Get the Beautiful Wood Look with Driftwood Shingle Roofing

Homeowners can choose to use driftwood shingles for their wood roofing option. These innovative composite shingles authentically replicate the rustic cedar appearance of traditional wood shakes while providing enhanced longevity and performance. If you want to elevate your home’s curb appeal with the warmth and charm of real wood without the hassles, driftwood shingles deserve a close look.

Made from recycled plastic, wood fibers, and sand, driftwood shingles offer the handsome, varied grain of natural wood in a much more durable format. Unlike real cedar shakes prone to weathering and deterioration, driftwood shingles withstand harsh elements like rain, snow, and wind. With a lifespan of 30-50 years, they bring reliable beauty to your roof year after year.

driftwood shingles on house

Benefits of Driftwood Shingles

Driftwood shingles provide a constellation of advantages over other roofing options:

  • Beautiful Natural Wood Look – Varied grains and colorations authentically replicate real cedar’s visual charm.
  • Durability – Resist weathering and last 30-50 years, 2-3X longer than asphalt.
  • Energy Efficiency – Light colors reflect sunlight, reducing heat gain.
  • Cost Savings – More affordable than cedar shakes while lasting longer.

These composite shingles offer the coveted natural beauty of real wood with greater resilience and sustainability. And unlike metal roofing, asphalt shingles, or slate, driftwood replicates the inviting wood aesthetic homeowners adore.

Driftwood Shingle Styles

Driftwood shingles come primarily in two styles:


Oakridge shingles have a deeper wood grain pattern, replicating the rugged character of hand-split wood shakes. With uneven texture and natural charm, Oakridge brings a bold, rustic wood look to your home.

Timberline HD

Timberline HD driftwood shingles feature a tighter grain pattern for a more uniform appearance. Their finer-grained beauty brings understated elegance and smooth visual appeal.

Both styles authentically emulate the look of natural wood but with greater resilience. Oakridge offers rugged boldness, while Timberline HD provides refined subtlety.

Driftwood Shingle Color Options

Driftwood shingles come in a pleasing array of neutral earth tones. Popular options include:

  • Weathered Wood – A woodsy blend of gray and brown, ideal for matching timber or cabin homes.
  • Beige – A warm neutral that complements many architectural styles.
  • White – Crisp and fresh, white reflects sunlight extremely well.
  • Light Gray – An adaptable hue that pairs with numerous colors.

Lighter driftwood shingle colors boost roof reflectivity, lowering heat gain for added energy savings. Yet even dark options like weathered wood look beautiful thanks to the natural wood grains.

Comparing Driftwood Shingles to Other Roofing

How do driftwood shingles stack up against other popular roofing materials?

Vs. Asphalt Shingles

While cheaper initially, asphalt shingles look flat and dull compared to natural wood. And they only last 15-20 years, requiring frequent roof replacements.

Vs. Natural Wood Shakes

Real cedar shakes bring beauty but require frequent maintenance like staining. They’re also more vulnerable to weathering than composite driftwood.

Vs. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing lacks the natural visual warmth and appeal of wood. Its industrial character doesn’t fit all architectural styles.

Driftwood shingles artfully balance durability, beauty, and affordability in ways other options can’t match.

Choosing the Best Driftwood Shingles for Your Home

When selecting driftwood shingles, consider factors like your climate, budget, and aesthetic tastes. Do you prefer a rustic bold wood look or refined subtle charm? Are energy savings a priority in your climate? Your contractor can help recommend the ideal driftwood shingle type, style, and color for your specific home.

Investing in professional installation is highly recommended. Skilled roofing crews will help ensure your driftwood shingle roof realizes its full lifespan and performance potential.

For homeowners seeking natural wood beauty with exceptional durability, driftwood shingles are an exciting option to consider. Their realistic wood grain, inviting colors, energy efficiency, and weather resistance bring timeless roofing appeal. Talk to a roofer today about whether driftwood shingles are the right choice to enhance your home with enduring and effortless wood charm.

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