Dehumidify Any Bathroom Under 150 Sq Ft

High humidity lurking in your tiny, unvented bathroom? Don’t let lingering moisture ruin your fixtures or spur mold growth. Thankfully, compact yet powerful dehumidifiers specially designed for confined bathrooms can tackle excess humidity head-on.

Compared to bulky industrial dehumidifiers, mini bathroom units efficiently remove moisture without gobbling up valuable floorspace. And they’re much easier to set up than loud exhaust fans requiring professional installation. Let’s explore why a pint-sized dehumidifier is a great solution for keeping humidity under control in modest bathrooms.

What Size & Type of Dehumidifier Works Best?

For bathrooms less than 150 square feet, you’ll want to choose a portable dehumidifier no larger than a small suitcase on wheels. Full-size dehumidifiers are overkill for tiny rooms and bathing spaces.

dehumidifier for bathroom without vent

Instead, look for compact yet powerful devices specifically designed for smaller bathrooms that can extract around 10 to 20 pints of moisture per day.

Key Features to Look For

  • Removable water tanks around 1 gallon capacity
  • Automatic humidity control through a built-in humidistat
  • Quiet operation under 50 decibels
  • Mold prevention technologies
  • Auto shut off when full and tip over protection

These specialized features tailor dehumidifiers to maintain humidity levels between 30-50% even in confined and steamy bathroom spaces.

Tips For Placement

Where you place your bathroom dehumidifier can impact its efficiency. Follow these simple placement tips:

Central Area Near Moisture

Put the dehumidifier in a central bathroom location within range of the key moisture generators like showers and sinks. This allows it to readily capture humid air.

Away From Contamination

Avoid placing the dehumidifier right next to toilets which can generate splashes and leaks leading to device contamination.

Raised Off The Floor

Choose a flat surface like a countertop or vanity to allow maximum airflow around and underneath the unit.

Near A Power Source

Dehumidifiers run most efficiently when continuously powered rather than starting and stopping. So make sure there is an outlet handy to keep it always on.

Customizing For Your Comfort

Use the built-in humidistat to your target bathroom humidity to a range between 30-50%. The right setting depends on factors like climate, shower usage, and personal comfort. Expect to empty the tank more often at lower, drier humidity settings.

30-40% HumidityIdeal to prevent mold growth but requires frequent water tank emptying
40-50% HumidityDelivers a comfortable balance for most climates and usage
50-60% HumidityMay still feel unpleasantly moist; only use for very dry regions

Maintenance Musts

While dehumidifiers largely run themselves with minimal input, don’t neglect completing basic care tasks that keep them functioning at peak performance.

Filter Changes Every 2-3 Months

Replace filters regularly so the dehumidifier can keep breathing freely. Clogged filters choke airflow. Mark your calendar to remember.

Clean Unit With Vinegar Every 6-8 Weeks

Damp conditions can allow mold to accumulate inside the machine. Make a solution of half water, half plain white distilled vinegar to clean it.

Empty Water Tank Daily

Depending on your settings and room size, the collection tank may fill with condensation every day or two. Empty it before it hits capacity so the unit doesn’t shut off.

Weighing Pros & Cons Next to Exhaust Fans

While ceiling-mounted exhaust fans are also commonly used to manage steam and moisture in bathrooms, they have some downsides compared to dehumidifiers.

Exhaust Fan Cons

  • Higher upfront installation cost
  • Fan noise can be bothersome
  • Limited humidity control

Whereas with a dehumidifier you get:

Dehumidifier Pros

  • Lower initial purchase cost
  • Precise humidity control
  • Continues working during power outages

For smaller bathrooms a dehumidifier often provides an easier, cheaper humidity solution than exhaust fans requiring professional installation and wiring.

Don’t let oppressive moisture and mold risks linger in your modest-sized bathroom just because it lacks a vent fan. An energy-efficient dehumidifier designed specifically to eliminate humidity in confined bathroom spaces is an simple solution.

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