Gather in Style with Farmhouse Capri Dinnerware

When it comes to statement dishware that flawlessly toes the line between rustic and refined, look no further than Home Accents’ impeccably styled Capri dinnerware collection.

Inspired by the vibrant island of Capri off Italy’s Amalfi Coast, this line of plates, bowls, mugs, and serving accessories captures the essence of relaxed Italian countryside living with its unique blend of richly layered patterns, artisanal ceramic shapes, and elegant gold accents.

Key Features of Capri Dinnerware

Let’s explore a few of the signature details that set these farmhouse-chic porcelain pieces apart:

Italian Countryside-Inspired Patterns and Motifs

It’s impossible not to think of the fertile lemon groves dotting Capri’s slopes and cliffs when looking at the vibrant citrus fruits decorating dishes like the 12-piece Capri dinnerware set in Robin’s Egg Blue . The organic lines and vines adorning other sets in warmer vineyard-inspired palettes beautifully conjure up images of relaxing al fresco Italian meals under the summer sun.

In addition to these signature rustic Mediterranean motifs rendered in cool tones like deep ocean blues or earthy terra cotta hues, Home Accents also offers more modern black and white patterns or colorfully abstract floral medleys. This diverse blend ensures a customized tablescape suited to any personal taste or kitchen aesthetic.

home accents capri dinnerware

Quality Materials and Textures

Crafted from hardy porcelain or natural stoneware , Capri collections stand up beautifully to both occasional entertaining and rigors of daily family use. Expect dishes to maintain their glossy smooth finishes without scratches or cracks over time.

In concert with this attention to durability is a simultaneous nod to authentic Italian artistry through subtle handmade touches like irregular wavy borders or plates and bowls with gently rippled edges reminiscent of hand-thrown ceramics.

The resulting tableware radiates cozy, sun-warmed charm while still feeling sleek enough for modern farmhouse spaces.

Touches of Gold Foil for Glamour

No Capri dinnerware set would be complete without the requisite touch of shimmer lent by delicate gold foil accents adorning edges or bisecting dishes into striking two-tone palettes.

This whisper of metallic instantly elevates tables beyond everyday plain white ware into something special enough for impromptu dinner parties or date nights. Yet simultaneously, these elegant dinnerware touches blend seamlessly into relaxed family meals without feeling overly fussy or decorative.

Mix-And-Match Versatility

Beyond infusing rustic Italian warmth into place settings, Capri collections were expressly designed to make easy work of both festive hosting and low-key family dinners thanks to their clever coordinating color schemes and patterns.

Cohesive Collections

You’ll discover that palettes, textures, and shapes effortlessly interplay across different pieces within the entire Capri offering. Making it simple to either:

  • Pull together cohesive full dinnerware sets.
  • Or joyfully mismatch all your favorite elements at will.

This versatility ensures your tablescapes always feel purposefully curated versus haphazardly thrown together.

Suitable for Everyday or Special Occasions

Beyond smart coordinating collections, Capri’s aesthetic brilliantly toggles from upscale to casual across any occasion:

  • Gather friends and family around the warmth of the handcrafted 16-piece Caprice Blue stoneware service for Sunday family dinners or Thanksgiving feasts.
  • Then deploy the elegant Robin’s Egg dishes sparked with gleaming gold foil when hosting sophisticated dinner parties or bridal showers.

Endless Arrangement Possibilities

This unfussy styling also makes Capri collections wonderfully forgiving canvases for experimenting with eclectic table arrangements. Feel free to:

  • Playfully mismatch blue, yellow, and grey patterned porcelain pieces in endless whimsical combinations.
  • Incorporate glassware, flatware, or serveware boasting glinting metallic or mother-of-pearl touches to reflect the gold rim accents dotting plates.
  • Scour flea markets and antique shops to unearth charming wine bottles, glass cloches, or cake plates to blend seamlessly into those relaxed Tuscan tablescapes.

How to Style Your Farmhouse Table with Capri

If you adore relaxed Italian living but seek tips for seamlessly blending Capri collections into rustic farmhouse spaces, take inspiration from these simple tricks:

Play with Patterns and Textures

Have fun playing mixologist with all those artfully mismatched patterns by:

  • Contrasting geometric sky blue dinner plates against organic green vine-strewn salad plates.
  • Echoing those hand-painted lemon motifs with real citrus fruits artfully deployed as table centerpieces.
  • Using handcrafted pottery serving bowls to add organic texture against smooth modern porcelain shapes.
  • Incorporating woven jute placemats to reinforce those Tuscan vineyard feels.

Incorporate Seasonal Touches

Reinforce cozy wine country ambiance perfect for autumn library dinners or winter holiday feasts by:

  • Showcasing seasonal fruits, foliage and florals like pomegranates, olives, or deep burgundy dahlias in weathered baskets and pitchers.
  • Selecting richer Cabernet and forest green Capri stoneware for darker fall or Christmas palettes.
  • Switching out crisp linen runners for heavier boucle or knit versions in creamy ivories or warmth-enhancing reds.

Use Creative Centerpieces

Make those signature Capri lemons the delightful focal point by:

  • Clustering a vibrant array down table centers interspersed with whole nutmegs, juniper sprigs, or fragrant rosemary.
  • Arranging sliced citrus or lemon wreaths inside beautiful hand-thrown ceramic bowls for pops of sunshine even in winter.
  • Anchoring place settings with Italian-inspired bottle vasesoverflowing with lemon tree clippings or viburnum.
  • Dotting mismatched glass cloches housing single lemon leaf branches and plump fruit next to every place setting.

For added Tuscan romance, enhance arrangements with a few flickering pillar candles nestled in old wine bottles, vines trailing down weathered terracotta planters, or elegant silver leafed olive branches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Capri Dinnerware

For those still deliberating between all those artfully assorted Capri dinnerware options, here are answers to a few frequently posed questions to help guide your decision making process:

What Specific Capri Collections Are Available to Choose From?

Current offerings include Blue Medallion, Blue Striped Vine, Caprice Blue, Caprice Grey, Capri Green, Capri Navy, Capri Pink, Capri Robin’s Egg Blue, Capri Yellow, Rooster Blue, and Vintage Rooster.

Is Capri Dinnerware Oven, Microwave, and Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, all current collections clearly state on packaging that pieces are oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe making cleanup and reheating leftovers a breeze.

Can I Customize Capri Dinnerware with Monograms or Letterings?

While Capri china does not currently include customization services, some retailers like Wayfair allow you to easily personalize neutral white serving platters with monogrammed initials or letterings.

Retailers like Wayfair, Target, and Overstock sell both full Capri dinnerware set options along with opportunities to purchase complementary open stock coordinating pieces. This makes curating that perfect customized tablescape easy by hand selecting favorite items.

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