Expert Guide to Choosing 72 Inch Blackout Curtains

For rooms with large windows or tall walls, wider-than-average blackout curtains are essential for controlling light. At 72 inches wide, these oversized blackout curtains can fully cover even the largest windows for complete darkness.

Overview of 72-Inch Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are designed to block outside light for bedrooms and home theaters. But when windows are extra wide, standard width curtains often fall short.

That’s where 72 inch wide blackout curtains come in. Measuring 72 inches across when fully extended, these jumbo-sized blackout curtains are tailored to maximally cover large windows and sliding glass doors.

Benefits of 72-Inch Wide Blackout Curtains

  • Block light more effectively for east or west-facing rooms
  • Improve sleep by eliminating early morning/late day light
  • Softer visual aesthetic when wider curtains fit window better
  • Regulate room temperature by insulating against sunlight

Factors to Consider When Choosing 72″ Blackout Curtains

Here are the key factors to evaluate when shopping for 72″ wide blackout curtains:

72 inch wide blackout curtains
WidthPrecisely fitted to window width to prevent light gaps
QualityDensity and number of blackout fabric layers
Room DirectionEast vs. west-facing rooms have different light control needs

Now let’s explore the different blackout curtain options available at this expanded 72-inch width.

Blackout Curtain Styles & Materials

These days blackout curtains are available in a range of styles and fabrics at 72 inches wide to meet any design needs and block all undesirable light.

Types of Blackout Curtain Styles

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a popular modern blackout curtain constructed with honeycomb-shaped fabric cells that effectively prevent light infiltration.

Key benefits of cellular blackout shades in 72-inch widths include:

  • Superior light-blocking compared to normal curtains
  • Insulating qualities to control room temperature
  • Options like top-down/bottom-up, cordless, motorized

The Select Blinds Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade is a top choice that comes in a 72-inch width. Offering durable polyester construction, flexible adjustability, and a range of color options.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are another variety of blackout shade that roll up and down on a cylinder mechanism. This style is appreciated for its flexible light control.

Benefits of 72 inch wide roller shades:

  • Easy to adjust height to control incoming light
  • More modern, streamlined aesthetic
  • Options for automation & smart connectivity

Panel Curtains

The panel curtain is the classic curtain style, featuring rod pocket tops for hanging on window rods. Modern blackout panel curtains incorporate dense blackout fabric.

Benefits of 72 inch wide blackout panel curtains:

  • Familiar style preferred by many homeowners
  • Often feature triple weave blackout material
  • Custom pairing for extra wide window coverage

Blackout Curtain Fabrics & Materials

From the delicate to the durable and dense, today’s blackout curtains come in a range of fabric materials with varying functional benefits.


Polyester is a popular blackout curtain choice providing an affordable, durable, machine-washable option. Modern poly blends effectively block light while retaining softness and colors staying rich and vibrant.


PVC vinyl blackout curtains offer superior light blocking. The thicker, padded vinyl material prevents any light infiltration. Vinyl blackout curtains also provide sound dampening.


Fiberglass blackout curtains are appreciated for their dense, tightly woven structure that blocks all light. Fiberglass also regulates temperature with insulating properties.

What to Consider When Choosing 72″ Wide Blackout Curtains

Here are the key factors to weigh when evaluating your options for 72″ wide blackout curtains.

Windows & Room Direction

East-facing rooms require blackout curtains that specifically block morning sunlight. Meanwhile, westward rooms benefit from curtains preventing afternoon glare and heat.

Ease of Installation

Look for 72 inch wide curtains and shades designed for hassle-free hanging. Curtains with simple rod pocket tops easily glide onto window rods. Roller shades slide onto standard hardware brackets.

For motorized blackout shades, have an expert handle the wiring and programming for an optimized experience.

Child Safety

Homes with young kids require keeping safety top of mind. When selecting oversized 72 inch blackout curtains, forgo loose cords, ties or loops that pose poteential hazards for curious toddlers. Instead opt for enclosed wand control options.

Top Blackout Curtains 72 Inches Wide

Here are our top recommendations for blackout curtains in 72 inch wide dimensions to truly master bedroom darkness.

[Brand 1] 72″ Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade

This luxuriously silky blackout cellular shade delivers superior light blocking in a wider 72 inch size. Constructed from premium tightly woven polyester with innovative honeycomb structure, [Brand 1] shades insulate against heat and cold.

We love the cordless design that traverses smoothly with just a gentle push or pull. Available in an array of rich colors to complement any decor.

[Brand 2] 72″ Blackout Curtain Panel Set

This affordable panel curtain set comes with two wider 72 inch panels for pairing over large windows. The triple weave blackout-backed curtain incorporates three layers of supremely effective 100% polyester light-blocking fabric.

Choose from 8 beautiful colors from ivory to burgundy. Expertly constructed, dense curtains cascade beautifully while insulating rooms.

Getting a Proper 72-Inch Blackout Curtain Fit

Achieving a properly fitted 72-inch wide blackout curtain is vital for functionality and aesthetic. Follow this advice for ideal coverage and light blocking.

Take Precise Measurements

Carefully measure the exact width and height of your window opening to determine the perfect blackout curtain specifications. Remember to factor in additional depth for desired pooling or gathering on floor.

Calculate Additional Fabric Needs

Certain curtain styles and hanging methods require wider or longer fabric dimensions for an optimal appearance. Factor for the depth and gathering to prevent any peek of light sneaking through gaps.

We hope this guide has shown that upgrading your space with 72 inch wide blackout curtains makes for a transformative sleeping environment and home aesthetic.

The most important takeaway when selecting your blackout curtains is ensuring the size precisely fits your windows for superior light blocking and insulation.

Match the curtain to your room direction; choose safety and make operation easy. Then select from soft and supple fabrics like silk polyester or ultra-dense vinyl and fiberglass. Integrate smart motors if going high-tech. Consider layering different curtain types for multidimensional coverage.

We’re confident that you’ll pick the perfect curtains to fit your lifestyle.

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