Customizable Sauces & Signature Dishes Await at PF Chang’s Gardens Mall

Craving mouthwatering Asian cuisine in Palm Beach Gardens? Look no further than the PF Chang’s location at The Gardens Mall on PGA Boulevard. This comfortably upscale restaurant brings the flavors of Chinese cooking combined with a flair for the unexpected. From savory starters to sizzling rice plates and their famous lettuce wraps, a tasty experience awaits in surroundings blending classic Oriental style with chic modern accents.

We’re highlighting signature items off their pan-Asian menu, the option to customize your sauces, gluten-free choices and more reasons you’ll want to visit this local hot spot. Read on for details about the dishes and dining experience that keep customers coming back for more at PF Chang’s Gardens Mall.

Sizzle Up Your Meal with Customizable Sauces

What sets PF Chang’s apart is how you can tailor-make your sauces to match your preferred flavor and heat level. Their signature sauces accompany many menu items from noodle bowls to rice plates. Before digging in, add a dash of white pepper sauce for a spicy kick or sweet chili sauce for tangy sweetness. Dial up the ginger soy sauce for extra saltiness. Mix and match to craft your own unique sauce flavor. This customizable touch makes every bite pop with your ideal medley of tastes.

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Chicken Lettuce Wraps: A Fresh &Flavorful Appetizer

Start your meal with their number one appetizer: chicken lettuce wraps. These tantalizing bundles layered with minced chicken, mushrooms, water chestnuts and green onions served alongside crispy rice sticks never disappoint. Offering a lighter and healthier option, the vegetable lettuce wraps substitute tasty tofu and luscious shiitake mushrooms. Both versions arrive with bowls of PF Chang’s signature sauce for dipping each savory forkful wrapped in cool, crisp lettuce.

Fresh and lively flavors mingle in every bite of these lettuce cups. We love tangling the contrasting textures too: soft lettuce leaves, hearty minced fillings and crunch rice sticks. Share an order with your dining party or keep them all for yourself!

Mongolian Beef: Sweet, Savory & Succulent

For your main course, sink your teeth into Mongolian Beef, arguably PF Chang’s most craveable menu item. Tender slices of beef saute in a sweet brown sauce infused with savory garlic and soy. Served sizzling atop crispy rice noodles, the contrasting flavors and textures send your tastebuds soaring. Seasoned to absolute perfection, each morsel of beef bursts with sweet and spicy joy. We’d bathe every dish with this lip-smacking sauce if we could.

Looking for a lighter option? Substitute tofu or chicken. Or for those avoiding meat or gluten, steamed rice makes the ideal base for this iconic soy-ginger sauce. However you customize it, Mongolian Beef ranks as a PF Chang’s signature not to miss.

More Asian Fusion Favorites

Beyond their famous lettuce wraps and Mongolian Beef, PF Chang’s menu serves up other Chinese favorites with a creative twist. Their crispy honey chicken breast glazed in a sticky sweet and mildly spicy chili sauce proves irresistible. For seafood lovers, we recommend the salt and pepper calamari, its crispy fried rings dusted in Szechuan peppers and spices. Healthier options include steamed dishes like ginger broccoli and garlic green beans. And vegetarian menu items like vegetable lo mein deliver on flavors without the meat.

Gluten-Free, Vegetarian & Vegan Options

Great news for guests avoiding gluten or following plant-based diets: PF Chang’s offers over 30 gluten-free dishes plus multiple vegetarian and vegan options. Look for clear labels indicating no meat products or wheat. Popular picks include lettuce wraps with tofu instead of chicken and stir fries loaded with fresh veggies over rice instead of noodles. The accommodating kitchen staff safely prepares vegetarian, gluten-free and other special diet offerings to order ensuring peace of mind.

Ingredients and preparation surfaces are kept separate. plus PF Chang’s offers helpful resources on their website guiding allergen-conscious diners on what dishes fit their diet.

Between the customizable sauces, signature lettuce wraps and scrumptious Mongolian Beef, PF Chang’s Gardens Mall location scores big for atmosphere, flavors and hospitality. Discover what keeps loyal customers coming back: perfectly seasoned favorites consistent in quality and taste thanks to their meticulous preparations and recipes. Bottom line: Get ready for an exciting and satisfying dining experience each visit at this neighborhood destination for Pan-Asian cuisine.

So next time a craving for Chinese strikes, bring friends and family into the aromatic setting of PF Chang’s Gardens Mall. Their flavorful dishes, friendly service and custom flavors add up to a meal you won’t soon forget.

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