Get Your Pool Swim-Ready Fast With Stylish Drop-In Mats

Is your pool looking tired and lackluster? Are you wanting to spruce it up fast for an upcoming party or event? Drop-in pool mats provide a quick, easy, and affordable way to transform the look of your pool in a flash. With a variety of colors, prints, and designs available, drop-in mats can instantly add personality and flair to your pool environment.

We’ll look at the different types of drop-in mats, benefits they offer, how to install them properly, and tips for keeping them looking their best. Read on to learn how drop-in mats can lend style to your pool in time for summer fun!

drop in pool mats

What Are Drop-In Pool Mats?

Drop-in pool mats are decorative mats that can be placed directly into a swimming pool without needing adhesive or glue to stay in position. The weight and pressure of the water flowing over the mat is what holds it firmly on the pool floor. Drop-in mats are typically made of durable vinyl or Z-Web vinyl materials that are resistant to pool chemicals and UV radiation.

Benefits of Drop-In Pool Mats

There are many reasons drop-in mats are gaining popularity among pool owners:

  • Easy to install – no messy glue or adhesive required
  • Repositionable – mats can be rotated or moved around
  • Hide unsightly stains, rust spots, and floor damage
  • Protect pool surface from weathering effects
  • Available in a huge variety of colors, prints, and themes
  • Great for pool parties, events, branding, and marketing
  • Durable construction stands up to chemicals and UV rays
  • Cushioned surface is soft underfoot

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see the appeal of transforming your pool with a stylish drop-in mat.

Types of Drop-In Pool Mats

Drop-in mats come in a range of sizes and designs to fit any poolscape. Here are some of the most popular styles and options:

Size Options

Mats are available in small accent sizes up to full pool coverage. Some common size options include:

  • Accent mats – Typically 2′ x 3′ up to 4′ x 6′
  • Medium coverage – 6′ x 12′ up to 12′ x 24′
  • Full pool coverage – Sized to fit your pool dimensions
  • Custom sizes – Many companies will customize mats to your specs

Material Options

Vinyl and Z-Web vinyl are the most popular. Here’s how they compare:

  • Vinyl – Basic smooth vinyl with uniform texture. Most affordable option.
  • Z-Web Vinyl – Features a woven texture for added depth and visual interest. Enhanced durability.

Design and Theme Options

From colors and patterns to special prints, the design possibilities are endless! Some top options include:

  • Solid colors like blue, turquoise, or neutral earth tones
  • Tile or stone patterns
  • Tropical prints and mosaic designs
  • Novelty themes like sea creatures or brand logos
  • DIY custom prints – Add your own photos and images

How To Install Drop-In Pool Mats

Installing a drop-in mat is a quick and painless process.

Proper placement is key for keeping mats in position:

  • Avoid placing mats on steep inclines or uneven surfaces.
  • Watch for air bubbles underneath that can cause shifting.
  • Set mats on smooth level areas for best stability.

Maintaining Your Drop-In Mats

With proper care, your drop-in mats will retain their vibrant color and enhace your poolscape for seasons to come. Here are some tips for keeping them looking their best:

  • Periodically lift and clean beneath mats to prevent debris buildup.
  • Reposition mats now and then to distribute wear evenly.
  • Check for air pockets or wrinkles that could loosen the mat.
  • Use mild soap and water to spot clean surface dirt.
  • Allow mats to dry fully before winter storage or reinstallation.

Finding the Best Drop-In Pool Mats

With various brands to choose from, here are some tips for picking the perfect mats:

  • Look at top brands like AquaArt, Poolsaic, and Oris for quality and selection.
  • Consider having a mat custom designed for a unique look.
  • Order samples to view colors and materials firsthand.
  • Compare costs based on size, design, and materials.
  • Ensure mats come with a solid warranty from the manufacturer.


The vinyl and Z-Web vinyl materials used in most mats make them highly durable and able to withstand the pool environment. With thickness around 1/4″, they resist tearing and damage from contact with pool floors and steps. Special UV inhibitors and polymer coatings increase fade resistance to keep colors vibrant year after year. Their impermeable construction also prevents most common pool chemicals from degrading or discoloring the material over repeated exposure and use.

Customization Options

Beyond the standard color and print options, many companies offer fully customizable mats. Most can incorporate any photograph, logo, or special image into the vinyl mat material. The image can be sized to cover the whole mat or placed in a specific location like the center or corner. In addition to standard 29″ and 59″ diameters, some providers can produce oval, rectangular, and other custom shapes. This allows for an endless range of possibilities – add favorite vacation photos, special occasions, names or monograms for a one-of-a-kind poolside look.

Installation Instructions

For proper stabilization, distribute the mats evenly across the pool bottom and avoid bunching or overlapping. In deep pools, having a partner hold the edges as the mat is lowered helps prevent it from drifting as it reaches the floor. Mats perform best on smooth pool surfaces so take care to flatten out wrinkles and gaps underneath that could allow air bubbles or water currents to dislodge them. Avoid rock or pebble pool floors. In raised wall pool areas, mats may need additional anchoring such as Velcro tabs or small weights on the underside edges. Periodically check mat position and smooth as needed for optimum appearance.

Compatibility With Pool Types

The non-abrasive vinyl construction makes drop-in mats suitable for concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner in-ground and above-ground pools. Their flexibility allows the mat edges to conform and adhere to different pool shapes and surfaces. However, very uneven textures like pebbletec may require additional anchoring, and mats are generally not recommended for use on tile or rock pool surfaces which could prematurely wear the material. Overall, performance is comparable across most standard pool types and finishes.

Environmental Impact

As reusable pool accessories, drop-in mats represent an environmentally-friendly alternative to more wasteful temporary decor options. The vinyl materials are non-biodegradable, but can typically be reused for several years before needing replacement. Some manufacturers like Oris use recycled polymers and less toxic production methods to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Mats should be disposed of properly at the end of their lifespan through vinyl recycling programs rather than sending them to landfills. With occasional cleaning, mats provide lasting visual impact and protection for pool surfaces with minimal ongoing environmental cost.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s recommended to periodically lift and hand clean mats with a mild detergent and water to prevent buildup of oils, lotions, and other residues. Allowing debris and leaves to accumulate under mats can stain the material over time. Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasives that could scratch or discolor the vinyl. Check mats regularly for any gaps, wrinkles or signs of lifting that may need smoothing out. Always thoroughly dry mats before rolling up for seasonal storage. Following these simple cleaning and maintenance guidelines will help drop-in mats retain their vibrant look for many pool seasons.

If you’re looking for a quick and stylish way to enhance your pool, drop-in mats are a great solution. Their easy “peel and stick” installation means you can decorate on a whim without complicated adhesives or underlayment. With so many colors, prints, and designs to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect mats to reflect your personal taste and complement your backyard. Give your pool a fresh new look this season with the transforming power of drop-in mats!

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