Giddy Up! 10 Quick and Easy Western Table Decorations

Looking to add some down home country flair to your next get-together? Western themes are a fun way to liven up any party or event. From rodeos and hoedowns to cowboy cookouts, a touch of western decor can transform your table into a boot scootin’ good time!

The best part? Many popular western table accents are inexpensive and easy to DIY. With just a few key supplies from your local craft or dollar store, you can rustle up charming decorations in no time. Read on for 10 quick and simple ways to deck out your table with quintessential western details.

western table decoration ideas

Western Table Decor Basics

When it comes to pulling off an authentic western tablescape, there are a few key decor elements to keep in mind. Bandanas, burlap, plaid prints, and mason jars are popular for creating a rustic, ranch-ready look. You’ll also want to incorporate colors like turquoise, red, brown, and tan.

For DIY projects, craft stores are a top source for inexpensive supplies. Check dollar stores for budget-friendly bandanas, tin cans, and other basics. You can also keep an eye out for hidden treasures like old horseshoes or cowboy boots at thrift shops.

1. Bandana Napkin Rings

Bandanas make fun and affordable napkin rings for a western table. Fold bandanas into rings using different techniques like the triangle fold or roll fold. Secure with jute twine for an extra rustic touch.

For variety, stack two different folded bandanas together. You can also tie rings around rolled silverware placed on top of napkins. Add other details like burlap bows or mini wooden clothespins.

2. Mason Jar Vases

Mason jars make charming vases when decorated for western flair. Clean and dry pint-sized mason jars work best for holding small bouquets. Wrap burlap, twine, lace or raffia around the jars for a homespun look.

Fill your mason jar vases with wildflowers, baby’s breath, sunflowers, or wheat and lavender bundles. For variety, use colored sand or pebbles as filler instead of florals. Display the vases down the center of tables or grouped as centerpieces.

3. Checkered Napkins

Incorporating red and white checkered napkins is a must for any western tablescape. Fold napkins in half or into triangles – securing each with a bandana ring or decorative clothespin.

Layer buffalo check napkins over plain tan or burlap runners for extra texture. You can also fold napkins to stand upright in glasses or jars for a different look.

4. Wood Slice Chargers

Wood slice chargers instantly give tables a rustic, natural vibe. Look for thin slices of acacia or other woods, inexpensive at most craft stores. Smaller slices work best as chargers.

Consider distressing your slices with white paint or sanding the edges. Place wood slices under dinner plates, or use them to frame placemats. For contrast, accent them with burlap runners down the center of tables.

5. DIY Candle Holders

Task tin coffee cans with votive candles to create rustic candle lighting. Clean cans and remove any labels before decorating. Etch designs into the tin using nails or wood carving tools.

Paint or stencil patterns like buffalo plaid onto cans for more color. Decoupage strips of burlap or bandana prints onto outsides as well. Make sure to place candles securely into sand or glass beads at the bottom of cans.

6. Bandana Flags

Cut triangle “flags” out of bandanas and string them together to make cheap and cheerful garlands. Hang strings of 3-5 flags from rafters, balconies, or mantles over your table. You can also tie individual flags around glass rims as napkin rings.

Opt for patriotic red, white, and blue bandanas or choose colors like turquoise, tan, or navy that fit the western motif. Bandana flags add movement and fun country flair above tables and seating areas.

7. Burlap Table Runner

Burlap table runners instantly infuse rustic flair. Purchase pre-made runners or create your own DIY version using burlap fabric from the craft store. Cut fabric to fit the table, leaving an extra 2-3 inches on each side.

Finish runner edges with lace, fringe, or pinking shears. Consider stenciling or stamping fun country patterns onto burlap with fabric paint. Layer over checkered tablecloths for extra texture and to blend patterns.

8. Western Quote Signs

Fun western quotes and sayings printed on mini signs add folksy humor to tablescapes. Craft your own signs using wood slices, pallet boards, tin cans, or small picture frames.

Display quote signs on mini easels, propped against centerpieces, or tucked in among other decorations. Opt for silly cowboy sayings or lines from famous country songs. You can also find inexpensive pre-made sign options.

9. Southwestern Placemats

Bring in southwestern flair with Navajo or Native American-inspired placemats. Look for mats featuring earthy geometric designs in tan, maroon, and cream hues. Or, accent solid placemats with decorative details like turquoise beads or leather fringe.

Layer southwestern placemats over checkered or burlap runners to blend multiple patterns and textures. They also pair well with bandana napkins and mason jar glasses.

10. Cowboy Boot Vases

Put old cowboy boots to work holding flowers or candles! Spray paint boots white or cream to prep them as vases. Fill with wildflowers, wheat, or other western-inspired stems.

For an easier take, place galvanized tin buckets on the table and tuck blooms or faux florals inside. Boot vases make fun accent pieces at each place setting or clustered down the center of tables.

With just a bit of imagination and a few cheap supplies, you can round up playful western details to liven up your next get-together. The decoration possibilities are endless when you incorporate quintessential items like bandanas, burlap, boots, and mason jars.

Start with one or two projects from this list for easy DIY decor. Then, gradually add on more ideas as you plan your event until y’all have the best-looking western tablescape this side of the Mississippi!

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