Decorating with Teal? Here are the Best Color Combinations

Teal is one of our favorite colors to use in home decor. This medium blue-green hue is versatile, calming, and ultra-refreshing. But like any bold color, it can be tricky to decorate with. What are the best color combinations that allow teal to shine?

We’ll cover classic color schemes like teal with white and navy blue. But we’ll also share unique pairings that give teal a modern edge, like peach, gold, and terra cotta. By the end, you’ll have lots of inspiration for decorating stylishly with this jewel-toned stunner.

Understanding Teal

Before diving into color pairings, let’s explore what defines teal. This medium-toned blue-green sits between the cool tranquility of blue and the refreshing vibrancy of green. With a hex code of #008080, true teal combines equal parts blue and green pigments.

The name comes from the common teal bird which sports vibrant teal feathers. In decor, teal takes on a jewel-like quality – more saturated than mint but lighter than navy. Depending on lighting and adjacent colors, teal can read as either cool or warm.

No matter the shade, teal evokes feelings of renewal, relaxation, and harmony. Use it to create a peaceful retreat, an uplifting space, or one with an elegant, luxurious vibe. Teal works in modern, traditional, beachy, and eclectic rooms.

Different Shades of Teal

Teal has depth and dimension across its tonal range. Light teal has an airy, ethereal look. Dark teal feels richer and more sophisticated. For decor, some popular shades include:

  • Seafoam: Very pale, almost minty green-blue
  • Duck Egg: Soft, peaceful blue-green
  • Peacock: Vibrant mid-tone teal
  • Deep Sea: Darker, inky teal

Varying teal intensities and undertones allows for diverse color pairings. Now let’s explore fantastic combinations for decorating with this versatile hue.

color that goes with teal

Monochromatic Teal Palettes

One effortless way to decorate with teal is to use it alone in a monochromatic scheme. This coordinated look employs different tints, tones, and shades of one color. Monochrome teal palettes have a soothing, Zen-like quality.

Try seafoam walls with windows dressed in peacock drapes. Ground the soft colors with inky teal velvet pillows and ceramic pieces. The variation in shade and texture creates interest and depth.

Tips for Monochrome Teal

  • Use light teal on larger surfaces like walls; save deeper teals for accents
  • Add lamps, rugs, pillows and throws in contrasting teal tones
  • Incorporate different teal hues in artwork and decorative objects

With calming repetition of a single color, monochrome teal imparts relaxation. Next, we’ll liven things up with bold color contrasts.

Teal and White or Cream

No color combination is more timeless than blue and white. The nautical flair gained popularity in New England beach homes. Today, teal and white or cream has widespread appeal.

White represents purity and clarity. It illuminates and opens up smaller spaces. With teal’s cool tones, white has a clean, refreshing effect. To soften the contrast, pair teal with warm ivory or cream instead.

Tips for Teal and White

  • Bright white walls make teal decor pop
  • Add white framed mirrors or artwork to teal rooms
  • Incorporate teal and white decorative pieces like vases

Crisp teal and white creates an energetic, vibrant look. Next up, meet teal’s bold complementary color.

Teal and Coral or Peach

What color best complements teal? Coral is a spot-on match. These two colors are direct complements on the color wheel, creating maximum contrast. When paired, their intensities balance into harmony.

Coral enlivens teal with its warm, festive personality. Together they conjure images of ocean reefs teaming with aquatic life. Use coral art, pillows, or accents to inject fun energy into tranquil teal rooms.

Tips for Teal and Coral

  • Paint a teal accent wall behind a coral bed
  • Display coral sculptures or vases on teal shelving
  • Add pops of coral to teal office spaces

For a softer look, try peach instead. This muted orange brings out teal’s sophistication. Whether vivid or subdued, orange is teal’s perfect color partner.

Teal and Navy Blue

Navy is another classic pairing for rich teal tones. These two blues combine to create a polished, upscale look. Navy also adds subtle contrast, allowing teal’s unique green undertones to shine.

Use navy dining chairs around a glossy teal table, or pair a navy sofa with teal and ivory striped pillows. Navy grounds teal’s vibrancy with sophistication. Sprinkle in metallics like bronze or silver for even more glamour.

Tips for Navy and Teal

  • Navy walls or larger furniture pieces with teal accents
  • Paint interior doors a glossy navy and pair with teal walls
  • Navy and white striped rugs under teal furniture

Cool blues make a bold statement and inspire deep relaxation. Up next, we’ll explore an unexpected metallic color pairing.

Teal and Metallic Accents

For contemporary sparkle, pair rich teal hues with metallics. Gold, silver, copper and bronze bring a glamorous, elegant vibe to teal’s tranquil mood. Metallic finishes like brushed nickel also complement teal’s saturated tones.

Incorporate metal art, vases, frames or decor pieces into teal spaces. Or opt for large-scale metallics like hammered bronze pendant lights above a glossy teal dining set. This combo feels luxe and elevates teal’s sophisticated nature.

Tips for Using Metallics with Teal

  • Paint walls teal and hang gold-framed mirrors or art
  • Add teal pillows to a silver-gray sofa or chair
  • Display cut flowers in a copper vase on a teal coffee table

Metallic’s luster and shine makes teal gleam. For our final combinations, we’ll explore earthy teal palettes.

Teal in Earth Tones

Teal isn’t just for modern spaces – it pairs beautifully with natural materials too. Combining teal with earthy neutrals creates an organic, grounded look. Try chestnut brown wood furniture against a teal painted accent wall.

Terracotta planters, jute rugs, stone surfaces and raw linen also complement teal’s green undertones. These materials reference the colors found in nature, from ocean waters to forested landscapes.

Tips for Earth Tones with Teal

  • Use teal patio cushions with terra cotta pots and brown wicker furniture
  • Choose a teal rug with woven textures and wood furniture
  • Add a teal throw blanket to a neutral linen sofa

Teal works wonderfully with warm shades found in the natural world. For a soulful, relaxed space, opt for this soothing combination.

Teal is a stunning chameleon that adapts to any design aesthetic. Use it alone for a soothing monochrome look, or pair with classic white and navy blue. For vibrant energy, match teal with its complement coral. Metallics lend it contemporary elegance.

Teal can also be grounded with earth tones like terra cotta and chestnut brown. Whether you prefer a refreshing, beachy vibe or something richer, this jewel-toned wonder works. With endless decor options, teal satisfies any style preference.

We hope this guide makes decorating with teal feel fun and approachable. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find a color combination that’s uniquely you. Teal’s versatility allows for lots of self-expression. Find your perfect palette and enjoy this gorgeous hue.

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