Get Sizzling With A Blackstone-Centered Outdoor Kitchen Revamp

Is your outdoor grill setup leaving you feeling uninspired? Are you looking to take your backyard cooking to the next level? Upgrading to an outdoor kitchen centered around the ultimate grilling appliance–the Blackstone griddle–can help you create your dream outdoor cooking oasis.

Read on for tips on placement, prep space, storage solutions, ambiance enhancements, and more.

blackstone outdoor kitchen ideas

Why Choose Blackstone?

If you’re not already familiar, the Blackstone 36-Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle is one of the most popular outdoor cooking appliances on the market. This versatile workhorse features an expansive 36-inch wide cold-rolled steel cooking surface, four independently controlled stainless steel burners, and an effective grease management system.

The griddle’s sturdy powder-coated steel frame and inclusion of caster wheels make it easy to move around. But it can also be comfortably built right into your outdoor living space.

Opting to incorporate a freestanding grill like the Blackstone rather than a full customized built-in unit comes with some key advantages. It tends to be much more budget-friendly. Freestanding grills also allow for more flexibility in placement and rearrangement as needed.

With its spacious cooking surface, high heat output, and portability, the Blackstone griddle makes the ultimate focal point for an outdoor cooking space. Let’s look at some great ways to design your outdoor oasis around it.

Placement Ideas

When incorporating your Blackstone grill into an outdoor kitchen setup, placement and access are key factors to consider:

  • Building the griddle into a dedicated grill niche or nook allows for surrounding countertop space while keeping it securely in place.
  • Situating the Blackstone into an outdoor kitchen island provides open access from all sides for multitasking.
  • Be sure to allow clearance on at least three sides of the grill for maneuverability.
  • Don’t obstruct access to the propane tank and follow all clearance guidance from the manufacturer.

While built-in, you’ll still want the ability to roll the Blackstone grill out for maintenance. Having multiple possible placements gives you flexibility.

Design Considerations

When planning your Blackstone-based outdoor kitchen, keep these essential design factors in mind:

  • Choose countertop materials that are heat-resistant and non-flammable like stone, tile, concrete, or stainless steel.
  • Incorporate ample counter space around the grill for food prep.
  • Include storage solutions for grilling tools and accessories.
  • Allow room to move the Blackstone grill as needed.
  • Personalize the look with fun accessories like lighting or signage.

Durability and practicality are key, but don’t forget to add personality!

Storage Solutions

Keeping grilling essentials easily accessible but out of the way takes some creative storage solutions. Consider these options tailored to the Blackstone:

  • Install below-counter cabinets or drawers to house tools.
  • Utilize nearby bookshelves, hutches or cabinets for accessories.
  • Keep extra supplies in a rolling cart or freestanding shelving unit.
  • Store backups and overflow in a nearby garage or shed.

Labeled bins and baskets help keep things organized. Having dedicated storage for your Blackstone grilling gear helps maximize prep space.

Food Prep Tips

You’ll need ample room around the griddle for food prep tasks. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Allow at least 3 feet of counter space on one or both sides.
  • Install a sink and cutting board station for chopping and cleaning.
  • Have platters and trays available for cooked food.
  • Consider an under-counter refrigerator to keep ingredients chilled.

A well-designed prep area helps you grill, chop, sear and serve all in one place. Dedicated zones improve the flow and function of your Blackstone kitchen.

Ambiance Enhancers

The right accessories can make your Blackstone oasis feel like a grilling getaway. Some fun additions include:

  • String lights overhead for a festive look.
  • Stylish barstools for seating at built-in counters.
  • Decorative planters, pots, or containers for plants.
  • A cozy fire pit or fireplace nearby.
  • Personalized grilling signage or wall art and decor.

Details like lighting, textiles, wall art and greenery help your space feel welcoming. Don’t be afraid to showcase your grilling passion!

Additional Considerations

Here are a few final tips for your Blackstone-focused outdoor kitchen project:

  • Adhere to all building codes, permits and Blackstone manufacturer guidelines.
  • Factor in multi-functionality–think beyond just grilling.
  • Splurge on high-quality and weather-resistant materials.
  • Hire contractors as needed, especially for plumbing and electrical.

Thinking through the full scope will ensure your kitchen is crafted to last. An investment in quality materials and professional help is well worth it.

Infusing your outdoor living space with an amazing Blackstone grilling station takes your backyard potential to new levels. With smart placement, storage, prep space, and decor, you can create your personal grilling paradise.

Fire up flavor and fun with a Blackstone-centered outdoor kitchen designed just for your needs. It’s sure to become the hottest spot for patio parties, weeknight dinners, and everyday feasts. Get inspired and start designing your dream outdoor cooking oasis today!

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