Giddy Up! Check Out These Western King Duvet Covers 120×120

Do you love the rugged, rustic style of the wild west? Are you looking to add a touch of cowboy flair to your master bedroom? Well buckle up, because western king duvet covers are here to help you create that perfect western vibe. Keep reading to learn all about western king size 120×120 duvet covers and how to find the perfect one to complement your decor.

Western Decor and Bedding

What is Western Decor?

Western decor, also known as cowboy, rustic, or southwestern style, is inspired by the American Old West. It incorporates natural materials like wood, leather, and woven textures in earthy tones of brown, red, and yellow. Some common elements of western design include cowhides, horse saddles, cowboy boots, Native American patterned blankets, and more. The overall feel is rugged, natural, and reminiscent of the frontier.

Western Bedding Styles

When it comes to bedding, there are a few key styles that evoke the western aesthetic. Plaid, cowboy, and Native American prints in bold shades of red, turquoise, and yellow are very popular. You’ll also see bedding with fringe, leather ties, horse silhouettes, cow skulls, cacti, and desert landscape designs. The bedding brings together the colors and textures of the Old West to create a warm, inviting sleeping space.

Why Choose a Western King Duvet Cover?

King Size Bedding Dimensions

First, let’s look at what makes a bedding set king-sized. The standard dimensions for a king size mattress are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. This gives couples plenty of personal space to sleep comfortably. Other benefits of king size bed sets include:

western king duvet cover 120x120
  • Oversized comfort for taller people
  • Room to spread out and not disturb your sleeping partner
  • Ability to use separate blankets if needed
  • Luxurious look and feel

Benefits of Duvet Covers

A duvet cover is a protective cover meant to envelop and decorate the duvet insert or comforter inside. Compared to comforters and quilts, duvet covers come with some great advantages:

  • Protects the duvet insert from dirt, body oils, and damage
  • Allows you to easily remove and launder just the duvet cover
  • Wide range of colors, prints, and fabrics to choose from
  • Can change your bedroom look by swapping out duvet covers

Western Duvet Covers Create a Theme

One of the best ways to pull together the western look of your master bedroom is with a high quality western king duvet cover. It serves as an affordable and easy way to set the cowboy tone. Compared to redoing your entire room, switching out bedding is a quick project that can totally transform the space. A western duvet cover anchors the design scheme and completes the frontier feel you’re going for.

What to Look for in a Western King Duvet Cover

Popular Fabrics

Western king duvet covers come in several fabric options to suit your preference. 100% cotton is naturally breathable and helps regulate temperature. Flannel and velvet fabrics provide extra warmth during colder months. Linen offers lightweight softness that gets softer over time. Consider factors like durability, breathability, and comfort when choosing fabric.

Closure Types

Most duvet covers feature button, snap, or zipper closures to keep the insert in place. Look for closures that make it easy to remove and replace your duvet insert. Tie closures with leather or fabric straps also give a very western look. Make sure it’s simple to do regular washing and drying with your chosen closure style.

Key Dimensions

Be sure to get the right duvet cover dimensions for your king size mattress. Standard king duvet covers measure 102 inches wide x 90 inches long. For extra deep mattresses, you may need king duvet covers around 120 inches long. Our Western King Duvet Covers 120×120 are specially sized for western king beds. Check your exact mattress measurements before ordering.

Other Considerations

Here are a few other factors to keep in mind when shopping for western king duvet covers:

  • Is it machine washable? Look for easy care and wrinkle resistance.
  • Are matching shams available? Shams complete the look.
  • What are customers saying? Read reviews to gauge quality and fit.

Where to Shop for Western King Size 120×120 Duvet Covers

Finding that perfect western king duvet cover is just a few clicks away. Here are some great places to shop online for quality bedding:

  • Specialty western and lodge home decor sites like Country Home, Log Cabin Co, and more
  • Major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, and Wayfair
  • Search using keywords like “western bedding”, “cowboy”, “lodge”, “cabin”
  • Read customer reviews about sizing, quality, and overall satisfaction

With online shopping, you can easily browse inventory and compare options across multiple stores. Make sure to look at detailed product descriptions and dimensions to find covers suited for western king mattresses.

If you love the wide open feel of the Old West, a Western King Duvet Cover 120×120 is the perfect way to infuse some cowboy spirit into your master bedroom. With their rich colors, rugged materials, and frontier-inspired designs, these king-sized duvet covers complement and complete the western aesthetic. So feel free to giddy up and treat yourself to a new Western King duvet cover sized specially for your western king bed.

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