Contrast Your Red Brick House Beautifully With These Shutter Colors

When it comes to exterior house colors, red brick remains a classic, timeless choice loved for its traditional charm and versatility. From stately Victorians to cozy bungalows, red brick exterior lends homes a distinct, coveted character.

But even the most beautifully constructed red brick house needs the right accents and trim colors to truly shine. This is where thoughtfully painted shutters can make all the difference in creating captivating contrast against the red brick backdrop.

The Purpose and Styles of Exterior Shutters

Before diving into shutter colors, let’s briefly cover the basics of what exterior shutters are and how they can complement your home’s architecture and colors.

shutter colors for red brick house

Shutters serve both functional and decorative purposes on house exteriors. Functionally, shutters can provide UV protection, light control, weatherproofing, and extra insulation. Decoratively, they add visual interest with their dimensional, textured look.

Today, shutters come in a variety of materials, including:

  • Wood – Most popular, provides genuine architectural look.
  • Vinyl – Affordable, low maintenance alternative to wood.
  • Composite – Blend of materials like wood fiber and plastic polymers.

The three main styles of exterior shutters are:

  • Raised panel – Flat panels framed by deep ridges for a traditional vibe.
  • Board and batten – Vertical boards with battens covering seams, rustic charm.
  • Louvered – Angled slats allow air circulation and filtered light.

When installing shutters, it’s important they are sized to properly fit your window dimensions. This gives an authentic, integrated look.

The Curb Appeal & Value Boost of Painted Shutters

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update your exterior is by adding a fresh coat of paint to your shutters. New, vibrant shutter colors are guaranteed to revive your home’s curb appeal.

The transformative effect of painted shutters comes from their eye-catching contrast against the red brick walls. With the right color choices, your shutters will grab attention while complementing the traditional red brick.

Beyond aesthetics, a shutter makeover offers practical benefits:

  • Increases exterior visual interest
  • No major renovation needed
  • Low cost for big impact
  • Long-lasting color protection
  • Elevates perceived home value

So if your red brick house is feeling lackluster, a fresh coat of shutter paint is an easy fix for a wow-worthy makeover.

Avoid Matching Shutter and Brick Colors

When deciding on shutter colors for a red brick exterior, there’s one cardinal rule to follow – avoid matching the shutter and brick colors. As tempting as it may seem to just extend your brick color onto the shutters, this actually diminishes the aesthetics big time.

Color-matched shutters and brick result in a flat, bland appearance to the home’s facade. With no contrast, the eye has nothing of visual interest to focus on. Additionally, matching colors make it hard to distinguish between features like the brick, shutters, trim, etc.

The goal is to strike the right balance between complementing and matching. The shutter color should flatter the brick without blending right into it.

Shutter Color Combos That Pop Against Red Brick

Now that we know to steer clear of color matching, let’s explore shutter options that deliver dazzling contrast against red brick.

Classic Black Shutters on Red Brick

Few color combinations are as iconic and timelessly elegant together as black and red. Black window shutters are the quintessential choice for creating pleasing high contrast on a red brick house.

Reasons black shutters rock on red brick:

  • Bold, dramatic contrast
  • Sophisticated and stately
  • Classic, versatile go-to option
  • Ideal for formal, traditional homes
  • Grounded look stands test of time

Black is sure to please those favoring a formal, classic aesthetic for their red brick exterior. It brilliantly plays up the traditional architecture while lending an autoritative, stately feel.

Bright White Shutters on Red Brick

If black feels too dark and heavy for your taste, a crisp white is another timeless shutter choice guaranteed to highlight red brick wonderfully. White offers the strongest possible contrast, making an eye-catching statement.

Reasons white shutters wow on red brick:

  • Pops brightly against the brick
  • Fresh, clean, updated appearance
  • Light and airy look
  • Crisp, sharp contrast
  • Works on traditional and contemporary homes

White shutters add a breezy, welcoming effect against the warm red brick. The high contrast gives homes a refreshed, pick-me-up look. Use white to play up modern or minimalist architectural elements.

Soft Charcoal Gray Shutters on Red Brick

For a lower contrast that’s still elegantly eye-catching, consider charcoal gray. The gray nicely complements the red brick while offering its own unique perks.

Why charcoal gray shutters complement red brick:

  • Subtly bold, not overpowering
  • Warm, blended effect
  • More warmth than black
  • Ideal for Craftsman, farmhouse styles
  • Muted color doesn’t fight brick

Charcoal gray provides plenty of contrast against red brick, but in a more restrained, cozy way than black or white. It adds a relaxed warmth and modern edge.

Earthy Green Shutters on Red Brick

Vibrant green is another excellent color choice that meshes beautifully with red brick. Green offers plenty of saturation to contrast the brick, while sharing an earthy, welcoming vibe.

Reasons green shutters complement red brick:

  • Pops with saturated color
  • Warm, inviting contrast
  • Earthy, natural look
  • Enhances arts & crafts, Victorian homes
  • Color harmony with red undertones

Green is a versatile option depending on the specific hue. Sage green has a soothing, peaceful effect on red brick homes, while bolder kelly greens make more of a lively color statement.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Shutter Color

When deciding which direction to go for your shutter makeover, keep these tips in mind:

  • Test out color swatches against your brick first
  • Factor in existing exterior colors and architectural style
  • Draw inspiration from neighborhood houses
  • Coordinate accent colors from your front door
  • Saturated hues make bolder contrast than pale tints

With some swatch testing and planning, you can confidently land on the ideal shutter colors to showcase your red brick exterior.

Red brick facades are an iconic, beloved exterior choice gracing many classic American homes. Their traditional beauty deserves to be complemented by shutters sporting gorgeous, contrasting colors.

Paint or stain your exterior shutters in black, white, gray, green, or another color flattering to red brick. Avoid the mistake of matching your shutter and brick hues. With ideal contrast, your shutters will make your red brick pop beautifully!

Follow our guidelines to pick the perfect shutter colors to highlight your home’s timeless red brick exterior and boost its curb appeal to new heights.

Consider the orientation of your home: The color of your shutters can also depend on the direction your house faces. If your house faces north, you may want to consider darker shutter colors as they will absorb more light and heat, which can help keep your home warmer during winter months. On the other hand, if your house faces south, lighter shutter colors may be more appropriate as they will reflect more light and heat, which can help keep your home cooler during summer months.

Think about the architectural style of your house: If your house has a more traditional or classic style, you may want to consider shutter colors that are more subdued, such as brown, green, or black. If your house has a more modern or contemporary style, you may want to consider brighter, bold colors such as yellow, red, or blue.

Consider the surrounding area: The color of your shutters should also complement the colors of the surrounding area, such as the color of the roof, the color of the siding, and the color of the landscaping. This will help create a cohesive and harmonious look for your home.

Take into account the overall color scheme of your home: The color of your shutters should also complement the overall color scheme of your home. If your home has a lot of warm, earthy tones, you may want to consider shutter colors that have warm, earthy undertones, such as brown, green, or beige. If your home has a lot of cool, blue-green tones, you may want to consider shutter colors that have cool, blue-green undertones, such as gray or light blue.

Don’t forget about the season: The color of your shutters can also change depending on the season. During the winter months, darker shutter colors may help absorb more light and heat, which can help keep your home warmer. During the summer months, lighter shutter colors may help reflect more light and heat, which can help keep your home cooler. However, you should also consider the overall color scheme of your home and the surrounding area during different seasons to ensure a consistent and harmonious look.

Consider the maintenance level: Some shutter colors may require more maintenance than others. For example, white shutters may require more frequent cleaning to prevent dirt and grime buildup, while darker shutters may show less visible dirt. If easy maintenance is important to you, keep that in mind when selecting shutter colors.

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