Cook Like A Pro With A Kitchen Oven Microwave Combo

Ever wished you could prepare meals with the speed of a microwave but the cooking functionality of a full oven? An oven microwave combo pairs these appliances into one, unlocking convenience and flexibility for amateur chefs and busy cooks alike.

This innovative appliance gives you the best of both worlds, blending a microwave and oven into a streamlined, space-saving machine.

Key Features of Oven Microwave Combos

These units contain distinct oven and microwave compartments powered by shared internal components. While they vary across models, most oven microwave combos possess:

  • Convection modes for air frying, roasting, baking
  • Microwave heating, defrosting, reheating
  • Broilers for open-flame cooking like meats
  • Steam functions to keep foods moist
  • WiFi/Bluetooth for remote monitoring
  • Sizable oven cavity (1.5+ cubic ft)
  • Turntables, interior lighting, timers

You gain flexibility from these numerous presets – think defrosting frozen meals at a blazing microwave pace before slipping them into the oven cavity to bake through.

Advanced Built-In Technology

Newer releases boast enhanced functionality through smart technology:

oven microwave combo in kitchen
  • Mobile apps and voice control for hands-free access
  • Guided cooking programs with automatic adjustment
  • Internal cameras to monitor your meal’s doneness

These automations enhance ease of use while limiting physical touchpoints.

Benefits of Owning an Oven Microwave Combo

Let’s explore key perks that oven microwave combos introduce into kitchens:

All-In-One Unit

Simplify appliance needs by merging ovens and microwaves into one machine. This eliminates the hassle of owning separate units that occupy precious cabinet or counter space.

Space Saving

Their two-in-one construction strips away bulk, making built-in installation easier in compact kitchens. The slimmer footprint even leaves room for additional specialty appliances.

Adaptable Usage

Embrace cooking flexibility – steam vegetables in the microwave then transfer them to bake dinner casseroles using the true oven. You can prepare an entire meal without toggling between separate appliances.

Seamless Control

Monitor and adjust both compartments from an integrated glass touch panel or smartphone app. Built-in presets simplify cooking an array of dishes.

Sleek, Modern Design

Oven microwave combos enable upscale finishes like edge-to-edge glass doors to match surrounding cabinetry and fixtures.

Buying Considerations

Weigh the below points before installing one of these units:

Pricing Factors

Costs run higher than buying basic microwaves and ovens separately. However, the all-in-one functionality and sleek built-in design carries valuable convenience.

Ventilation Specifications

Proper overhead ventilation keeps steam, grease, and hot air away from cabinetry. Consult requirements before installation.

Cutout Dimensions

Pay mind to cutout measurements or risk a poor fit and subpar performance. Have an appliance specialist assist if needed.

Cabinet & Decor Integration

Think about placements that blend with existing cabinetry, counters, and backsplashes to uphold a cohesive visual flow.

Installation & Setup Process

Proper built-in installation is key to maximizing these units.

Use templates to cut an opening in cabinetry that aligns with the combo’s dimensions. Mind edges and surrounding structures.

Prep Electrical & Ventilation

Set up 120V connections and overhead ventilation adhering to manufacturer guidelines before sliding the unit in.

Secure & Stabilize

Fixate securely to cabinetry structures using provided hardware. Perform stability tests by opening and shutting doors.

Test Functions & Sync

Power on and trial both ovens, microwaves, timers and smart controls. Connect to WiFi and download apps.

Operating & Cooking Tips

Once installed, utilize your oven microwave combo to its fullest with this advice:

Air Fry & Convection Strategies

These modes excel at roasting meats or producing crispy texture in faux-fried dishes. Brush or toss items in oil to excel results.

Microwave Best Practices

Cover thinner edges of food to prevent drying. Revolve or stir halfway for even warming. Allow standing time before serving.

Post-Cooking Care

Wipe exterior surfaces promptly after use to limit residue buildup that hardens over time. Use non-abrasive cleaners.

Common Repairs

Door seal rips, broken latches or failed lights simply require replacement parts installed. More complex issues may need professional service.

Best Oven Microwave Combos

Top-rated models that excel in performance, features and seamless built-in design include:

Bosch 800 Series

  • Spacious 3.8-cubic-foot oven capacity
  • Built-in convection microwave
  • Stainless or customized panel finish

GE Cafe Series

  • 30″ width fits most cabinet cutouts
  • Experts partner for easy design & install
  • Matte white or black scheme options

KitchenAid Stainless Combo

  • Even-heat true convection
  • 1.9-cubic-foot capacity oven
  • Sleek touch controls, wifi smarts

Use our comparison chart below to contrast specs in making the ideal selection:

BrandCapacityControlsCooking Modes
Bosch3.8 cu ftDial w/ LCDConvection, Bake
GE Cafe5.0 cu ftTouch DisplayTrue European, Air Fry
KitchenAid2.0 cu ftDigital TouchConvection, No Preheat

Frequently Asked Questions

What ventilation is required?

A dedicated vent hood or in-cabinet blower that meets the microwave’s rated CFM level for airflow.

What cutout size is needed?

Measure your current cabinet opening or consult manual specs. Height, width and depth must precisely match.

Can I install myself?

While possible for some, consisting of electrical connections and carpentry make professional installation ideal for seamless integration and proper function.

Oven microwave combos unlock remarkable potential for busy cooks through merged functionality, consolidated space savings, and strength in finishing kitchen design aesthetics.

From precision auto-cooking guided by smart features to simplifying meal prep using both compartments, these appliances optimize how users heat, bake, and prepare their favorite recipes.

Assess your budget, design goals, cooking needs and more using our detailed guidance. We strive to equip you with knowledge to bring elite, professional-grade tools into everyday home kitchens.

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