Design Tricks to Make Wood Framed Mirrors a Bathroom Focal Point

Wood framed mirrors have become an increasingly popular focal point in contemporary bathroom designs. Strategically positioned above furniture or backsplashes, wood framed mirrors can add warmth and texture to balance sleek or neutral spaces. With an array of frame finishes and statement-making shapes to choose from, wood mirrors make for an eye-catching decorative accent. Read on for expert design tricks that will help your beautiful wood framed mirror steal the show in your bathroom.

Choosing the Right Wood Frame

Not all wood framed mirrors are created equal. The first step to making your mirror a showstopper is selecting a wood frame that aligns with your bathroom’s overall aesthetic and design scheme. Carefully consider the frame’s sturdiness, style and finish to find the perfect fit.

Wood Types for Bathroom Mirrors

When selecting a wood framed mirror for humid bathroom environments, moisture-resistant hardwoods are best. Teak, oak, maple and ash wood mirror frames are less prone to warping and cracking overtime. On the other hand, softer woods can become damaged or warped. The wood grain patterns of oak and maple also help conceal age lines and scratches.

Frame Style & Width Options

Wood framed mirrors are available in a spectrum of widths to suit both dainty and grand decorative statements. Thin frames less than 1 inch wide have a lightweight, modern feel perfect for contemporary bathrooms. For traditional bathrooms, make more of an impact with frame widths over 2 inches wide. Frame shape is another area to get creative – unexpected asymmetrical, arched and oval wood frames draw the eye.

Finishes & Stains to Consider

Wood frames’ finishes or stains offer almost endless possibilities to customize your mirror to your bathroom’s look and feel. Neutral cream paint colors help the frame blend seamlessly into shabby chic spaces, while a rich walnut stain makes the frame a prominent focal point against white marble. For a coordinated effect, choose a frame finish that matches other wood finishes in the space, whether it’s wood shelving, cabinets or hardwood floor staining.

bathroom mirrors wooden frames

Strategic Positioning Tips

Where and how you mount your wood framed mirror is almost as crucial as the frame itself. Use these professional tips on placement, lighting and unconventional styling to ensure your mirror captures attention.

Placement Guidelines

Mount wood framed mirrors thoughtfully throughout the bathroom. Align horizontally above double sinks for symmetry or position vertically between sconces or artwork. Place directly over a wall tile backsplash to complement the materials. Freestanding full length mirrors tucked in a corner work nicely to open up small bathrooms. For a coordinated look, group multiple wood framed mirrors together in a gallery wall style arrangement over the vanity.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting Ideas

Proper bathroom lighting ensures wood details on the mirror frame pop. A basic overhead ceiling fixture typically isn’t enough. Consider backlighting the mirror itself with built-in LED bulbs or positioning sconces or vanity lighting to cast light directly on the frame. For extra ambiance, use directional bulbs to solely illuminate the mirror frame rather than functional task lighting.

Design Tricks for Drawing Attention

Implement these clever design tricks if your wood framed mirror needs a little something extra to stand out. An unexpected shape like an oval, arched or asymmetrical cut instantly pulls focus. Next, paint the frame in a bold contrasting color you won’t find elsewhere in the space – deep green and navy blue work well. Finally, incorporate decorative attachments onto the mirror itself. Floating corner shelves, especially with flora accents, add charming visual interest.

Completing the Look with Decor

Well-chosen accents and greenery near the mirror carry through the wood finish and further establish it as a statement piece. Bring together a cohesive look with artwork, accessories and plants with complementary warm, natural style.

Accent Pieces for Wood Framed Mirrors

Wood framed artwork and photos styled creatively around the mirror emphasize the focal point. Floating corner shelves that match the frame finish provide space for decorative objects, stacks of folded towels or candle holders. Natural fiber baskets, ceramic vases or rattan bins work nicely for storing bathroom essentials and introducing contrasting textures.

Bathroom Plants to Complement Wood

Leafy green and lush trailing plants like pothos or philodendron mirror the beautiful imperfections in wood grain. For lower maintenance, succulents, air plants and cacti also mimic woodsy textures. Use hanging macrame plant holders and natural wood or rattan planter boxes to display them. Position taller statement plants like fiddle leaf fig trees in one corner to bracket wood framed mirrors between greenery.

The Importance of Proper Care & Maintenance

While mesmerizing when new, wood framed bathroom mirrors require attentive care and maintenance to uphold their beauty long-term in humid environments. As the organic materials interact with moisture, potential damage like warping, mold growth, erosion of finishes and loose joinery can occur if not properly cared for.

Create a regular routine to gently dust wood framed mirrors using a soft microfiber cloth to clear away bathroom grime and water residue. Every few months, thoroughly clean the frame using a wood polish/conditioner formulated for bathrooms. Avoid using harsh cleansers or abrasive brushes/sponges on the delicate frame.

Ensure wood framed bathroom mirrors have adequate airflow space around them. Immediately wipe away sprinkles of water or condensation to prevent lengthy saturated contact with the frame. For an added protective barrier, apply matte polyurethane sealants to wood finishing 2-3 times per year.

The Versatility of Wood Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Beyond being inherently stunning, wood framed mirrors reveal the true workhorse of the bathroom mirror world. Available in a spectrum of shapes, sizes, woods and finishes, they uniquely complement virtually any design style. For contemporary leanings, thin-framed rustic mirrors create an organic contrast. In traditional spaces, chunky carved frames match other ornate fittings and mouldings.

The versatility also applies to wood species and stains. Light maple or birch wood frames with natural finishes brighten up dark moody bathrooms. Darker mahogany and walnut mirrors make luxe statements in all-white pristine bathrooms. Custom stains in on-trend colors like navy blue and forest green generate an encasing color pop.

Frame your existing mirror or opt for a replacement mirror with an integrated wood frame. Factor in wood durability needs and sustainability when selecting materials and finishes. With proper positioning and coordinating accents, there’s no limit to the visual intrigue a wood framed mirror brings.

A gorgeous wood framed mirror offers far more than functional reflection. Strategically hung above key areas and illuminated to accentuate natural wood grains, it easily steals the show as a bathroom’s focal point. Completing the look with textural greenery and decor creates an inviting, spa-like space for relaxing and rejuvenating.

Implement these expert tips when mounting your beloved wood framed mirror or selecting a new one. Take care to regularly maintain the frame’s finish to uphold its striking presence as moisture and grime’s biggest threat. An occasional wipe-down and reapplication of protective sealants helps preserve its integrity. With the right considerations for shape, size, style and positioning, a wood framed mirror infuses warmth and organic texture into any bathroom design scheme.

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