Embrace the Cozy Orange Undertones of Southern Breeze Paint

Looking to infuse your home with warmth and brightness? Consider embracing the cozy orange undertones of Southern Breeze paint for your next interior design project. This versatile neutral paint color from PPG Paints can help you craft a tranquil yet subtly vibrant color palette.

As part of PPG Paints’ popular neutral color family, Southern Breeze features a warm orange undertone that gives it a cozy feel. But with a light reflective value (LRV) of 74, it also imparts airiness and illumination. Light colors like Southern Breeze effectively hide minor flaws and imperfections on painted surfaces, making rooms appear smooth and flawless.

Details About the Color Profile of Southern Breeze

Southern Breeze falls under the neutral color family, but its orangey undertone gives it a warm, inviting character. The specific RGB values for Southern Breeze are 228, 223, 209. When representing the color digitally, these red, green and blue mixes result in the bright yet muted orange-influenced neutral shade.

For printed applications, Southern Breeze is defined in the CMYK color model using the following percentages: 0% cyan, 2.2% magenta, 8.8% yellow, 10.6% black. The interplay of these cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks produces the distinctive Southern Breeze hue in print formats.

southern breeze paint color

Recommended Rooms for Soothing Southern Breeze

The warm neutral aspects of Southern Breeze make it an excellent paint color option for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. It can create an environment that is relaxing and conducive to conversation and connection.

In living spaces like family rooms or dens, Southern Breeze exudes an energy that is uplifting yet calming. The cozy orange tones promote leisure and relaxation amidst the busyness of everyday life.

Dining rooms painted in Southern Breeze have an inviting ambiance perfect for bringing people together at mealtimes. The color has a mouthwatering quality that stimulates the appetite.

For bedrooms, Southern Breeze sets the stage for tranquility and rejuvenation. The soft orange glow contributes to a peaceful vibe that allows your body and mind to rest.

Notable Features and Benefits of Southern Breeze Paint

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Southern Breeze offers several advantageous features and benefits as a premium interior paint formula.

With a light reflective value of 74, Southern Breeze effectively minimizes the appearance of minor imperfections and flaws on painted wall surfaces. The light-scattering qualities help walls look smooth and continuous.

Southern Breeze provides excellent durability and coverage. The quality paint formula delivers reliable performance across many different applications and conditions.

The fast-drying paint enables quick recoating so you can achieve your desired color depth efficiently. The low odor and emissions also make Southern Breeze easy to work with.

Complementary Color Combinations

If you want to integrate Southern Breeze into a complete color scheme, consider pairing it with shades like:

  • Deep blues or greens to create a bold yet balanced contrast
  • Crisp whites or warm beiges for an airy, inviting look
  • Muted grays or taupes for a soothing, neutral aesthetic

Surrounding Southern Breeze with analogous hues like corals, terra cottas, or mustard yellows can help accentuate and tie together its orangey essence. For fun pops of color, bring in azure blues, jewel tones, or even energizing chartreuses.

Application Tips and Recommended Tools

Proper preparation and tools are key when applying Southern Breeze paint:

  • Clean surfaces thoroughly and sand glossy areas to ensure proper adhesion
  • Primer helps seal porous substrates and improve coverage
  • Angled sash brushes efficiently cut into corners and trim
  • High-quality rollers distribute paint smoothly across large surfaces

Take care when edging and cutting in paint near ceilings, baseboards, and trim. A steady hand and painters tape help create clean defined lines.

For a flawless finish, apply two coats allowing proper drying time between coats. Clean up spills or drips promptly using a damp cloth.

Where to Buy Southern Breeze Paint

Southern Breeze paint is available for purchase through top retailers including:

  • PPG Paints – Starting at $6.99 per gallon with Color Club membership
  • Home Depot – Various sample sizes and quantities available
  • Sherwin-Williams – Shop online or in store
  • Samplize – Peel-and-stick paint swatches for $6.99

Compare prices across retailers to find the best deals. Don’t forget to utilize any available discounts, coupons or rebates to maximize your savings.

Order samples like Samplize’s convenient peel-and-stick swatches to preview how the color will look before committing to full gallons. Many retailers allow easy online ordering with in-store or curbside pickup.

Southern Breeze has a warm orange and neutral aesthetic that can be used to make your living spaces more cozy. The versatile paint color works well in a variety of rooms and can be paired with complementary hues to create a custom color scheme. Consider embracing the unique features and benefits of Southern Breeze for your next interior paint project.

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