Decorating Confidently with Extra Long Wall Sconces

Extra long wall sconces make a dramatic statement in any space. As lighting fixtures that extend over two feet across, they showcase their grandeur beautifully. We’ll explore how to decorate confidently with these oversized sconces to create showstopping style.

From ornate traditional designs to modern geometric silhouettes, extra long sconces captivate. Well-chosen placements highlight their impressive scale. Strategic arrangement creates cohesive aesthetic impact across expansive rooms. Our guide details savvy decor tips and elegant inspiration to illuminate your space stunningly.

Choosing the Right Oversize Wall Sconce

When selecting extra long wall sconces, consider your room size and interior design first. Oversized sconces suit substantial, open spaces where their scale doesn’t overwhelm. Measure wall area to ensure ample room for their span. Complement architectural details and furnishings through materials and finishes.

Metal sconces with antique brass or polished nickel finishes match traditional decor. Modern spaces shine with sleek glass or acrylic. Crystal accents provide timeless sparkle. Check lamp width and projection to target ambient, task or accent lighting needs.

Space Size12 feet across or wider
Design StylesTraditional, modern, contemporary
MaterialsMetal, glass, crystal
FinishesPolished nickel, antique brass
Lighting TypeAmbient, task, or accent

Placements That Showcase Their Grand Scale

Extra long wall sconces dynamically highlight double-height spaces. Drawing the eye upwards, they celebrate lofty architecture. Position above a fireplace in great rooms with cathedral ceilings for striking balance. Flanking elegant entryways, their symmetry frames guests’ arrival.

extra long wall sconces

Living rooms benefit from sconces smartly illuminating seating areas and focal points. Master suites glow from lit artwork. Foyers make memorable first impressions with oversized sconces’ glamour. Light the full length of staircases or pair at bottom and top. Align multiple down lengthy hallways, washed in their warm radiance.

Grand Open Floor Plans

Great rooms and open concept spaces provide perfect canvases for oversized wall sconces’ dramatic impact. Creating cohesive focal points within expansive sightlines, their bold silhouettes provide anchoring balance. Pair above built-in bookshelves or position behind sectionals against back walls.

Dining Rooms

Define dining spaces splendidly with correctly scaled lighting. Extra long sconces elevate formality through their commanding presence. Complement crystal chandeliers with matching wall fixtures for ambient glow. Flanking china cabinets supplements task lighting over bountiful tablescapes.

Using Symmetry Establishes Balance

Display extra long sconces in symmetrical pairings for visually balanced brilliance. The eye perceives matched lighting as cohesive and anchoring. Mount at equal heights on opposing walls within entryways and living zones. Continue a rhythmic arrangement down long hallways, washing the full length in light.

Alternate single oversize sconces with traditionally-sized counterparts between windows. Varying their scale builds intriguing dynamism. Group identical outsized fixtures along stairways. The bold repetition creates confident, contemporary attitude through strength in numbers.

Match Scale Above Fireplaces

Drawing focus towards stunning hearths, symmetrical sconces make mantels magnificent. Coordinate their gilded finish with other metallic accents upon the shelf for chic conditions. Include them within vignettes alongside artful objects echoing their shape for stylish continuity.

Creating an Illuminated Focal Point

Oversized sconces overriding ordinary dimensions transforming blank walls into dazzling focal points. They attract attention through sheer size alone, beckoning the eye towards their light. Showcase artwork or architectural features through their strategic beam. Balance a sprawling console with their vertical counterpoint.

Living rooms glow gorgeously from flanking sconces’ ambiance. Pair on either side of entertainment units to amplify aesthetic impact. Sparkling crystals amplify surrounding colors’ intensity, bouncing rainbow refractions. Gleaming metalwork glints mirroring candlelight’s flicker for traditional richness.

Layering Light Over Dining Tables

For stunning dining ambiance combining form and function, layer hanging pendants over tables dressed in extra long sconces’ brilliant illumination. Matching metals unite these fixtures seamlessly across the room. Paint walls bold hues, saturating the space in colorful chic.

Incorporating Modern Minimalism

Sleek extra long sconces align flawlessly with contemporary decor. Unfussy silhouettes in glass, acrylic or metal enhance neutral palettes through clean-lined elegance. Display their edge-free shapes solo to highlight negative space drama. Pair with asymmetric furnishings for artful juxtaposition of shapes.

Modern fixtures shine brighter with dimmable LED bulbs. Adjustable glow creates versatility suiting activities from intimate dinners to lively entertaining. Angling light across onyx walls sculpts dimensional shadows. Crisp white backdrops let vivid sconces take center stage.

Cohesive Contemporary Style Elements

Coordinate extra long sconces with related contemporary components for holistic interior harmony. Blend metals and finishes across lighting fixtures and furniture legs alike. Echo circular forms through round mirrors and pendant lamps. Abstract art’s fluid shapes balance rigid sconce geometry delightfully.

Achieving Opulent, Ornate Elegance

Maximalists, rejoice! Extra long wall sconces flourish within layers of sumptuous details. Intricate metalwork sconces shine in finishes from gilded gold to antique brass. Accent deep colors like emerald and sapphire, intensified by reflective gleam. Showcase collectible porcelain confidently in their glow.

Crystal sconces refract rainbow sparks establishing magical mood lighting. Group with mirrored furnishings for exponentially expanded glitter and glam. Heavy fabrics like velvet absorb excess shine for lush interiors still brightened by plentiful light fixtures.

French & Italianate Influenced Designs

European architectural details like arched windows, coffered ceilings, and fluted columns pair flawlessly with traditional extra long sconces. Ornate metal flourishes and scrolling shapes continue established lines seamlessly across lighting, moldings and furnishings.

Illuminating Dark Spaces Dramatically

Brighten formerly gloomy zones beautifully with correctly placed oversize sconces strategically overcoming challenging dimensions. Long hallways require ample lighting levels spanning their full distance. Galley kitchens gleam with sconces flanking sinks. Basements transform from dreary to delightful.

Bathrooms balance mirrors’ harsh glare with surrounding soft illumination for enhanced visibility. Check fixtures’ damp ratings before installing above sinks or tubs. Use dimmers to calibrate glow for makeup application or relaxation. Pull light hues warmer to counter cool ceramic tones.


Light every step safely with extra long sconces smartly showing the way. Pair identical fixtures at staircase tops and bottoms for eye-catching symmetry. Continue singular sconces following bannisters to wash walls in gentle illumination.

Their Rich History: Royal Roots to Residences

The earliest wall sconces trace origins to ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations as functional lighting provisions predating electricity. Torches, candles and oil lamps offered portable possibilities later enhanced for affixed use.

In European palaces and cathedrals, ostentatiously ornate gilt fixtures flourished from the Middle Ages onwards. They demonstrated aristocratic wealth and power through handcrafted opulence with symbols like lions representing nobility.

Wall sconces evolved style from Romanesque and Gothic to Rococo and Neoclassical movements. Industrialization enabled more cost-efficient mass production. Budget-friendly fixtures finally brightened typical households instead of solely churches and manors.

Best Practices for Showstopping Installation

Proper placement showcases extra long sconces to their full wattage. Review architectural plans noting wall dimensions, electrical wiring locations, and light switch positioning. Include insulation needs for sound dampening.

Fortify support across studs for heavy fixtures. Enlist professional electricians ensuring safety compliance. Group sconces purposefully according to activities. Install individual switches allowing custom calibration.

Positioning Guidance

Standard sconce height aligns bottom edges about 60 inches up. Oversize fixtures may shift higher around 80 inches accommodating their proportions. Place equidistant from ceiling and floor for balanced symmetry.

Styling Tricks Supporting Statement Pieces

While extra long sconces stand alone strongly, supplementary styling enhances their showstopping wattage. Curate artwork and accessories echoing their palettes for strengthened interior unity. Repeating shapes boost cohesion.

Sculptural pottery, gleaming geodes and abstract paintings enhance their modernist angles as artistic counterparts. For Old World glamour, display porcelain collectibles in illuminated wall niches. Introducing contrasting designs underscores preferred pieces’ magnificence.

Collections Beneath the Glow

Showcase treasured selections prominently upon console tables or credenzas. Position directly below sconces benefiting beautiful items in focused radiance. Handcrafted trinket boxes, leather-bound books and decorative bottles develop intrigue within spotlighting ambiance.

Extra long wall sconces empower interior visions exceeding standard expectations through courageous scaling. Embrace their commanding proportions transfixing spaces in artistic authority. Thoughtfully illuminate cherished art and architectural details in flattering glow.

Dare to dream big by bringing lofty lighting precedents into modern contexts. Reference classical European grandeur or striking contemporary minimalism dictating daring direction. Decorate confidently in these oversized sconces’ electrifying magnificence for vivid and versatile spaces washed in your chosen beauty.

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