Forget Twin Sizes – Live Large With a 120×98 King Duvet Cover

If you enjoy stretching out with plenty of room while you sleep, it may be time to upgrade to an oversized king-sized duvet cover. Measuring a spacious 120 inches by 98 inches, these duvet covers provide an abundance of fabric to cover your plush king comforter with a gracefully draped, flowing fit. The cozy, luxurious style mimics the feel of a high-end hotel suite, allowing you to relax and sleep soundly in the comfort of your own bed.

We discovered the 120×98 oversized king duvet cover while researching options for getting a good night’s rest. The additional length and width compared to standard king-sized bedding immediately caught our attention. We realized the spacious dimensions could satisfy even tall sleepers and restless partners. If climbing into a tiny twin bed makes you feel claustrophobic, this oversized king cover offers a dramatic change. Prepare to stretch out and sleep the night away immersed in softness.

Why Choose an Oversized King Duvet Cover?

A king-sized mattress provides ample space for most people, but the added dimensions of an oversized king duvet cover offer even more generous proportions. You can take full advantage of the available room to lounge comfortably without hanging off the edges. Partners can sprawl out without invading each other’s space or pulling the covers askew. The oversized cut allows thick, fluffy comforters to fit inside without compressing their loft. You’ll also stay cozier thanks to the cover’s insulation properties.

More Room to Stretch Out and Get Cozy

The 120×98 size gives you and your partner plenty of personal space to find your ideal sleeping positions. Starfish out to your heart’s content without crowding the person beside you or having your feet stick out from the bottom. The oversized comforter cover eliminates struggles over managing blankets through the night.

Accommodates Plush Comforters

Avoid flattening an expensive, cushy down-alternative comforter by covering it with an equally roomy duvet. Typical king-sized covers may be too snug for plusher inserts. The oversized dimensions allow the fluffiness to loft fully inside.

Provides Temperature Regulation

The loose-fitting oversized duvet cover traps body heat more effectively beneath the top layers. By preventing warmth from dissipating quickly, it helps maintain a comfortable temperature all night long. Switch out covers with varying insulation capabilities to custom regulate temperatures.

oversized king duvet cover 120x98

Luxurious Hotel Suite Feel

Enjoy the elegant appearance and coziness of boutique hotel bedding from home. The billowing layers of fabric cascade softly down the sides of the bed for a clean yet lived-in luxury. The overall effect feels peaceful, tranquil and inviting.

Details on the 120×98 King Size

Understanding the exact dimensions of a 120×98 oversized king duvet cover helps ensure proper fit. With measurements larger than a standard king cover, this spacious bedding allows freedom to relax. The additional length leaves room for feet to stretch out fully when reclining against the headboard. Short and tall sleepers alike can benefit from the extra wiggle room.

Length120 inches
Width98 inches

Exact Dimensions – Great for Tall People

The 120-inch length should sufficiently cover the mattress and drape over the sides even if you are very tall. No more cold toes sticking out! It also eliminates the need to curl up to avoid contact with the footboard.

Allows Movement Without Restricting Feet

Partners who shift positions frequently through the night will appreciate the extra wiggle room at the bottom. You’ll no longer have to battle for space to stretch out.

Fits King Mattresses With Extra Room

Standard king mattresses measure 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. The oversized duvet allows almost 2 feet of additional length and over 1 foot more width to generously cloak the bed with a smooth, wrinkle-free look.

Material Options

Oversized king duvet covers come in a variety of materials to match different aesthetic tastes and comfort preferences. Lightweight, breathable fabrics regulate temperature, while cozier materials provide extra warmth.


Known for its softness and durability, cotton offers year-round comfort. The natural fibers easily adapt to ambient temperatures. Choose single-ply for lightweight breathability or double-ply for extra density.


This finely woven synthetic fabric boasts an ultra-soft feel. The moisture-wicking properties and wrinkle resistance add to its practical appeal. Those with allergies appreciate microfiber’s hypoallergenic qualities.


Understated linen duvet covers provide a casually luxurious look and feel. The textured fabric offers temperature regulation and durability for years of everyday use. Fans of linen love its laidback sophistication.


For a truly opulent and sensuous cover material, silk reigns supreme. The delicate fabric provides warmth in winter and cooling properties for summer. Mulberry silk offers an exceptionally refined drape and shimmering appearance.


When reliable warmth takes priority, flannel delivers exceptional coziness and heat retention. The softly napped material offers cloud-like comfort to curl up in on cold winter nights. Choose lightweight or mid-weight flannel based on your climate.

Popular Brands and Retailers

Quality oversized king duvet covers come from top manufacturers and are available online and in stores.

Top Manufacturers

High-end brands like Frette, Sferra, Peacock Alley and Matouk offer exquisite Italian-made linen, cotton, and silk coverings. LA-based Parachute provides premium long-staple Egyptian cotton. For exceptional value, brands like Mellanni and AmazonBasics merit consideration.

Online Stores

Well-known retailers like Amazon, Wayfair and Overstock carry a wide selection of sizes and designs conveniently online. Some smaller specialty shops focus specifically on artisan bedding available exclusively on their ecommerce sites.

Physical Stores

In addition to big box stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, check local linen purveyors for luxurious oversized duvet covers you can see and feel in person before purchasing. Specialty linen boutiques offer exceptional customer service.

Design and Style Possibilities

An oversized king duvet cover represents a blank slate for creative self-expression. Have fun playing with colors, prints and textures when designing your ideal sleeping sanctuary.

Solid Colors

A lush oversized duvet makes a striking statement in a rich shade like navy blue, forest green or burgundy red. Crisp white offers a fresher but still elegant neutral contrast.

Fun Patterns

Inject whimsical personality into your bedroom with a patterned oversized king duvet cover. Bold graphic prints, delicate florals and abstract geometrics enliven the bed visually. Top designers offer unique limited-edition looks each season.

Different Textures

Experiment with tactile fabrics like nubby chenille, fuzzy faux fur or lustrous satin. Combining multiple textures stimulates the senses visually and literally for a multi-dimensional design statement.

Caring for Your Oversize King Duvet Cover

Proper care maximizes the lifespan of your investment cover. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning methods and temperature settings.

Washing Methods

Most oversized king duvet covers can be machine washed and dried. Use a gentle cycle and cool water temperature for delicates like silk. For whites, occasionally bleach as needed.

Drying Guidelines

Machine drying on low protects most fabrics from heat damage. Lay flat to dry instead of the dryer when possible, especially for linens prone to shrinking when tumble dried.

Professional Cleaning

Consider professional dry cleaning for expensive or heirloom quality coverings not suitable for home laundering. This preserves both material integrity and appearance long-term.

Choosing the Right Size

When shopping for an oversized 120×98 king duvet cover, carefully check dimensions for proper fit. Measure your existing bedding components before purchase as well to achieve your ideal roomy look.

Measure Your Comforter

Pull out your plush down or down-alternative insert, fully extend it and use a cloth measuring tape to accurately gauge its length and width. This prevents buying an oversized cover that ultimately feels too big or small when put on the bed.

Check Product Dimensions

Read product details closely and compare the stated size against your existing comforter’s measurements. Consider overall percentages rather than relying on generic size charts that lack exact numbers.

Factor in Mattress Depth

Measure mattress height to ensure enough overhang for the desired draped effect. Shallower mattresses may require wider cover dimensions to achieve sufficient fabric cascading down the sides decoratively.

Enjoying the Benefits

Once you experience an oversized 120×98 king duvet cover in person, you’ll discover why bigger is better for a luxurious night’s sleep.

Sprawling Out Comfortably

Savor the simple pleasure of stretching out without constraint. Change positions effortlessly without clinging fabric or uncomfortable restriction.

Customizing Your Bed

Play with color palettes, patterns and textures until you create a personalized sleep sanctuary reflective of your unique personality and style.

Wake up refreshed and energized after a sound night’s rest tucked inside the optimal balance of cozy softness and crisp airflow the oversized cover provides.

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