Crafty Storage Solutions to Conquer Clutter in Your Small Kitchenette

Living in a tiny kitchenette presents some unique storage challenges. With limited cabinet and counter space, it can be tricky keeping kitchen essentials organized and easily accessible.

Luckily, with some clever solutions, you can maximize every inch of space in your small kitchenette. From creative cabinet hacks to multifunctional furnishings, a little ingenuity goes a long way.

kitchenettes for small spaces

Make the Most of Cabinet Space

Your kitchen cabinets likely need to do double or triple duty in a compact kitchenette. With some smart organizing tools, you can customize them to hold everything you need.

Use Organizers and Dividers

It’s easy for cabinet contents to become a jumbled mess without proper dividers. Consider installing:

  • Pull-out shelves to neatly store foods and cooking items
  • Tiered holders and risers to separate and stack plates or spices
  • Drawer dividers to organize silverware and tools

Dividers and compartments keep like items together and make better use of vertical space.

Maximize Vertical Storage

Take advantage of vertical real estate inside cabinets with solutions like:

  • Shelving on the backs of cabinet doors to hold spices or cooking oils
  • Wall-mounted pot racks for conveniently storing pots and pans
  • Spice racks mounted inside cabinet doors for easy access

Going vertical with storage frees up precious counter space.

Consider Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinetry can help a small kitchen appear more spacious. The transparent doors create the illusion of more room. You can easily see contents instead of forgetting what’s inside.

Multi-Functional Furnishings

Choosing flexible furnishings lets you get more use out of every piece. Opt for items that can serve multiple purposes.

Cart with Storage

A rolling cart becomes an extra prep surface or storage rack. When not in use, tuck small appliances inside to get them out of the way. Install a power strip to plug in appliances as needed.

Expandable Dining Table

Save precious space with a compact dining table that folds down or slides in when meals are over. Some expandable tables have built-in storage in the benches.

Hidden Storage in Seating

Stools that lift open to reveal interior storage offer a place to tuck kitchen tools and gadgets. Or look for bench seating with lift-up lids for sneaky hidden storage.

Make the Most of Wall Space

Take advantage of vertical wall space to store essentials up and out of the way. Mount shelves or racks to get items off countertops.

Mounted Shelving

Hang wall-mounted rails or floating shelves to store often-used items like:

  • Utensils within easy reach while cooking
  • Small appliances to free up counter space

Magnetic Strips

Sturdy magnetic strips take knives, metal pots, and pans off your hands. Mount them to the wall at a convenient height to grab what you need.

Vertical Spice Racks

Spices lined up on mounted racks keep your favorites visible and accessible while cooking. This frees up drawer space for other utensils.

Creative Storage for Tricky Spaces

Take advantage of awkward gaps and voids to stash away items creatively.

Under-Sink Organizers

The cavernous space under kitchen sinks often gets ignored. Add slide-out trays or baskets to neatly hold cleaners and extra sponges.

Over-the-Door Racks

Make use of the back of cabinet doors by hanging storage racks. These can hold baking sheets, cutting boards, utensils, towels, and more.

Lid Racks

Prevent container lids from getting jumbled up by mounting lid racks inside cabinet doors. Keeping lids visible makes it easy to find the right one.

Small kitchenettes may be limited on space, but simple and affordable organizational hacks can help you conquer clutter. Get creative and take advantage of every inch of available storage real estate. With some clever solutions and multifunctional furnishings, you can enjoy an efficient, organized kitchen.

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