Customize Your L Shaped Pool With Unique Angles and Curves

Looking to install a new pool in your backyard but limited on space? An L shaped pool design might be the perfect solution for you. With their ability to tuck neatly into corners and edges of your yard, L shaped pools maximize every inch. But these pools offer much more than just efficient use of space. Their signature rectangular shape with a right angle allows for endless customization with unique angles, curves, and contours. You can adapt an L shaped pool to complement your home architecture and match your own personal style. Whether you prefer sharp, geometric lines or a more freeform, organic layout, an L shaped pool provides the ideal canvas to create your dream backyard oasis.

We’ll take a look at the many possibilities for corners, edges, and angles so you can achieve a look that’s all your own. A pool designer or architect can bring your vision to life, but it helps to go in with a strong sense of your aesthetic preferences and priorities. With an L shaped pool, the options are nearly limitless to craft a fluid, contemporary backyard space that becomes an enviable extension of your home.

Benefits of L Shaped Pool Designs

What makes L shaped pools so popular? Their versatile rectangular layout with a right angle offers several key advantages.

  • Efficient use of backyard space – An L shape can perfectly fit into corners and edges of your yard to maximize every inch of real estate. Great option for smaller yards.
  • Ability to design multiple depths – The two sides of the L can have different depths to accommodate swimming, wading, diving and playing.
  • Contemporary look – With their clean lines and sleek angles, L shaped pools have an modern, elegant aesthetic.

L shaped pools are especially great for families with children, as the shallow end provides a safe space for kids to splash around. The deeper end can then be used for diving or swimming laps. And if you have an irregularly shaped or narrow yard, an L shape is an efficient way use the space while still getting a large swimming area.

Factors to Consider in an L Shaped Pool Design

When planning your custom L shaped pool, there are several important factors to take into account:

l shaped pool designs

Backyard Size and Layout

Carefully measure your yard and use the dimensions to map out potential L shaped pool sizes and placements. Consider existing landscaping, hardscapes, utility lines and other features you’ll need to design around.

House Architecture and Exterior Finishes

For a cohesive look, your pool design should complement the lines, shapes and materials of your home. Account for exterior elements like stonework, stucco, patio areas and decks.

Local Climate and Sun Exposure

Think about the sun patterns in your yard and how much shade you’ll need for lounge areas. This can influence the placement and angles of your L shaped pool.

Intended Pool Use

How you plan to use the pool should inform the depths, accessories and deck layout. Swimming laps? A deeper continuous area works well. Playing with kids? Incorporate a generous shallow zone.


L shaped fiberglass or vinyl liner pools can cost less than custom concrete, which offer more design flexibility. Know your budget upfront and pick materials and features accordingly.

Customizing Your L Shaped Pool Design

The beauty of an L shaped pool is all the possibilities for customization. Here are some of the many ways you can personalize your L shaped pool’s angles, corners and contours.

Choosing Angles and Corner Shapes

One of the biggest aesthetic decisions is the angle formed at the intersection of the L’s two sides. A standard 90 degree angle creates a clean, geometric look. But you can soften things up with a more obtuse angle or make things more dramatic with a sharper acute angle.

The corners themselves also offer room for creativity. For the most contemporary style, opt for very squared-off, right-angled corners. Or give your pool a softer, curvier look by rounding or chamfering the corners.

You can also play with asymmetry, making one side of the L longer than the other or angling them differently. This dynamic look adds visual interest.

Incorporating Curves and Contours

For an organic freeform shape, replace the straight edges of the L with flowing curves and contours. Gracefully curved sides soften the overall look and feel of the pool. You can curve one short side, one long side or both sides of the L shape as desired.

Contours and depth variations in pool floors also provide shape possibilities. Sculpt graduated depths, ledges or sun shelves into the pool floor to create an undulating, naturalistic effect.

Lazy L Shaped Pool Variation

A “lazy L” pool has a much wider angle between its two sides – usually around 120-135 degrees instead of 90. This expanded angle creates even more deck space adjoining the pool. The overall shape is a bit softer and more fluid than a traditional L.

Infinity Edge

For a striking contemporary look, add an infinity or vanishing edge that allows water to flow over one or more sides. This makes the pool seem to blend seamlessly into the yard and landscape around it.

Pavilion and Grotto Features

Integrating covered pavilions, cascades, grottoes and other water features into the angles and corners of your L shaped pool takes the design to the next level. Bridges spanning across the pool also create visual interest.

Design Showcase: Unique L Shaped Pool Ideas

To spark your inspiration, here are some snapshots of beautifully customized L shaped pool designs:

Curved Infinity L Shaped Pool

Graceful curves along the edges of this pool give it an organic freeform look, while the infinity edge makes the water seem to blend into the surrounding patio and landscaping. The curved side edges help soften what would otherwise be a very angular space.

Geometric Modern L Shaped Pool

This sleek L shaped pool features clean lines and perfect 90 degree angles for a contemporary geometric vibe. The corners are left sharply squared-off. The beige/gray concrete pool color beautifully complements the neutral tones of the stone and wood decking.

Asymmetrical Tropical L Pool

One side of this pool extends longer than the other for visual interest and to accommodate the sloped site. Lush tropical plantings surround the space, calling for a sparkling turquoise pool interior that evokes ocean waters. The bright hues make this pool into a true backyard oasis.

As you can see, there are so many directions to take an L shaped pool design. The key is knowing your aesthetic preferences and priorities upfront. A professional can then bring your vision to life.

Working With a Pool Designer

While an L shaped pool layout may look straightforward at first glance, there are many subtle design factors that the average homeowner may not be aware of. That’s where a pool designer or architect’s expertise can prove invaluable.

An experienced pool professional can:

  • Maximize your backyard space and meet all necessary safety standards
  • Recommend the most suitable construction materials and finishes for your climate and site
  • Incorporate structural engineering best practices into the pool foundation and drainage systems
  • Align the pool layout and angles complementarily with your home’s architecture
  • Suggest creative design touches to give your pool added style
  • Navigate local permit processes and contractor coordination

While L shaped pools are not the most complex designs, there are still technical considerations where an expert eye can make all the difference. The designer focuses on constructability and functionality, freeing you up to simply focus on the aesthetics and enjoy bringing your ideas to life.

An L shaped pool can offer you the dual benefits of maximizing backyard space while still providing a large, beautiful water space to swim and relax in. With nearly endless options for customizing the pool’s shape, angles and curves, L shaped pools can be tailored to complement any landscape and match your personal style. Work with a talented designer to realize your custom L shaped pool vision, and soon you’ll be enjoying a spectacular new backyard oasis.

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