Cut and Wash on Your Sink with a Removable Divider

Is your kitchen sink starting to feel small and restrictive? Are you tired of not having enough room to prep meals or wash large pots and pans? A removable divider sink could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Kitchen sinks with removable dividers give you the versatility of both a single and double basin sink. Keep reading to learn how a removable divider transforms your sink into the ultimate multifunctional kitchen workstation.

What is a Removable Divider Sink?

A removable divider sink is a kitchen sink that has divided basins which can convert into one large, open basin. It’s also known as a dual-basin, low-divide, or dual-capacity sink.

kitchen sink removable divider

This type of sink has a divider in the middle that separates it into two sections. The key feature is that this central divider can be removed as needed to create one big, undivided sink basin.

Benefits of a Removable Divider

There are many advantages to choosing a kitchen sink with a removable divider:

  • Convert between dual basin and large single basin setups
  • Use divided sections for efficient washing and rinsing
  • Open up large, spacious basin by removing divider
  • Wash large, bulky items like pots and baking sheets
  • Soak, rinse, and pre-wash multiple dishes at once


One of the biggest perks of a removable divider sink is its multifunctional capabilities. The removable divider instantly converts part of your sink into extra prep and work space.

Without the divider, you can use the large open basin as a cutting board area for chopping veggies or slicing bread. Drain washed produce right in the sink or defrost meats over the basin.


Removable dividers add flexibility since you can customize your setup. Insert the divider when you want two separate washing and rinsing sections. Remove it when you need to accommodate large pots or baking trays.

You can change the sink configuration as needed for different tasks. It’s easy to go from washing dishes to prepping food with a quick adjustment.


A removable divider sink is at home in nearly any kitchen. It offers versatility for a wide range of spaces and interior designs.

The sinks come in various materials like stainless steel, ceramic, composite, and more. You can find options to match any aesthetic, from sleek modern to charming farmhouse.

Types of Removable Dividers

There are several types of removable dividers to consider:

  • Materials: stainless steel, plastic, acrylic glass
  • Custom vs. prefabricated: you can get a custom divider made or buy a ready-made version
  • Permanent vs. completely removable: some slide out but don’t fully detach
  • Inserts vs. lift-out panels: dividers that drop in or lift straight up

Acrylic Glass Dividers

Acrylic glass is a popular material for removable dividers. Brands like Kohler use acrylic glass dividers in their Smart Divide sinks.

Acrylic glass is durable, easy to clean, and can be molded into different shapes. This allows for innovative divider designs. It’s an excellent alternative to real glass.

Top Removable Divider Sink Brands

Many major kitchen brands now offer sinks with removable dividers. Here are some to consider:

Kohler’s Smart Divide Sinks

Kohler has several Smart Divide sink models with removable dividers. Their dividers are made of thick acrylic glass and feature a soft, rounded shape.

They drop easily into grooves to divide the sink. Lift straight up and out when you want the full open basin.

Dawn’s Patent-Pending Dual-Function Sinks

Dawn sinks have a unique U-shaped glass divider. It slides smoothly along rails to section off the sink.

Their dividers create the largest possible single basin when removed. This extra space is perfect for big pots and sheet pans.

Other Brands and Models

Many other brands offer their own removable divider sink designs. Shop around to find one with the right size, material, divider style, and features for your kitchen.

Using Your Removable Divider Sink

Installing and using a removable divider sink is straightforward. Here are some tips:

Installation and Setup

Have a professional install the sink and divider for proper drainage and waterproofing.

Make sure the removable divider aligns properly with its grooves or tracks. Test inserting and removing it a few times.

Inserting and Removing the Divider

Always use two hands and lift straight up to remove dividers. This prevents damage and improper alignment.

Align the divider with its grooves and gently lower into place to insert it. Never force the divider.

Cutting and Food Prep Tips

Avoid hard, heavy chopping directly on acrylic or plastic dividers. Use a cutting board for intense chopping.

Take advantage of the sink’s large opening to work with bulky items like whole chickens or large produce.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Use a soft sponge and mild detergent to hand wash removable dividers. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

Sanitize both the sink and divider regularly to prevent bacteria growth in wet areas.

Transform Your Kitchen with a Removable Divider Sink

As you can see, a removable divider sink is a versatile, multifunctional addition to any kitchen. With both divided and open basin options, you get the best of both worlds in one sink.

The dividers maximize your workspace by converting part of the sink into prep area. Enjoy easier washing, food prep, and entertaining.

Ready to upgrade? Many retailers like Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Wayfair, and Sinks Direct offer removable divider sinks. Browse online or visit a kitchen showroom to see models first-hand.

With options from all the top brands, you can find the perfect sink to cut, wash, and take your kitchen to the next level.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to enhanced functionality, removable dividers in kitchen sinks provide important environmental benefits. They allow for more efficient use of water since users can fill just one section of the sink instead of wasting water by filling both sides. Using less water for everyday dishwashing and cooking tasks can result in significant water savings over time, making removable dividers an eco-friendly choice for sustainable homes.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a removable divider sink is very simple. The dividers can be easily removed and washed separately from the sink basin. This makes it much easier to keep the sink free of dirt, limescale buildup, grime, and bacteria growth. Without a divider permanantly in place, every inch of the sink can be easily accessed and scrubbed clean as needed.


One of the biggest advantages of a removable divider kitchen sink is the versatility it offers in terms of how the sink can be used. The dividers are completely adjustable, so they can be moved or removed to accomodate different items and tasks. For example, they can be positioned to hold large pots and pans for washing. Or, they can be taken out to provide one big open basin for washing bulky items like pet bowls, children’s toys, or big cooking trays. The flexibility to configure the sink in different ways makes it easier to wash an array of items.


Removable dividers are constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel or thick acrylic glass. They are made to withstand repeated handling and placement. The sturdy construction allows the dividers to stand up well to heavy daily use. Although the dividers are removable, they are designed for longevity. This makes them an excellent investment for busy households.

Aesthetic Appeal

Today’s removable divider sinks come in many styles and finishes to match any kitchen decor. Sleek stainless steel models provide a modern look. Dividers made of acrylic glass allow for curved, soft shapes and interesting colors like deep navy or slate grey to complement farmhouse kitchens. The variety of options makes it easy to select a sink and removable divider that aligns with your interior design tastes and kitchen style.


For users with disabilities or mobility challenges, a removable divider sink can make kitchen tasks much easier. The dividers create versatile configurations that can accommodate seated users. They can be adjusted to custom heights that reduce need for bending and straining. Caregivers can also modify the divider setup to make the sink more accessible for those they assist. The flexibility of the dividers facilitates use by people with a wide range of needs.


Opting for a single sink with a removable divider eliminates the need for multiple sink basins – an affordable choice that also simplifies installation. The single sink keeps costs down while still allowing divider customization. And since there is just one sink basin to maintain instead of two or more, long-term care and cleaning is more economical. The sink’s versatility provides value by reducing the need for additional specialized kitchen fixtures.


There are many ways to utilize the flexible configurations possible with a removable divider sink. Washing dishes is simpler when you can separate cutlery and cooking utensils. Prepping multiple ingredients at once is easier when you customize divider placements to keep foods separated. Cleaning kids’ sippy cups and bottles is a breeze with dividers to isolate each item and prevent small parts from disappearing down the drain. Whether washing dishes, prepping meals, or tackling miscellaneous cleanup tasks, the sink’s flexibility optimizes your workspace.

A removable divider sink is a remarkably versatile kitchen addition. It seamlessly transforms from a multi-basin setup perfect for multitasking to an extra-large single basin that can handle oversized or bulky items with ease. The sink also moonlights as bonus prep space when the divider is removed. This versatility makes the sink useful for an extremely wide range of kitchen activities. No matter what cooking or cleaning tasks are on the agenda, a removable divider sink can adapt to meet the need.

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