. Wood tone bookcases with brass accents enhance traditional bedrooms, while lacquered cases in bold jewel tones electrify modern spaces.

Bookcase Height

Standard bookcase heights usually fall around 75 inches, fitting most average room proportions well. For small bedrooms, shorter bookcases prevent overwhelming. In high ceiling or large bedrooms, Floor-to-ceiling bookcases create an incredibly dramatic look. But weaker hanging models may struggle structurally at taller heights. Evaluate options carefully.

Open vs. Closed Storage

While open bookcases allow us to access materials quickly, dust inevitably collects faster. Enclosing the case behind glass doors maintains tidiness but sacrifices visibility. Many shelf units strike balance with a split design featuring open and closed storage areas. We can organize keepsakes behind doors in the top cabinets and display favored books down below on open shelves within arm’s reach.

Extra Storage and Features

Look for corner bookcases with integrated elements like drawers for hiding away personal items, cabinets for media components or artwork, and cubbies for stacking books horizontally. Baskets interspersed along the shelves corral and conceal clutter. Designers also integrate desk workspaces, lighting, and charging stations into multifunctional bookcases.

Corner Bookcase Ideas and Inspiration

Now that we’ve explored general bookcase varieties and style considerations, some specific examples inspire exciting possibilities for your own bedroom.

Cozy Reading Nook

Carve out a tiny escape in the corner with an oversized slipcovered chair beckoning us to curl up with a captivating read. Surround this plush throne with a bookcase, floating ledges, and photo displays. A swing arm sconce spotlights pages, while a folded quilt adds extra coziness for hours of getting lost in literary worlds.

Breathtaking Built-Ins

Dramatically transform an empty corner by constructing custom floor-to-ceiling recessed bookcases with intricate woodwork detailing the frames. Conceal the top shelves behind cabinet doors and illuminate lower shelves with LED lighting to spotlight book collections and treasures. A sliding library ladder rails across the bookcases, offering access to upper volumes. The soulful glow casts a relaxing vibe for nighttime reading before bed.

Kid’s Library Corner

Delight young readers by dedicating a corner for children’s books within easy reach. A short open bookcase secures neatly to the wall, its shelves filled with colorful covers popping against a vivid wallpaper backdrop. Baskets hold stuffed characters, toy Story props, and puppets to inspire the imagination. Moz turns this happy corner into endless kingdoms waiting to be explored.

Workspacestation for a Smart Corner

Convert an empty corner into a complete work from home command station. Mounted bunk desks perpendicular to the corner walls transform wasted space into dual worksurfaces. Below, a third desk angles diagonally into the corner aperture. Top shelves house notebooks, office supplies, and desk lamps. The middle open bookcase shows off favorite photos, travel mementos, and coffee table design books for inspiration. The bottom cabinet conceals a charging dock to power phones and laptops. A leaning floor light and sleek mid-century office chair put the finishing polish on this highly functional corner.

Tips for Styling Bookcases

Filling bookcase shelves represents only half the fun. Artfully arranging books and curating displays with special objects personalizes them into statements showcasing our passions. Follow these tips for showstopping bookcase styling.

  • Organize books by color, size, or subject matter based on visual appeal.
  • Spotlight collectibles and plants by utilizing adjustable built-in lighting.
  • Work meaningful travel finds like sculptures and textiles into the mix.
  • Freshen up bookcases seasonally to reflect changing interests.

Empty bedroom corners cry for our attention, bursting with potential for infusing personal flair or useful amenities like book nooks for our favorite novels. While built-in bookcases create upscale architectural interest, even budget-friendly self-standing cases carry impressive style. Remember to pick appropriately scaled bookcase dimensions and finishes that seamlessly match our bedrooms’ existing aesthetics. Don’t be afraid to customize storage additions and lighting to best meet our needs. Curating bookcases through artful book arrangements and decorative displays transforms them from afterthoughts into aesthetically breathtaking and functional spaces we can’t resist spending hours admiring.

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