Emory Stools Elevate Your Home Bar Setup

A home bar serves as a statement piece as much as an entertainment destination. From bold designs to rustic features, the bar stools lining the countertop play a starring role in that aesthetic vision.

Kincaid Furniture delivers the ideal blend of style and function with the Emory Counter Height Chair. As part of Kincaid’s larger Modern Forge collection, these barstools elevate the room through a clever pairing of natural and industrial elements.

An Overview of Kincaid’s Emory Barstools

The Emory Counter Height Barstool bears the model number 944-690, identifying it as part of the Modern Forge series within Kincaid’s catalog. As the name implies, they stand at typical counter height to slide neatly under overhangs at standard 36 to 42 inches.

Design and Materials

These barstools make a sophisticated statement thanks to the mixed media design. The base consists of Poplar wood, sanded and finished to amplify the natural woodgrain. Accent slats add industrial edge with metal framing around the legs and feet.

The wood base wears Kincaid’s Sandy Brown finish, a versatile neutral that allows the varied textures to shine. The upholstered seat and back provide a cozy spot to relax in organic cotton textiles from Kincaid’s own line.

Modern Meets Rustic

The Emory barstools embody what Kincaid dubs “modern farmhouse” appeal. The wood elements flaunt natural organic shapes with hand-distressed details straight from the rustic playbook. Sleek metallic legs and feet offer satisfying contrast on the base paired with plush upholstery up top.

emory home bar stools

The mix of materials and finishes strikes an enticing balance suitable for a wide range of home bars. The sandy brown finish plays well with black, white, and stained wood color schemes alike. Whether your style leans urban modern or cozy cottage, the Emory stools enhance the vibe.

Why Emory Barstools Are Ideal for Home Bars

Their smart hybrid design makes the Emory stools well-suited for high-traffic home bar settings in several regards.

Comfort Meets Durability

The Emory Counter Height Chairs deliver lasting coziness thanks to plush upholstered seating. Padding folds gently around the back with track arms that feel reassuringly snug. The upholstery withstands real-world wear better than flat wood while the textured base is made to last.

The manufacturer constructs both the frame and base from durable hardwoods like Poplar rather than cheaper plywood alternatives. Though daily life inevitably leaves minor scuffs and marks, the finish resists damage that might compromise structural integrity.

Ideal Height for Standing and Sitting

The Emory barstools stand at the industry standard counter height between 36 and 42 inches. This allows enough knee clearance for taller individuals that may stand and mingle for periods of time. Most kitchen islands and home bars fall within similar height parameters as well.

The chairs slide neatly under overhangs thanks to the perfectly aligned backrest. Whether tucked up to the counter or pulled out for seating, the scale feels ergonomic. The absence of a footer bar allows nearly flush positioning to maximize leg room all while supporting up 275 pounds per stool.

Casual Flexibility for Varied Functions

During festive gatherings, the Emory Counter Height Chairs scatter throughout the party space with flexible ease. Groups casually stand and sit around high tops, pull stools up to the home bar, or create impromptu dining nooks.

The lightweight profile allows guests to freely rearrange seating without scratching floors or grunting from heft. Enhanced maneuverability also aids clean up after events once the last guest wanders off into the night.

Complementary Kincaid Collections

The Emory Counter Height chairs coordinate beautifully with other pieces from the Modern Forge series. Pair them with the matching Lindale Counter Height Dining Table sized perfectly for home bars. The collection also includes Side Chairs, Storage Cabinets, Console Tables, and Accent Stools in the same mixed media style.

Build a Cohesive Look

Outfitting an entire space in Kincaid’s Modern Forge collection transforms the aesthetic completely. Imagine the Emory Counter Height Stools surrounding the Lindale Dining Table and matching Side Chairs. Flank that furniture grouping with the Two-Door Storage Cabinet and Modern Media Console table.

The coordinated elements unite through shared sandy brown finish tones and mixed media materials. Metallic accents reflect from end to end like jewelry tying disparate outfits together. The communal style creates visual impact guaranteed to impress guests.

Where to Purchase the Emory Counter Height Chairs

Kincaid retailers across the United States carry the Modern Forge series including the Emory Barstools. Many locations offer custom upholstery options to tailor the build to your personal style. Be sure to check manufacturer approved listings for authorized Kincaid dealers near you.

Local Furniture Stores

Shopping for furniture remains a tactile experience for many despite the rise of online retailers. Thankfully, the Emory Counter Height chairs land on sales floors at brick-and-mortar vendors across the country.

Based on our research, buyers in Decatur, Alabama can head to Shumake Furniture to see models on display. Those farther west can visit Abide Furniture’s Springdale and Fayetteville showrooms in Arkansas.

Online Furniture Marketplaces

For added convenience, several digital platforms host Kincaid collections from various authorized dealers. Searching by the specific product name and model number will yield the widest selection of Emory Counter Height chairs.

Major marketplaces like Wayfair and Overstock offer free shipping on select Kincaid pieces. Focusing purchases through the manufacturer’s site or approved dealer storefronts ensures models ship directly from the source.

Kincaid Furniture undoubtedly sparks inspiration through the mixed media Emory Counter Height Stools and matching Modern Forge collections. The sandy brown finish and smart scale earn our glowing recommendation for home bars and kitchen islands alike.

Their comforting upholstered seats promise hours of relaxed mingling without sacrificing an ounce of style. Group a set of four around your home bar or counter height table to elevate the space with cohesive modern farmhouse swagger.

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