Extra Long Console Cabinets for Stylish and Functional Storage

Extra long console cabinets, typically 48 inches or longer in length, offer an elegant and practical storage solution for modern homes. Their generous proportions provide ample surface area for both decor and organization in high-traffic spaces like entryways, hallways, living rooms, and beyond.

In this post, we’ll explore the diverse styles, materials, and placement options that make extra long consoles a versatile staple in today’s interior design. From sleek modern pieces to rustic farmhouse-chic, these functional furnishings are sure to complement any aesthetic.

A Variety of Styles to Suit Any Decor

One of the great advantages of extra long console tables is their stylistic versatility. You can choose a traditional carved design, minimalist contemporary piece, rustic wood console, or industrial metal table to align with your home’s current decor theme.

Traditional Style Console Cabinets

Traditional style console tables feature elegant intricacies like carved accents, turned legs, and ornamental details. The wood tones are often rich and deeper hues like mahogany or walnut. Sophisticated materials such as marble or leather inlay add to the refined aesthetic. Place a traditional extra long console table in a formal entryway or use one to elevate a formal living room.

Modern and Contemporary Styles

For a sleek and contemporary statement, an extra long console table with a glossy lacquered or glass tabletop provides an airy, lightweight counterpoint to grounding furnishings like sectionals or sideboards. The base can showcase a variety of modern materials like acrylic, chrome, or even concrete. Position one of these consoles behind a sofa or bisecting an open concept kitchen and living area.

extra long console cabinet

Rustic Style Console Tables

The distressed, natural edges and peaceful presence of a rustic-style extra long console table bring warmth and coziness to farmhouse inspired spaces. Look for consoles made from salvaged or reclaimed wood in soft whitewashed colors or deeper oak hues. Wrought iron bases and casters add industrial flair. Use a long rustic console behind a sofa or next to a dining set for a relaxed country feel.

Industrial Style Consoles

For loft-inspired living areas, an industrial extra long console table adds bold, gritty character. Look for exposed pipework or wood beams paired with concrete, brick, or steel. The forms tend to be simple and streamlined yet strong. Place an industrial console behind a modern sectional or use one as part of an urban office motif.

Materials to Suit Durability and Style Needs

From natural woods to sleek metal and glass, extra long console tables are crafted from a diverse palette of materials to meet both aesthetic and durability needs.

Wood Grain Finishes

Wood remains a popular choice for console cabinets thanks to its warmth, versatility, and durability. Oak, walnut, maple, acacia, and mahogany are commonly used for their strength. Finishes like stains, paints, and natural variations change the look and feel of the wood. Proper care and maintenance will ensure a long-lasting piece.

Metals and Glass

For a lightweight yet strong alternative, metal extra long console tables shine in homes with modern or industrial edge. Iron, steel, brass, and chrome are commonly used. The addition of a glass tabletop or shelving creates transparency. Metals like brass may patina gracefully over time or can be polished to maintain sheen. Dust regularly and check for chipping of finishes.

Stone and Concrete

Natural marble, granite, limestone, and concrete offer timeless elegance and durability for extra long console tables. The cool, solid presence grounds lighter furnishings and adds natural interest to minimalist spaces. Stone and concrete are less prone to scratches or water rings. Sealing these materials can prevent staining.

Functional Storage Solutions

In addition to providing space for decor, extra long console cabinets incorporate storage to help keep entryways, living rooms, offices, and other spaces organized.

Entryway Storage

Console cabinets with shelving, drawers, or cubbies make it easy to stow shoes, hats, purses, keys, and other everyday items right where you need them in a front entry. Some feature charging stations to power up devices. Look for a console table in a durable material that will withstand high traffic volume in entry spaces.

Living Room Organization

An extra long sofa table behind seating can do double duty as media storage to neatly conceal gaming consoles, streaming peripherals, movies, video games, and remotes. Open shelving holds decorative accents while built-in drawers store tech accessories and controls. An integrated charging station powers up phones and tablets.

Home Office Console Desks

Transform an extra long console into a contemporary computer workstation with the addition of built-in power outlets, charging ports, shelves, and file drawers to hold office supplies and paperwork. Look for larger consoles that can accommodate printers and other tech peripherals to create an integrated, space-saving home office.

Ideal Placement for Every Room

While extra long console tables work beautifully in foyers and hallways, they also lend form and function to living spaces, home offices, and more. Consider how an extended length console might be ideally situated in the following rooms:

Entryways and Foyers

An elaborate traditional console with a decorative mirror or piece of artwork above it makes a dramatic statement in a formal entryway. A rustic farmhouse console styled with natural elements like baskets, flowers, and framed photos says “welcome home” in a cozy cottage-style interior.

Hallways and Corridors

Strategically place a long, low-profile console down the length of a hallway to break up a long, empty space. Styling it attractively with vases, baskets, and artwork turns a pass-through area into a decorative feature.

Living Rooms

Use an extra long console behind a sofa or sectional to add convenient media storage and surface space for table lamps, plants, or gallery wall accents. The horizontal shape and generous proportions make it well-suited to anchor sprawling lounge areas.

Dining Rooms

An extra long farmhouse style console positioned behind a dining table provides a perfect platform for storing and displaying china, glassware, candles, and linens. Built-in cabinetry allows you to store tableware right in the dining space.


Replace a traditional nightstand with a console that spans the length of your bed for ample surface space. Use it to hold lamps, books, devices, and bedside water. The minimal leg supports help preserve a clean, airy look in the sleep space.


Extend kitchen storage and prep space with an extra long console situated against a blank wall or island. Use it for appliance garage storage, cookbooks, or extra chopping area. Look for moisture-resistant wood or stainless steel.

Home Offices

An extra long, desk-height console transforms into a contemporary computer workstation with the addition of task lighting, charging ports, storage, and file drawers built right in.

Design Considerations

Ready to find the perfect extra long console cabinet to complement your interior design? Keep the following tips in mind:

Accurate Length

First, measure the space to find an appropriately scaled console. Leave at least 12-18 inches of clearance on either side. An extra long console should span 50-70% of the total wall length.

Prevent Tipping

To minimize tipping risk, choose a console with a shelf or storage cabinets on the lower portion to weigh down the piece. Secure it to the wall, if possible.

Incorporate Lighting

Add illumination with attached pendant lights, LED strips, or table lamps. Lighting accentuates the console’s decorative impact.

Customization Options

Opt for a customizable design with choices of wood stains, paint colors, countertop materials, and hardware so you can match existing decor.

Budget-Friendly Picks

More affordable wood composite consoles offer durability and style without the high-end price tag. Big box stores also carry budget-friendly options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common extra long console cabinet questions:

What width should I choose?

Console cabinet depths typically range from 12-20 inches to provide ample surface space without protruding too far into a walkway.

How can I incorporate closed storage?

Look for consoles with built-in drawers or cabinets. Aftermarket storage baskets or bins can be added to open shelving areas.

What’s the best console height?

Standard counter height of 30-36 inches suits most spaces. For dining rooms, look for 36-42 inch bar or buffet height. Entryway consoles may be shorter around 26-30 inches.

Should I secure it to the wall?

For safety, it’s best to secure any taller or heavier console to the wall by attaching an included anti-tip kit. This prevents accidental tipping if weight distribution becomes off-balance.

How do I clean wood or metal consoles?

Use a wood polish formula for wood cabinets. Clean metal with mild dish soap and water, then apply a stainless steel shine spray. Dust regularly with a microfiber cloth.

Extra long console cabinets are a sought-after storage solution because of their diverse arrangement of styles, materials and placement options. Their spacious proportions allow fashion and function to beautifully unite. Use the tips above to choose an on-trend console that fits your space and organizational needs.

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