Decorative Treads That Bring Your Outdoor Stairs to the Next Level

Outdoor staircases can be both beautiful design elements and high-traffic areas, subject to the dangers of weather damage and slip hazards. Upgrading to decorative treads is an easy way to add aesthetic appeal while preventing falls and injuries.

With the right decorative outdoor stair treads, you can completely transform the look and safety of your exterior stairs. Available in a range of materials, colors, and designs, today’s decorative treads allow homeowners to match their unique style. Best of all, these treads can be installed as an easy do-it-yourself project.

Prevent Slips and Falls on Wet and Slippery Stairs

Outdoor stairs see a lot of wear and tear from heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements. This can lead to a slippery surface, especially during and after wet weather. Decorative rubber or textured treads create grip and traction to give stability underfoot.

Proper traction becomes extremely important on outdoor steps and landings without railings. Sturdy decorative treads can mean the difference between a steady walk and taking a dangerous tumble down the stairs.

For children, seniors, and those with mobility issues, poor traction poses an even greater risk of falling and getting injured. Enhancing stair safety helps reduce the risk of liability injuries.

decorative outdoor stair treads

Hazards Posed by Slippery Outdoor Stairs

  • Increased risk of falls and injuries
  • Liability concerns if stairs are unsafe for tenants, guests, customers, etc.
  • Difficulty walking up/down stairs for elderly, disabled, or mobility impaired
  • Lack of stability can cause slips even when stairs are only slightly wet

Benefits of Added Traction from Decorative Treads

  • Prevent slips and falls in wet weather
  • Ensure secure footing for all stair users
  • Reduce risk of serious injuries from falls
  • Increase overall stair and entryway safety

Material Options Balancing Safety, Durability and Style

Today’s decorative treads come in a range of durable materials that provide enhanced traction and match your home’s look.

Heavy duty rubber is a top choice for high-traffic exterior stairs. The flexibility and texture grab feet to prevent slips. Mats made of textured neoprene rubber offer an alternative slip-resistant material.

Recycled rubber from tires creates an eco-friendly option. These treads offer great traction and cushioning. For a bold look, opt for vibrantly colored composite plastics made to mimic materials like wood, tile, and stone.

Compare material properties like weather resistance, durability, and texture. The right ones will provide both embellishment and safety for years to come.

MaterialDurabilityTraction LevelStyle Options
RubberHighly durableExcellent gripVarious textures and colors
Neoprene RubberLong-lastingAnti-slipRange of hues and patterns
Recycled RubberWithstands weatherCushioned tractionBlack speckled look
Plastic CompositesProne to fadingTextured for gripWood, tile, and stone looks

Designs Tailored to Your Unique Taste

Why settle for boring when you can make a statement? Decorative stair treads now offer looks ranging from subtle to bold.

For a coordinated look, select treads in colors that match or accent your home’s exterior color scheme. Or make the stairs a focal point with vividly contrasting hues.

Choose from any pattern that fits your fancy, like florals, geometrics, or abstract prints. Mimic high-end building materials with treads sporting faux wood, stone, and tile finishes.

For personal flair, add a monogram, your family name, or company logo. Pick a trendy terrazzo design or decorate for the season with holiday themes.

Let your creative spirit run wild designing stairs that become an extension of your unique personality and style.

Stair Tread Design Options

  • Colors matching your home
  • Vibrant, contrasting colors
  • Subtle and bold patterns
  • Faux wood, stone, and tile
  • Monograms and custom text
  • Seasonal and holiday themes

Customization for a Perfect Fit

To save time and hassle, opt for pre-cut tread sizes made to fit standard stair dimensions. Or splurge on custom-measured treads tailored to your exact stair width and depth for seamless installation.

Personalize your new treads with custom graphics, monograms, or company logos applied during manufacturing. For ultimate personalization, choose eco-friendly materials like bamboo or recycled rubber.

Work with designers to create one-of-a-kind treads no one else has. Customization ensures safety, longevity, and design uniqueness.

Custom Stair Tread Options

  • Precise sizing for perfect fit
  • Personalized text and images
  • Unique eco-friendly materials
  • Completely custom designs

Hassle-Free DIY Installation

Installing decorative stair treads is a DIY project nearly anyone can tackle. Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the stairs to prep the surface.

Use a tape measure to find the tread length and depth needed. Buy pre-cut sizes or order custom dimensions for an exact match. Use exterior-grade adhesive to attach the treads to the underlying steps.

Press down firmly when positioning the tread to prevent air bubbles. Follow all adhesive instructions for proper curing times. The result is dramatically improved outdoor stairs in just an afternoon.

Tips for Quick and Proper Installation

  • Measure carefully for a perfect fit
  • Use exterior-grade adhesive for durability
  • Press treads firmly into place
  • Allow proper adhesive curing time

An Affordable Safety and Style Upgrade

Decorative stair treads offer big improvements in both form and function without breaking the bank. Prices vary based on the material, size, and design complexity selected.

Standard size rubber treads cost just $20-60 per step. Custom options in specialized materials can reach $200 or more per tread. Consider it a worthwhile investment to prevent injuries and boost curb appeal.

Shop online or visit local flooring and hardware stores to compare options. With the right choice, you can save money and end up with an outdoor staircase you love.

Cost Considerations

  • Standard treads $20-60 per step
  • Larger custom treads $70-200 per step
  • Specialized materials cost more
  • Compared to redoing stairs, very affordable

Outdoor stair treads present the perfect opportunity to combine form and function. The right decorative treads can significantly reduce your risk of slip and falls while giving your entryway a much-needed style boost.

With custom colors and designs now available, you can easily find options tailored specifically to complement your home’s unique look. And installing these treads requires minimal time and effort while making a dramatic improvement.

Give your outdoor stairs the safety, charm, and wow-factor they deserve with decorative treads suited to your personal taste.

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