Customize Your Lighting With Stunning Burgundy and Green Patterned Curtains

Burgundy and green patterned curtains can transform any room by adding a splash of rich, complementary color while giving you customized control over the room’s mood and ambiance.

With an array of available patterns, fabrics, and designs, these curtains enable you to filter light to your exact preferences during both day and night.

Benefits of Burgundy and Green Patterned Curtains

Complementary Color Scheme

Burgundy and green are considered complementary colors, meaning they are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. When placed side-by-side, they create strong visual contrast and a sense of vibrancy.

burgundy and green curtains

The depth of burgundy works beautifully with the freshness of green for curtains that catch the eye while matching a wide range of furniture and decor.

Ability to Filter and Customize Light

Unlike solid colored curtains, patterned burgundy and green curtains come in a variety of sheer, light-filtering, and even fully blackout fabric options.

This enables you to moderate how much natural and artificial light enters your space, creating exactly the ambiance you want for relaxation, productivity, or sleep.

Versatile and Matching Patterns

Burgundy and green patterned curtains are available with patterns that coordinate with diverse design aesthetics. Florals, geometrics, ikats, paisleys and more allow you to match existing pieces or layer patterns creatively.

You can also adorn window valances, throw pillows and other accents in corresponding prints for a pulled-together feel.

Types of Burgundy and Green Patterned Curtains

Printed Pattern Curtains

Digitally printed curtains showcase patterns across the entire fabric surface. Popular printed designs include:

  • Florals – Realistic or abstract flower prints
  • Paisleys – Distinctive teardrop motifs
  • Geometrics – Graphic shapes and lines
  • Modern graphic prints – Bold, oversized patterns
  • Ikat patterns – Blurry watercolor-esque style

Printing allows for any pattern, but can fade over time. setUp a print that fits your personality!

Woven and Embroidered Curtains

For decorative woven curtains, the designs are woven directly into luxurious fabrics like damask and brocade using special looms. Embroidery adds patterns by stitching colored threads atop the base fabric. Options include:

  • Jacquard – Intricate woven tapestry-style patterns
  • Damask – Reversible patterns with texture and sheen
  • Brocade – Stately ornate patterns incorporating metallic threads
  • Crewel – Hand-embroidered floral and nature motifs
  • Needlepoint – Detailed embroidery using tent stitches

These methods yield unparalleled depth and durability compared to printing.

Ombre and Gradient Curtains

Ombre burgundy and green curtains incorporate gradating color in a single panel. The characteristic color flow creates a lovely dimensional effect.

Look for burgundy paling towards blush pink or green lightening from forest to lime for a refreshing modern vibe.

Tips for Hanging Burgundy and Green Curtains

To best showcase any style of burgundy and green patterned curtains, keep these tips in mind:

  • Take precise measurements for perfect floor-length curtains
  • Determine ideal curtain length based on window height
  • Select appropriate curtain rods and rings/grommets
  • Layer panels and sheers carefully following instructions
  • Arrange patterns attractively across multiple windows

With good planning and technique, your curtains will frame and enhance views gracefully!

Style Ideas for Burgundy and Green Patterned Curtains

This versatile color duo suits nearly any room. Here are some inspiring ideas:

  • Flaunt damask or brocade curtains in a traditional living room
  • Toss embroidered tapestries in a bohemian bedroom
  • Showcase graphic ikat prints in a modern kitchen
  • Craft a whimsical floral nursery retreat

Whether you crave cozy elegance or bold panache, the right burgundy and green patterned curtains can bring your vision to life!

Burgundy and green patterned curtains are a window décor dream. Their chic complementary palette, light-modulating fabrics and diverse print options empower you to create a signature look with ambiance to match.

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