Get The Home Of Your Dreams With A 2 Story Great Room Floor Plan

Imagine coming home each day to a spacious, sunlit great room that forms the vibrant heart of your home. With lofty ceilings soaring above an open floor plan, this unique design feature creates an airy oasis for gathering with family and friends.

Centered around a 2 story great room, this type of floor plan allows you to maximize both square footage and natural light. If you’re looking to build a new home or renovate your existing space, incorporating a 2 story great room could be the perfect way to create your dream home.

What is a 2 Story Great Room?

A 2 story great room is an expansive, open concept living space that extends vertically over two floors. With high ceilings and few interior walls on the first floor, this floor plan connects the kitchen, dining and living areas together into one large gathering space.

Unlike a standard one-story great room, a 2 story great room incorporates dramatic vertical space reaching upwards. This design feature gives the impression of a much larger area, allowing natural light to infuse the space. It creates an ideal setting for entertaining family and friends or simply lounging at home.

Key Features

  • Open floor plan combining multiple rooms
  • Tall, vaulted ceilings – often 18 ft or higher
  • Abundant windows and skylights
  • Minimal interior walls on main level
  • Stairway to second floor overlook

With smart design touches like railings and balconies, a 2 story great room takes the appeal of an airy, carefree space even further. If you love the look and feel of open concept living, this could be the ideal layout for your new or remodeled home.

2 story great room house plans

Benefits of a 2 Story Great Room

From enhanced natural light to increased flexibility, there are many advantages to choosing a 2 story great room floor plan:

Creates an Airy, Spacious Atmosphere

The expansive open layout and high ceilings provide a light, roomy feel that uplifts and inspires. By removing walls, 2 story great rooms maximize your square footage for an instantly larger living space.

Allows Abundant Natural Light

Strategically placed windows, skylights and other design details flood the 2 story great room with natural light. This creates a welcoming ambiance that connects you to the outdoors.

Provides Flexibility for Different Uses

With its large, open layout, a 2 story great room easily adapts to different needs. Use it as a family room, home office, game room or even guest bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

Gives a Luxury, High-End Aesthetic

Cathedral ceilings and cascading light give 2 story great rooms an undeniably upscale look and feel. It’s an elegant, sophisticated space perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

Enables Oversight from Upper-Level Balcony

A railing or overlook balcony on the second floor lets you gaze down on the open great room below. This adds visual interest and fun for family members.

Perfect for Entertaining and Family Gatherings

With its spacious, free-flowing layout, a 2 story great room is ideal for hosting parties and family events. The room easily accommodates large groups.

Design Considerations

To maximize the appeal of your 2 story great room, keep these design factors in mind:

Ideal Dimensions and Ceiling Height

Aim for a floor space of 600-800 square feet to avoid an overly cramped feel. Experts also recommend at least 18 feet of ceiling height for optimal vertical space.

Incorporating Natural Light

Strategically place windows, skylights, and transom windows to draw abundant natural light into the 2 story great room space.

Choices for Railings, Balconies, and Staircases

Consider an overlook balcony or railing on the second floor for functionality and visual appeal. Also select a staircase style that aesthetically fits the space.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce utility costs and environmental impact with energy efficient HVAC, extra insulation, LED lighting, and high performance windows.

Accessibility Features

Ensure accessibility for elderly and mobility-impaired residents with options like stairlifts, railings, and first-floor master suites.

Using the Space Flexibly

One of the top perks of a 2 story great room is flexibility. Here are some creative ways to use the space:

Multipurpose Room

Use your great room as a home theater, office, play room or craft area. The possibilities are endless!

Creative Storage Solutions

Incorporate built-in bookshelves, cabinets and storage nooks to keep clutter organized and out of sight.

Decor and Furniture Arrangements

Rearrange furniture and decor to adapt the room for media viewing, game nights or even sleepovers.

Smart Home Technology

Integrate smart thermostats, lighting and a security system to control room functions with the tap of an app.

Great Room Addition vs New Construction

While possible, adding a 2 story great room to an existing home comes with more challenges than building it into new construction. Compare the key factors:

2 Story Great Room Addition New Construction 2 Story Great Room
– Changes to roofline and layout– Designed into original floorplan
– Higher renovation costs– Lower upfront costs
– Disruption during construction– No existing residents impacted

Unless designed with a future addition in mind, most homeowners find it simpler to incorporate a 2 story great room during initial builds. This avoids layout issues down the road.

Personalizing Your 2 Story Great Room

Add personality to your 2 story great room with customized design details:

Accent Walls and Statement Lighting

Paint a bold accent wall in your favorite hue or install a sparkling chandelier to reinforce your style.

Reflect Hobbies and Interests

Display treasured mementos, photos and collectibles to highlight family memories and passions.

Pick Custom Finishes

Select flooring, countertops, fireplace materials and other finishes that match your personal taste.

With lofty ceilings and an expansive layout bathed in natural light, a 2 story great room creates a spectacular centerpiece for any home. This versatile design allows you to maximize space while adding a touch of luxury. After considering the layout, dimensions and custom details, you’ll be ready to incorporate this stunning feature into your floorplan.

For families and entertaining, few designs compare to the visual flair of a 2 story great room. Open up your home and bring your dream space to life when you build or renovate with this must-have feature. Start designing your perfect great room oasis today!

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