Get Ready Faster with a 57 Inch Double Sink Vanity for Two

Mornings in our home were a rush. My husband and I constantly battled for sink time as we hurried to get ready for work. Hairspray and cologne fumes mingled in the air as we bumped elbows at our single vanity. “Your turn,” I’d announce, making a quick exit so he could shave. It was cramped, noisy chaos.

When we finally remodeled our master bath, a wider vanity was at the top of our wishlist. After careful planning, we chose a spacious 57 inch double sink vanity. Now mornings are relaxed and efficient. With his and hers sinks and plenty of prep space, we get readystress-free and on time. If you share a bathroom, a double vanity can make all the difference.

Benefits of Double Sink Vanities

Several perks come with upgrading from a narrow single vanity to double the sinks.

More Elbow Room

One major advantage of a double vanity is having a larger surface area. Single vanities less than 48 inches wide can feel cramped when two people use them. With a 57 inch double vanity, there’s comfortable space to spread out.

You can keep your makeup, hair products, and other accessories neatly organized instead of crammed together. The wider countertop provides room for two people to stand comfortably side by side without bumping elbows.

57 inch double sink vanity

Increased Storage

Outfitting his and hers sinks means you also get his and hers storage space. Double sink vanities have room for separate drawers and cabinets for each person.

Keep all your items organized instead of rummaging through a shared space. Deep drawers fit bulkier hair tools and appliances. You’ll also have room for bins and organizers to keep everything tidy.

No Waiting in Line

One of the biggest perks of a double vanity is not having to take turns. How many times have you waited impatiently for the sink while your partner shaves or applies makeup?

With two sinks, you and your partner can carry on your routines simultaneously. No more awkward dance of sharing one basin. You’ll get ready faster and be out the door on time without bathroom battles.

Why 57 Inches is the Perfect Width

When shopping for a double vanity, why choose 57 inches versus a narrower or wider size? Here’s why this width hits the sweet spot.

Fits Most Spaces

Many standard master bathrooms can easily fit a 57 inch vanity. Narrow 48 inch single vanities leave little elbow room for two people. On the other end, bulky 72 inch vanities may overwhelm a smaller space.

At 57 inches wide, you get the perks of a double vanity while still having leftover floor space. This width seamlessly fits into most existing bathrooms without necessitating a full gut renovation.

Allows Extra Counter Space

Wider vanities like 60 inches certainly provide ample room, but they may limit your remaining floor space. The 57 inch width strikes an ideal balance. It still leaves a comfortable pathway between the vanity and shower or tub.

You’ll also have spacious counter real estate. Each person can fully extend their arms without hitting the other person or wall. Keep toiletries, cosmetics, and appliances handy as you prep for the day.

Appealing Proportion

In addition to fitting well spatially, the 57 inch width has a pleasing proportion aesthetically. It balances nicely with the height of most vanities. More narrow versions can look squat and unbalanced.

The scale also fits well with the size of bathroom fixtures. Wall-mounted faucets, mirrors, and sconces pair nicely without looking too small over a 57 inch vanity.

Features to Consider in a 57 Inch Double Vanity

Once you’ve settled on the ideal 57 inch width, look for a model with features to match your needs.

Type of Sink

An important choice is undermount or vessel sinks. Undermount sinks have a streamlined look since they sit below the counter. Vessel sinks perch atop the vanity as decorative focal points.

Be sure to pick a faucet that coordinates with your sinks. Opt for widespread faucets if you prefer hands-on temperature and flow control. Single-handle faucets are sleek and low maintenance.

Drawer Storage

Maximize storage with a double vanity that has deep, spacious drawers. Shallow drawers limit what you can fit inside. Look for full extension slides for easy access to contents in the back.

Some models even have a central drawer that pulls out from the middle to access items you share. Hideaway hampers tuck discreetly inside cabinet spaces for laundry or dirty clothes.

Material and Finish

Double vanities come in a range of materials like wood, marble, and engineered composites. The finish also affects the look, from glossy to matte.

Wood tones like oak or walnut add warmth. Painted finishes allow color customization. Quartz and marble make a polished statement. Determine the aesthetic you want before selecting materials.

Additional Storage

Besides drawers and cabinets, look for extras like bottom shelves and corner storage units. Slatted bottom shelves create space for folded towels or pretty baskets.

A cubby unit in the corner maximizes every inch. Use it to stow extra toilet paper, cleansing wipes, or first aid supplies. Hide hair tools and styling products inside.

Style and Design Options

Now that you know what to look for in a double vanity, explore style options to suit your tastes.


For a sleek look, choose a contemporary style double vanity. These designs have an unfussy, streamlined aesthetic. Common traits include:

  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Simple hardware
  • Glossy surfaces like glass or lacquer
  • Marble, quartz, or porcelain tops
  • Angular or rectangular shapes

Crisp whites and grays lend a modern, urban vibe. A contemporary vanity pairs nicely with wall-mounted faucets and floating shelves.


Transitional vanities blend elements of traditional and contemporary styles. You’ll find:

  • Neutral painted finishes
  • Straight lines balanced by curved details
  • Mix of materials like oak cabinets and marble tops
  • Metallic hardware like brushed nickel
  • Shaker-style drawers

This middle ground aesthetic suits any decor. Warm wood tones contrast cool surfaces. The blend of simplicity and ornamentation provides wide appeal.


Prefer an old-world classic look? Opt for a traditional double vanity featuring:

  • Ornate carved details
  • Elaborately turned legs
  • Dark wood finishes like mahogany or cherry
  • Inset doors with molded trim
  • Marble or granite countertops

Traditional vanities have an elegant, timeless charm. Fluted columns, raised panel doors, and bronze hardware speak to refined taste.

A 57 inch double sink vanity offers ample room for two without dominating your bath. The versatile width fits most existing spaces while providing plenty of prep room. With his and hers storage and sinks, you’ll get ready with ease.

Choose a style aligned with your tastes, from streamlined contemporary to ornate traditional. Include handy features like deep drawers, undermount sinks, and bottom shelving. With a well-designed double vanity, your morning routine will be stress-free.

No more frantic mornings battling for the sink in our house. Our new 57 inch double vanity provides a peaceful shared space to start each day. With room for our belongings and unrushed grooming, we’re out the door on time and happy. Make the switch from single to double – you’ll never look back!

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