Curtains That Snap Shut – Our Magnetic Strip How-To

If you’re tired of fussing with curtains that never seem to hang just right or struggle with gaps that let in unwanted light, magnetic strips for curtains provide an ingenious solution. These brilliant strips of industrial-strength magnets effortlessly seal curtains closed, preventing annoying gaps while locking out light and cold drafts.

In this DIY guide, we’ll share an easy, step-by-step tutorial for adding magnetic magic to your curtains. You’ll learn how to choose the right magnetic strips, securely attach them to drapes, and hang perfectly aligned curtains that practically seal themselves. Bid farewell to curtain frustrations and welcome privacy with a simple magnetic upgrade!

Choosing Magnetic Strips for Your Curtains

The first step in any magnetic curtain project is selecting the proper magnetic strips. The right strips should seamlessly blend into your curtain style while providing ample strength to support the curtain weight. Consider the following when making your choice:

Curtain Weight and Window Size

Measure the total width and height of your window opening, then weigh your individual curtain panels. Standard magnetic strips can support around 15 pounds, but heavier drapes require industrial-grade magnets. Ensure the magnetic pull force matches the total pounds of your curtain fabric.

Magnetic Strip Types

Magnetic strips come in various styles:

magnetic strips for curtains
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation
  • Rigid and flexible options to suit your curtains
  • Rare earth or standard magnets in different strength ratings

Choose strips wide and thick enough to adequately support curtain panel weight for secure closure. Narrow or thin strips can separate under heavy loads.

Where to Purchase Magnetic Strips

Check hardware stores, home improvement centers, specialty retailers or online shops for the best magnetic strip selection. Look for magnets designed specifically for curtains with adequate adhesive strength. Purchase a few extras in case mistakes happen during application.

Pre-Install Preparation

Before sticking magnets to drapes, complete a few simple preparation steps:

Measure Curtain Panels

Use a cloth measuring tape to determine the total length and width of each curtain panel. This ensures you cut magnetic strips to perfectly fit the fabric edges. Include the top hem containing the rod pocket in your measurements.

Clean Curtain Panels

Wash curtains according to fabric care instructions or spot clean panels with mild soap and water. Eliminate grease, dirt and debris so magnets adhere tightly to clean fabric. Allow curtains to fully air dry before moving to the next step.

Attaching Magnetic Strips to Curtains

Once you select strips and ready your curtains, it’s go time! Carefully attach magnets using the following guidelines:

Cut Magnetic Strips

Using a sharp utility knife or heavy-duty scissors, carefully measure and cut strips to match the vertical edges of each curtain panel. Precise measurements prevent gaps between magnets when curtains close.

Remove Adhesive Backing

Slowly peel away the adhesive backing, taking care not to touch the exposed sticky surface. Only reveal adhesive areas where you will immediately apply strips to curtains.

Apply Adhesive to Strips

For extra holding power, coat magnetic strip adhesive with a thin layer of super glue gel. This helps fabrics like silk or velvet resist detachment over time. Let glue dry slightly before attaching.

Press Strips to Curtain Edges

Starting at the top, firmly smooth magnetic strips vertically along curtain edges, pressing all across for full contact. Run fingers along full length, ensuring secure adhesion.

Hanging Magnetic Curtains

Once trim and fabric unite thanks to magnetic matrimony, it’s time to rehang curtain panels to enjoy hands-free magic:

Insert Curtain Rod

Feed your curtain rod through the top pocket hem, allowing ample clearance for the curtains to easily glide across the rod.

Mount Curtain Rod

Securely install curtain rod brackets evenly across window frame, centering the rod over the window. Check for level alignment before screwing brackets into place.

Hang Second Curtain Panel

Slide additional curtain panels onto rod, spacing them equally across window width. Adjoining magnetic strips should automatically align and seal panels.

Test Operation

Gently pry curtain panels apart in the center and walk between them. They should smoothly glide along the rod before magnets automatically reseal curtains closed behind you.

Troubleshooting Tips

Follow this advice if your magnetic curtains don’t close properly:

Bridging Gaps Between Strips

Meticulously measure and reapply strips side-by-side to eliminate gaps. Overlap strip ends slightly for full closure.

Sagging Curtain Issues

For heavy curtains, upgrade to industrial-grade magnets or redistribute weight evenly across the rod. Add extra hanging hooks between panels if needed.

Replacing Damaged Strips

Carefully run a flat object like a credit card between strips and fabric to gently detach without damage. Acquire new magnetic strips and follow application instructions to reattach.

Adding magnetic strips to curtains takes the frustration out of maintaining beautifully dressed windows. Bid farewell to drooping drapes and enjoy perfectly aligned, light-blocking closure every time your curtains shut. With just small strips of magnets, you can transform annoying curtains into a beautiful, seamless backdrop. Simply walk through hands-free as magnets work their magic!

For effortlessly cool curtain style, magnetic strips are a genius, affordable solution. Follow our step-by-step tutorial for DIY curtain success. Go ahead, give your drapes the magnetic makeover they deserve!

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