Finally – Navy Blue and Gold Bedding That Makes Waking Up Easy

Navy blue and gold have become one of the hottest color combinations in home decor and bedding. This striking duo evokes luxury and elegance, providing the perfect backdrop for a glamorous, hotel-inspired bedroom retreat.

In this post, we’ll explore why you should consider navy and gold bedding and how to incorporate these colors into your space. From soothing navy sheets to opulent gold shams, read on to discover how this color scheme can transform your sleeping space into a relaxing oasis. Let’s dive into why navy and gold bedding can make waking up enjoyable instead of a chore!

Why Choose Navy Blue and Gold for Your Bedding

What makes navy and gold such a popular and powerful color combination for bedding? Let’s look at some of the specific benefits of this classic pairing.

Complementary Color Contrast

On the color wheel, navy blue and gold are complementary colors, meaning they sit opposite each other. When complementary shades are combined, they create maximum contrast and visual impact.

Navy as a deep, rich blue pops against the warm, radiant tone of gold. The two colors enhance each other, allowing each one to stand out. This creates a vibrant, eye-catching palette full of depth and interest.

Navy Blue is Soothing

Different colors have different psychological and physiological effects. Navy blue is known to promote feelings of calm, relaxation, and tranquility. Studies have found that being surrounded by navy blue can lower heart rate and reduce stress.

navy blue and gold bedding sets

The cool, lush tone of navy blue naturally creates a serene environment that can help calm a busy mind. Using navy sheets and bedding bathes a room in this mellow, peaceful hue at bedtime for better sleep.

Gold is Uplifting and Energizing

If navy blue is soothing rain, then gold is warm sunshine. Associated with wealth and success, gold evokes positivity and luxury.

Surrounding yourself with golden accents first thing in the morning can have an uplifting, optimistic influence to start the day on the right note. The radiant nature of gold creates an energizing mood boost.

Style Options for Navy and Gold Bedding

Now that you’re sold on the navy and gold color scheme, let’s explore the range of bedding pieces and styles available to create your own luxurious navy and gold suite.

Different Bedding Pieces to Get

A full navy and gold bedding set will likely include these core pieces:

  • Duvet cover
  • Flat and fitted sheets
  • Pillowcases
  • Shams
  • Optional extras like a bed skirt, blanket, or coverlet

You can mix and match these elements, like pairing solid navy sheets with gold decorative pillows. Having both colors represented provides balance and contrast.

Pattern and Texture Ideas

When it comes to patterns and textures, navy and gold bedding offers diverse options:

  • Solids – Most basic is choosing each piece in a solid shade. This allows the colors to really pop.
  • Subtle patterns – Think tone-on-tone stripes or a small floral print in navy with a gold background.
  • Metallic sheen – Gold bedding with a shiny, luminous finish adds more glamour.
  • Different textures – Play with contrasting smooth and crisp textures.

Styles from Classic to Contemporary

Navy and gold transcends style eras and genres. This versatile color duo can be translated into bedding to suit tastes from traditional to modern.

In a classic or farmhouse bedroom, choose a floral duvet cover in navy blue and mustard gold hues. For traditional appeal with a punch of color, opt for regal navy and gold jacquard pillows.

In modern or contemporary spaces, make a statement with solid navy and metallic gold satin sheets. Abstract geo patterns and ombre gradients also work for a bold, current look.

The navy and gold palette adapts well to any aesthetic. There are so many ways to incorporate traditional to trendy patterns and fabrics while sticking to these main colors.

Decorating with Navy and Gold Bedding

Pulling together a cohesive bedroom design around your new navy and gold bedding is all about accentuating both colors. Here are some decor ideas to try.

Complimentary Color Schemes

Use decor items in colors that complement the blue and gold:

  • Cream – Adds soft brightness against the dark navy.
  • Mossy greens – Earthy olive tones contrast nicely with gold.
  • Blush pink – A dash of rosy color lifts the palette.
  • Brass and rose gold – Metallic accents relate to the gold bedding.
  • Crisp white and gray – Timeless neutrals keep the look grounded.

Fabrics and Textures

Incorporate navy blue and gold through a mix of fabrics and textures beyond the bed:

  • Velvet pillows in navy or gold
  • Shearling throws in cream or gray
  • A leather bench at the foot of the bed
  • Linen curtains
  • A jute or sisal area rug
  • Wood nightstands

Layering natural textures adds warmth and dimension while playing up the sophistication of the core color scheme.

Lighting and Accessories

Strategic lighting and accessories pull the look together:

  • Brass table lamps provide an ambient glow.
  • Abstract art picks up the palette in paint splatters.
  • Metallic gold vases and trinket dishes catch the light.
  • Mirrors visually expand the space while reflecting the color scheme.
  • Sculptural pendant lights make a stylish statement.
  • An abundance of plush pillows in navy, gold, and ivory.

These glamorous touches turn an average bedroom into a luxe retreat with the navy and gold bedding as the anchor.

The Benefits of Choosing This Color Combo

Beyond just looking stylish and elegant, navy and gold bedding offers these advantages:

Durability and Stain Resistance

Deep navy blue hides stains and wear better than light or white bedding. Sets stay looking fresher for longer since marks and discoloration don’t show up as easily.

Going longer between washes also improves the lifespan of your bedding. Navy blue’s darker shade means you don’t have to launder it as frequently.

Year-Round Versatility

Some colors only work for certain seasons, but navy blue and gold are just as gorgeous in winter as summer. The navy feels cozy and enveloping during cold months but also cool and refreshing when it’s hot. Gold adds warmth in winter and pops brightly against the navy in summer.

Ease of Matching

These versatile hues complement most other colors you likely have in an existing bedroom. Navy and gold bedding mixes and matches seamlessly with other pieces.

The colors are easy to incorporate into any style. You can build upon navy and gold bedding to create a cohesive, pulled-together space.

Navy blue and gold bedding offers the best of both worlds – a relaxing, soothing navy base paired with cheerful, luxe gold accents. This timeless color combination creates a bedroom oasis with style and comfort.

Coordinating your bedding, decor, lighting, and textures around this color scheme results in a glamorous, hotel-inspired look. The navyblue promotes better sleep while the gold energizes you upon waking.

If you’re seeking bedding that facilitates falling asleep and makes waking up enjoyable, navy blue and gold sets are a perfect choice. The bold color contrast and mix of cool and warm tones help craft a bedroom you’ll look forward to retreating to each night.

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