Choosing a Kitchen Faucet Just Got Easier – Delta vs Moen Comparison

Selecting the perfect kitchen faucet can be an overwhelming task with hundreds of styles and finishes to choose from. Narrowing it down to reputable brands like Delta and Moen makes the decision a bit easier, but there are still so many factors to weigh. Should you go for a sleek modern look or vintage bronze? Hands-free operation or simplistic manual control? In this detailed comparison, we’ll look at the key differences between Delta and Moen kitchen faucets to help you determine the best option for your needs and preferences.

Delta – The Faucet Innovation Leaders

With origins dating back to the early 1950s, Delta has established itself as one of the most prominent and enduring kitchen and bath brands. They continue to be at the forefront of faucet technology and design, evidenced by innovations like their Touch2O technology that allows faucets to be turned on/off with just a tap anywhere on the spout or handle.

In terms of aesthetics, Delta offers a diverse range of styles including traditional and transitional options with elegant detailing and finishing touches. Many of their collections like Trinsic and Lahara have an upscale look. If you’re seeking a more modern and streamlined aesthetic, the Essa line features square spouts and minimalist lever handles.

Key Features of Delta Faucets

Here are some of the highlighted features and innovations of Delta kitchen faucets:

  • Touch2O Technology – tap anywhere on the spout or handle to activate water flow
  • MagnaTite Docking – the faucet magnetically snaps back into place after use
  • Diamond Seal Technology – reduces leak points and lasts 5 million uses
  • High-arc Pull Down Sprayer – elevated design provides superior clearance
  • ShieldSpray Technology – powerful spray prevents splashing and lime buildup

Advanced finishes like spotted nickel and matte black combined with Delta’s reliable performance deliver an exceptional, durable kitchen product.

Moen – Pioneers of Superior Design

With 70 years of experience creating kitchen and bath fixtures, Moen has cemented itself as a leader in blending innovative technology with superior design. They were one of the first brands to introduce the single-handle faucet controlled by a cartridge system, forever changing the industry.

Moen kitchen faucets have a distinct modern, straightforward aesthetic. Their current designs utilize a Spot Resist stainless finish that helps prevent fingerprints and water spots for a pristine look. For traditional styles, the Brantford collection features elegant curves and detailing.

Notable Features of Moen Faucets

Here are some of Moen’s most advanced and beneficial features:

delta vs moen kitchen faucets
  • MotionSense Wave Hand Activation – wave your hand to start water flow
  • Power Clean Spray Head – powerful rinse for heavy crud
  • Reflex System – enables easy movement of the spray head
  • Spot Resist Stainless – prevents water spots and fingerprints
  • Duralock Quick Connect – tool-free DIY installation

With thoughtful amenities like an integrated soap dispenser and sturdy metal handles, Moen hits the mark on both form and function.

Comparing Key Features and Functions

Both Delta and Moen provide innovative technologies and capabilities designed to make your kitchen experience smooth and hassle-free. Let’s examine how some of their main features stack up.

Motion-Sensing Activation

Delta’s Touch2O and Moen’s MotionSense technologies allow for touchless, hands-free activation of the faucet. With MotionSense, you simply need to wave your hand near the sensor for water to start and stop flowing. Touch2O relies on tapping anywhere on the spout or handle rather than proximity sensing.

Spray Functions

The pull-down spray wands on Delta and Moen faucets make cleaning and filling easy. Delta’s MagnaTite magnetic docking ensures the spray head stays secure when not in use. Moen’s Reflex system provides total flexibility, with the spray wand able to rotate 120 degrees.


Both brands offer models with built-in water filtration systems that reduce contaminants and impurities while retaining vital minerals.

Soap Dispensers

Integrated soap/lotion dispensers are available on select models from Delta and Moen, enabling easy dispensing right at the faucet.

Durability and Performance

Kitchen faucets get used heavily on a daily basis, so you need confidence in their longevity and performance. Delta and Moen both utilize premium materials and engineering that makes their products built to last.

Chrome, stainless steel, zinc, and brass components ensure strength and reduce corrosion over time. Ceramic disc valves on Moen fixtures allow for smooth handle control and drip-free performance. Delta employs a Diamond Seal system that withstands heavy usage with leak protection.

In real-world testing, both Delta and Moen faucets stand up well to repeated use without any significant decline in function. Their flow rate output is industry-leading, so you’ll never be left waiting and wanting for more water.

Design Options and Finishes

With a kitchen faucet being a major visual focal point, aesthetic design and finish selections merit careful consideration. This is an area where Delta triumphs over Moen in terms of diversity.

Moen leans towards a uniform modern style, without a huge amount of variation across collections. Their primary finishes are chrome, matte black, and spot-resistant stainless. With Delta, you get a wider palette to choose from, including popular options like matte black and arctic stainless, along with more unique finishes like Venetian Bronze and Champagne Bronze.

Delta’s transitional styling balances contemporary and traditional elements for a versatile, timeless look. Design aspects like arched spouts and decorative details give Delta faucets an upscale, refined air.

Best Finish for Specific Kitchen Designs

Here are some recommended finishes based on popular kitchen aesthetics:

  • Traditional kitchen – Venetian Bronze
  • Rustic kitchen – Copper or Matte Black
  • Contemporary kitchen – Arctic Stainless
  • Eclectic kitchen – Champagne Bronze

Costs, Budgets, and Warranties

Pricing often plays a significant role in choosing a kitchen faucet. Moen tends to sit at the higher end of the spectrum, with most of their models ranging from $200 to $700. Delta provides more affordability while maintaining quality, with their prices spanning $75 to $600.

You’ll get the most value by identifying the features you need, then comparing prices on faucets that include them. With Delta, you can often get innovations like Touch2O at lower price points than comparable Moen fixtures with MotionSense.

Both companies back their kitchen faucets with excellent warranties. Moen has a limited lifetime warranty that covers all parts, excluding damaged parts from installation. Delta provides a similar lifetime limited warranty that applies to parts with defects or normal wear and tear damage.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Select from Delta’s lower-priced collections like Cassidy or Trinsic
  • Choose standard chrome or stainless finishes to avoid premium upcharges
  • Take advantage of seasonal sales events and retailer discounts
  • Consider a floor model or refurbished return to save over new

Key Differences and Similarities

To summarize the core distinctions between these two premium brands:

  • Delta provides more traditional and transitional style options compared to Moen’s contemporary styling.
  • Moen offers a few more modern finish choices like matte black and spot-resistant stainless.
  • Delta faucets promote more accessibility through lower prices and frequent sales.
  • Moen provides the more comprehensive warranty with lifetime coverage for all parts.

In terms of shared capabilities, Delta and Moen both provide:

  • Advanced technologies like touchless activation and pull-down spray wands
  • High-performance water flow and leak protection
  • Wide range of features like filtration and soap dispensers
  • Durable brass, zinc, and steel construction
  • Extensive style and finish selections

With outstanding reputations and offerings, you can’t go wrong with either Delta or Moen. Ultimately, the right choice comes down to your personal priorities and kitchen decor.

For shoppers focused on affordability and versatile styling, Delta gets the nod. The wider array of finishes and lower prices provide excellent value.

If contemporary design and premium finishes are most important, then Moen will be the preferable option. The MotionSense technology and lifetime warranty are also big perks.

Weigh factors like budget, aesthetic, features, and warranty coverage. Consider the look you want and how the faucet fits into your overall kitchen design. This will steer you towards the ideal faucet to install and enjoy.

Selecting between exceptional brands like Delta and Moen can be easy. Start your kitchen upgrade today with a gorgeous new faucet installation that’s high on functionality and style.

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