Get Hotel Style and Elegance With 78-Inch Shower Curtains

Transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious oasis with a 78-inch shower curtain. Extra long shower curtains provide full coverage for large showers and open, airy bathrooms. They allow you to emulate the elegance of a hotel or spa, creating a relaxing and indulgent environment. From opulent fabrics to bold prints, hotel-inspired shower curtains make a dramatic style statement. Read on to discover how 78-inch curtains can elevate your bath decor.

A 78-inch shower curtain offers ample coverage and flexibility to accommodate oversized showers and tall ceilings. The generous length ensures water stays inside the stall, while the curtain can hang properly from extended rods. Unlike standard sizes, an extra long curtain provides that spa-like feel, mimicking the openness of high-end hotel bathrooms. As a focal point, these curtains lend an air of polish when styled creatively. Let’s delve into the top benefits of 78-inch shower curtains.

Benefits of 78-Inch Shower Curtains

Full Coverage for Large Showers

For showers with wide openings or walk-in designs, a 78-inch shower curtain is essential. Standard 70-inch curtains simply won’t provide full coverage. The extra length of an oversized curtain contains water spray and prevents leaks. Even if you have a ledge or tile border, a 78-inch curtain gives you assurance that water won’t escape.

High Ceiling Clearance

Bathrooms with taller ceilings often require long shower rods and curtains. Trying to use a regular 70-inch curtain results in awkward hanging and gaps. The 78-inch length accommodates extended rods installed 10-12 feet high. This provides the flexibility to mount the rod where it looks best in your bathroom. You’ll enjoy seamless coverage and elegant draping.

Spa-Like Experience

Think of the most luxurious, spa-worthy showers. They feel open and airy, with high ceilings and wide spaces. Recreate this at home with a jumbo 78-inch curtain. The generous proportions lend a relaxing vibe and hotel-style aesthetic. It’s an easy way to give your bathroom a sleek, upscale look.

78 in long shower curtains

Aesthetic Appeal

At 78 inches, an oversized shower curtain commands attention. It serves as a focal point and design feature in the bathroom. You can make a subtle style statement with muted tones. Or, go bold with lively colors and prints that become an accent wall. A 78-inch curtain adds structure and a polished look compared to smaller standard sizes.

Shop Hotel-Inspired Styles

What designs epitomize the luxurious hotel or spa vibe? When selecting a 78-inch shower curtain, look for upscale details like:

Luxury Fabrics

For a lavish look, choose curtains made of velvet, linen, brocade or satin. The indulgent textures and light sheen oozes sophistication. Brands like Lush Decor offer opulent fabric shower curtains at 78-inch lengths.

Bold Patterns

Make a dramatic statement with a bold, large-scale print or geometric design. Global and tropical motifs are on trend. Florals also channel that hotel botanical vibe. Be daring with an abstract or geometric shower curtain in vivid colors.

Sophisticated Solids

Rich solids in jewel-toned hues bring drama and elegance. Pair a 78-inch curtain in emerald, sapphire or gold velvet for a glam yet minimalist look. Elegant sheers also provide subtle style if you prefer less visual weight.

Textural Interest

For unique allure, look for dimensional designs. Metallic embroidery, fun pom pom details, or woven textures provide visual interest. Go all out with beading or macrame fringe for a bohemian vibe.

Considerations for 78-Inch Curtains

To enjoy your 78-inch hotel-style curtain for years to come, factor in these considerations when making your purchase.


In the humid, wet environment of a shower, durability is key. Seek out curtains made with mold/mildew resistant materials. Look for reinforced buttonholes, thick woven fabrics, and sturdy weighted hems. Also, opt for machine washable curtains for easy care.

Water Resistance

Your extra long shower curtain needs to stand up to moisture. Fabric shower curtains should have a water repellent coating to repel splashes. Or pair a decorative cloth curtain with a vinyl liner for full protection. This prevents moisture from permeating the curtain itself.

Ease of Use

At 78 inches long, a shower curtain can get bulky and unwieldy. Prioritize options designed for convenience. Seek out rust-proof grommets, wheels or magnets that make opening and closing simple. Make sure your curtain hooks glide smoothly along the rod as well.

Match Your Decor

When it comes to style, the possibilities are endless! Before purchasing, consider your bathroom’s color scheme and aesthetic. Coordinate with your tile, vanity, rugs and other accents. A floral curtain injects personality into a neutral space. While solids and geometric prints add modern flair.

Say goodbye to awkwardly gaping, undersized shower curtains. By installing a hotel-worthy 78-inch curtain, you can infuse your bathroom with spa-like luxury. The expanded coverage keeps water wrangled in the stall, while the dramatic proportions make an elegant style statement. Choose from enticing textures, vivid colors and prints that set the tone for your dream bath oasis.

You can find 78-inch curtains on the market. Seek out durability, water resistance, and quality construction from trusted brands. Let your inner interior designer run free and decorate with your favorite colors and patterns. Install your extra long curtain on an extended rod, and admire the polished, upscale look. Friends and family will think they’ve stepped into a tranquil resort whenever they visit your bathroom.

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