Cut Cabinet Costs with This Crafty Mirror TV Cover

Have you seen those gorgeous built-in cabinets that conceal a TV behind elegant framed mirrors? They deliver beautiful form and function in one stunning package. Unfortunately, such customized designs often cost thousands from high-end retailers. But we have an affordable DIY solution to achieve the same sophisticated look for under $50.

In this tutorial, we’ll transform basic mirrors and plywood into a crafty hidden TV mount. You’ll learn how to construct a mirror cabinet that conceals your television when not in use. Let’s get started!

mirror cabinet tv cover

Materials Needed

This DIY mirror cabinet cover has a simple construction. To build it, you’ll need:

  • Mirror frames – source full-length secondhand frames to upcycle
  • Hinges – concealed cabinet hinges allow the mirrors to open smoothly
  • Plywood/MDF for side cabinets – cut to your desired dimensions
  • Basic tools – drill, circular saw, sandpaper, etc.
  • Other supplies – wood glue, finishing nails, wood putty, paint/stain

Preparation Steps

Before constructing the cabinet, take these initial preparation steps:

Remove Existing Mirrors

Carefully remove any existing mirror glass from the thrifted frames you sourced. Clean the frames completely. Consider adding:

  • LED strip lighting for illuminated display
  • Integrated speakers for surround sound

Cut Frames Evenly

Measure the internal dimensions of the cabinet area the TV will be installed. Cut the mirror frames evenly in half relative to that width using a circular saw. This allows the frames to open evenly in two halves.

Calculate Precise Measurements

Consider the size of your TV, ideal side cabinet width, and your specific installation area. Calculate accurate dimensions for constructing the cabinet.

Construct the Hidden Cabinet

Now, build a basic box frame out of plywood cut to your measurements. Leave the back open for ventilation and cables. Consider including integrated shelves for equipment or a mounted base for your TV. Sand surfaces smooth, prime, and paint or stain for long-lasting durability.

If using a wall mount:If placing TV on base:
Build shorter cabinet to mount under TVConstruct cabinet height to TV dimensions

Add Hinges & Mount Frames

Attach concealed hinges evenly to the inside edge of both frame halves. Test alignment before permanently mounting to ensure proper weight support and smooth open/close motion.

Consider Decoration

Add decorative moulding trim pieces or panels featuring artwork/photographs to the inside of frames for a polished look.

Installation & Mounting Considerations

When installing, securely mount the cabinet directly into wall studs for sturdiness. For overhead areas like garage storage, use heavy-duty adjustable brackets to compensate for uneven ceilings. The goal is maintaining perfect alignment for a seamless appearance.

Finally, conceal all cords neatly along cabinet edges. Add any last decorative accents to reflect your unique style. Then simply open the disguised mirrored frames to reveal your hidden television!

The mirror cabinet TV cover can be used to achieve a high-end built-in look. Enjoy your cleverly concealed entertainment center!

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