Door Mats with Funny Sayings Add Personality to Your Entryway

Do you want to make a memorable first impression on guests the moment they step up to your home’s entryway? Consider laying down a stylish, functional doormat displaying a humorous or uplifting phrase. These door mats with funny sayings inject lighthearted personality into spaces while serving practical purposes too.

Let’s explore the assortment of designs, materials, customized sayings, placement tips, and decor inspiration around doormats with messages. We’ll cover how they liven up spaces with their touch of humor and visual flair. Read on to learn why homes can benefit from installing one of these conversational pieces at your doorway.

Types of Door Mats Featuring Sayings

You can find door mats showcasing funny quotes, movie lines, or silly commands in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit your entryway needs.

Standard Rectangular Doormats

The most common shape, rectangular mats come in dimensions like 18×30 inches up to 36×60 inches. Made of twisting coconut coir fibers or sturdy rubber, they handle muddy shoes traipsing over them daily. Their elongated shape makes them suitable for most standard front doors and entryways.

Half-Moon or Crescent-Shaped Designs

For arched entryways, a half-moon doormat curves elegantly while protecting your floors. Often backed with waterproof vinyl, the PVC frame grips smoothly without shifting. The rounded edges complement spaces with similar architectural details.

Specialty Shapes and Sizes

Doormats can be customized to nearly any shape for delightfully distinctive spaces. Heart-shaped mats send loving vibes to guests. Circular mats contain mess in round foyers. Even mats designed especially for RVs easily personalized with phrases exist. Measure your area’s dimensions for the best fit.

Popular Sayings and Phrases

When deciding what words you want greeting visitors underfoot, lean into humor or opt for genuine welcome messages.

Sarcastic and Humorous

If you appreciate quirky or sassy humor, displays like “Go Away” fancily scripted give guests a tongue-in-cheek surprise. Or try playing off common “No Soliciting” signs by substituting funny warnings, inviting people to “Come Back with a Warrant”.

door mats with sayings

Friendly Greetings

Warmly usher visitors in with classic “Hello” and “Welcome” messages in eye-catching fonts. For deeper meaning, browse inspiring quotes from favorite books, movies or songs celebrating the comforts of home.

Inspiring and Positive

Send visitors off on the right foot with uplifting blessings for all who cross over your threshold. Religious themed designs remind you “This is a House of Prayer”. Even simple “Home Sweet Home” expressions reinforce cherished family bonds.

Choosing the Best Materials

High-quality substances withstand everyday wear from shuffling feet long-term in harsh outdoor conditions.

Natural Coir Fiber

Eco-friendly doormats woven from coconut husks effectively trap dirt, mud, and moisture. The tightly bound structure resists mold or mildew while biodegrading without toxins when disposed later.

Durable Vinyl Backings

Waterproof PVC frames reinforce shape, providing added stability on floors prone to high traffic volume. Simply hosing down or power washing restores vinyl backed mats to like-new condition.

Rubberized Backing

For indoor spaces, rubber backed mats flex comfortably underfoot, molding nicely over uneven surfaces rather than sliding. Dense shock-absorbing rubber also insulates against temperature changes from doorway drafts.

Displaying Your Doormat

To fully showcase your new doormat, consider optimal placement and creative complementary decor.

Selecting an Entry Area

Take measurements to pick ideal dimensions suiting main front doors, side or back entryways, garage access points or apartment foyers. For balconies, patios and porches measure widths accounting for sliding door or pet door clearances.

Placement Tips

Angle mats parallel along pathways visitors naturally follow walking up to ring bells or enter codes, covering maximum surface area. Check positioning flatly without obstructing door swings or posing safety hazards.

Decorating and Coordinating

Visually extend your doormat’s presence by echoing colors in surrounding features like front door paint, decorative flower pots or wreaths. Allow contrasting textures from complementary elements to shine by keeping mat patterns simple.

Welcoming spaces make lasting positive first impressions on guests. Doormats displaying lighthearted phrases humorously enhance entryways between outside and within. Made durable against elements, they corral messes, preserving interiors beautifully. Sprinkle in customization opportunities with meaningful quotes personally resonating as reminders what makes a house whole. Discover an easy upgrade reinvigorating moods coming and going across the threshold daily.

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