Durable Rugs for Indoors and Outdoors—Exclusively at Sam’s Club

When designing an outdoor living space or selecting rugs for high-traffic areas inside the home, durability is a top priority. Ordinary rugs simply won’t withstand the demands of messy kids and pets, patio furniture, seasonal weather, and heavy foot traffic.

That’s why Sam’s Club offers a spectacular selection of indoor/outdoor rugs constructed to take on the rigors of daily use. Made from synthetic materials like fade and weather-resistant nylon or mold-resistant polypropylene, these all-weather rugs stand the test of time while adding vibrant style to your indoor and outdoor rooms.

Sam’s Club Selection of All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Top Brands Available

Sam’s Club carries indoor/outdoor rugs from leading brands known for their durability and craftsmanship. Top names include luxury rug maker Safavieh , which uses only the finest fibers and materials. There’s also rugs from Nicole Miller New York , integrating lively patterns and brilliant colors into weather-resistant constructions.

Material and Construction

Rugs meant for outdoor spaces need to stand up to sun, rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations. Sam’s Club rugs feature synthetic materials like nylon , polypropylene , and polyester in their construction. Unlike natural fibers, these petroleum-based options resist mold, mildew, and fading while maintaining vivid colors and structural integrity.

Their tight, woven constructions prevent moisture and debris from seeping into the rug backing or sub-surface below. And without loose knots or braids, they discourage pest infestations. With thoughtful material and design choices, Sam’s Club ensures exceptional performance for the price.


Available rug sizes range from 3′ x 5′ up to 8′ x 10′ to suit small accent spaces or span the full scope of your deck or patio. While standard dimensions allow easy coordination with existing furniture, custom size orders are also available by special request.

sams indoor outdoor rugs

Patterns and Designs

The expansive Sam’s Club rug collection serves looks ranging from classic stripes and trellis patterns to global Moroccan tiles and distressed vintage Persian designs. Available in both muted neutral palettes and vivid bursts of color, the stylistic variety provides limitless decorating potential. Whether your style leans traditional or exotic modern, there’s a patterned fit.

Prices and Affordability

As a membership warehouse focused on oversized bulk quantities and wholesale pricing, Sam’s Club offers unbeatable savings on home goods. Their indoor/outdoor rugs start around $100 for smaller accent sizes yet high-quality construction still comes standard. For large sectionals measuring 8′ x 10′, prices average under $200 – nearly 50% less than comparable options.

Ratings and Reviews

Consistently earning 4+ star ratings, customers rave about the true-to-life colors, supple textures, and noticeable durability holding up beautifully against rambunctious pets and unpredictable weather over multiple seasons.

Why Sam’s Club Rugs Work Indoors

Stand Up to High Traffic Areas

While outdoor durability makes these rugs suitable for covered porches and patios, the same resilience also suits them for heavy-use areas inside the home. Made from dense nylon or mold-resistant polypropylene fiber, they stand up to constant footsteps without showing wear and tear.

Spills and accidents wipe clean without sticky residue or stubborn stains taking hold in the tight, flatweave construction. Best yet, vibrant dyes lock in and resist fading even after repeat exposure to direct sunlight and cleaning chemicals. Wherever messes and chaos congregate, these carefree rugs withstand the daily grind.

Ideal for Homes with Pets

Between muddy paws, accidental bathroom incidents, and even petite nibbles on tassels and fraying corners, pets can be hard on home furnishings. But Sam’s Club’s selection of indoor/outdoor rugs was designed to handle such antics in stride.

The synthetic materials simply don’t absorb liquids or odors, and most spills can be quickly rinsed off with just soap and water. With no loose threads or braids, there’s less risk of wide-scale damage should an overzealous pup take interest. Best yet, the durable constructions, which lay flat without shifting or bunching, provide a steady surface supporting aging animals with limited mobility or vision impairment.

Perfect for Kids’ Rooms

In nurseries, playrooms, and bedrooms, fingerprints and spills accumulate at remarkable rates! But with regular toy disinfecting and prompt mess wiping, kid-friendly indoor/outdoor rugs take the turmoil and keep going strong with vibrant style intact.

Durable enough for rambunctious play yet soft and padded enough for cozy nap spots, these versatile rugs keep youngsters comfortable. When selecting patterns and palette, opt for lighter hues over deeper shades to help limit the visibility of stains as they inevitably occur.

Complement Any Decor

sams indoor outdoor rugs blend beautifully into any design plan or color palette thanks to the tremendous variety of available sizes, shapes, and patterns. Choose a trellis-work style for breezy patio vibes then repeat inside the entryway to reinforce the coastal personality throughout.

For contemporary spaces, abstract shapes and globally-inspired patterns interject bohemian character. Lean fully modern with graphic black and white Buffalo check prints suited for bold complements. No matter the aesthetic goal, there’s a durable rug primed for harmonious integration.

Built for Outdoor Use

Weather and Element Resistant

While all rugs invite cozy comfort, outdoor rugs need added fortification against the ravaging effects of sun, rain, wind, and dirt. Sam’s Club outdoor rugs check all the boxes.

Synthetic fibers like solution-dyed polypropylene and UV-stabilized nylon retain vibrancy and structure against harsh ultraviolet rays. Permeable constructions allow ventilation and drainage while locking out moisture damage. Backside treatments like rubber, latex, and thermoplastic coatings grip surfaces below preventing slippage, folding, and rippling from gusty conditions.

Easy Maintenance

When dust and pollen settle into the fibers, a quick shake out or hose-down rinses debris away without harming the color or quality. For more thorough periodic cleaning, some styles even allow complete submersion for soap scrubbing. With mold, mildew, and fade resistance, you’ll enjoy low-maintenance beauty for years.

Multifunctional Spaces

Take the party outside! Sam’s Club outdoor rugs craft inviting spaces for meals al fresco on the patio, afternoon cocktails around the fire pit, backyard barbeques, or just admiring the gardens. The right rug pulls disparate elements together, defining the purpose while protecting vulnerable surfaces below from scratches and stains.

Around pools, rugs add cozy zones for loungers and towels while prohibiting slippery wet feet on hot pavers. To prevent shifting, select heavier styles and proper size. Large 8’x10′ rugs anchor spacious seating arrangements. For hard-working utility, 2’x 3′ mats corral messes at grill stations.

Style Your Porch or Patio

Bring Vibrancy to Neutral Palettes

Outdoor living typically centers around neutral foundation pieces like wicker sofa sets, weatherproof cabinets, and wood-look porcelain tile flooring. While chic and timeless, this establishes a blank canvas crying for color and visual interest.

By layering vibrantly-hued rugs into the mix, suddenly the space transforms into a festive retreat brimming with cheer and personality. Safavieh’s rainbow-dotted Bodrum Collection packs a playful punch or their Fontaine medallion trellis patterns interject organic depth. The decorative opportunities stretch as far as the imagination allows!

Define and Designate Functional Zones

Strategically defining spaces within a broad patio or expansively paved area allows intimate experiences in even the most cavernous outdoor rooms. Use rug sizes, shapes, and groupings to carve out purposeful vignettes.

A square safari sunset print rug beneath a bistro table for two sets the stage for romantic evening dinners. Adjacent, an oversized play rug topped with outdoor toy bins creates a youth activity zone. Near the home’s rear entry, a runner rug guides guests from parked cars to the patio area while collecting shoes and wiping feet.

Pull Together Your Existing Pieces

When designing a cohesive look outdoors, it’s important to reinforce color stories and patterns among furnishing pieces. Sam’s Club offers such tremendous variety; you’re guaranteed to find the perfect coordinating accent rug.

If your patio set features navy blue cushions, seek out a rug with similar navy accents blended into lively floral motifs. The subtle color bridge pulls the arrangement together. For metal furniture, introduce grounding warmth with earthy reds and nutty browns amplified in global geometric patterns.

Beautiful indoor/outdoor rugs withstand the demands of real life while infusing stylish personality into lived-in spaces. At Sam’s Club, the expansive collection offers stunning designer looks crafted from durable, weather-resistant synthetics built to last.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality with the retailer’s value pricing. Refresh your indoor living areas and outdoor rooms with the custom colors, patterns, and textures you love most while avoiding large price tags and constant replacement cycles. Enjoy 5-star hotel style paired with long-lasting durability – exclusively at Sam’s Club.

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