Choose the Right Shape Slipcover for Your Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas provide the ultimate flexibility of doubling as both a sofa and bed in one furniture piece. But after years of constant conversion between seat and sleeping surface, wear and tear can take a toll. Slipcovers present an easy and affordable way to protect your investment while also giving your sleeper sofa a fresh new look.

When shopping for sleeper sofa slipcovers, choosing the right shape is crucial for getting a perfect custom fit. Unlike standard sofas, sectional sleeper sofas come in a variety of configurations and angles. Carefully taking measurements and selecting a slipcover tailored to your exact sectional design will help the slipcover lay smoothly across cushions for a polished finished look.

Measure Your Sectional Sleeper Sofa

The first step in finding the ideal slipcover is to carefully measure each section of your sectional sleeper sofa. Armless sections, corners, and chaises each have unique dimensions that must be accounted for. Bring out a tape measure along with paper and pencil to jot down notes, and follow these tips for getting accurate measurements:

Gather Measurement Tools

You’ll need the following supplies to measure your sectional sleeper sofa:

  • Tape measure
  • Paper and pencil for taking notes
  • Ruler or yardstick (optional for smaller dimensions)

Before starting, clear away any accessories, pillows, blankets or clutter from the sofa so you can get precise measurements.

Measure Key Dimensions

Measure the length and depth of each section of your sofa, including:

slip covers for sleeper sofa
  • Chaise or corner sections – Measure along the length and depth, accounting for any angle or curve in the design.
  • Armless sections – Document the length and depth.
  • Overall length – Measure the full length from one end to the other when the sofa is opened up into bed position.

Make sure to measure along the actual frame and cushion surface since the front edge may be lower than the back.

Draw Detailed Sketch

Draw a rough sketch of your sectional, marking all of the measurements as well as the placement of chaise, armless areas, and other distinguishing features. Note angles and curves to capture the exact shape. This will serve as a handy visual reference when ordering your slipcover to get the proportions right.

Common Sectional Sleeper Sofa Shapes

While sectionals can vary widely in configurations, there are a few common shapes to be aware of when choosing a slipcover:


This corner sofa design is ideal for smaller spaces, with the chaise or long side on either the left or right. Measure chaise length and depth as well as the return.


U-shaped sectionals feature seating on three sides, with an open end. The chaise may be centered or off to one side. Make note of any armless sections and measure all sides.

Full Sectional

A full sectional has a chaise on one end and armless side opposite, providing great flexibility. Document the armless length for slipcover fit.

Knowing your sectional configuration will help narrow down slipcover shape options. If unsure what style yours is, your measurements and sketch will provide the details needed.

Match Slipcover Shape to Sofa

Armed with your sectional measurements, you can now start shopping for a slipcover to match its shape. Consider the following factors for good fit:

Account for Chaise Placement

The orientation of the chaise section in your sectional will impact slipcover fit. A cover designed for a left-facing chaise will not lay properly on a right-facing chaise. Check your sketch to note placement.

Consider Armless Side

Sectional slipcovers typically come in two pieces – one for the chaise side, and a separate one for the armless side. Having the armless piece allows for a smooth fit.

Measure Open Dimensions

When the sofa is converted to bed position, make sure to measure its full length. The slipcover may need to drape slightly over the front edge to cover the mattress.

Shop by Sectional Type

Many retailers now offer slipcovers tailored for specific sectional shapes. Here are some style options:

L-Shaped Slipcovers

Look for slipcovers designed to follow corner sofas, with dimensions suitable for the chaise side and return.

U-Shaped Slipcovers

U-shaped slipcovers will cover three sides of your sectional while leaving one end open. Measure to ensure a good match.

Full Sectional Covers

For sectionals with a chaise on one end and opposite armless side, shop for covers made to accommodate the specific sofa plus chaise shape.

Choosing a slipcover matched to your sectional style will ensure a close fit across the unique angles and cushion surfaces.

Customize the Fit

For additional tailoring, consider these customization options:

Order Made-to-Measure

Many companies allow you to input your sectional’s exact dimensions when ordering slipcovers made-to-measure. This results in a more precision fit.

Buy Separate Armless Cover

Purchasing a separate slipcover for the armless portion of your sectional allows for adjustments to get it fitting smoothly into the open corner.

Allow for Mattress Overhang

When used as a bed, your sectional’s mattress may extend slightly beyond the frame. Opt for a slipcover with a bit of overhang to accommodate this.

Minor fit adjustments like these can make all the difference in getting your slipcover to lay nicely across every surface.

Choose Durable, Washable Fabrics

The material you select for your sectional slipcover should be able to withstand heavy use:

  • Microfiber or cotton are easy care options ideal for an active household. They’re durable and can be machine washed regularly.
  • Performance fabrics with stain resistance or moisture wicking properties will maintain their look over time.
  • Leather or faux leather will develop a worn patina but provide protection against scratches.
  • Avoid more delicate fabrics like silk or velvet which show wear and require dry cleaning.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for recommended cleaning methods. Having a removable, washable cover makes maintaining your sectional sleeper sofa fast and easy.

Protect High Traffic Areas

Consider using different materials on key high-wear areas:

  • Opt for a quilted cotton or linen fabric on seat cushions to provide extra padding where needed most.
  • Choose faux leather for armrests to guard against fingerprints and scratches from daily use.

Mixing slipcover fabrics strategically can help certain spots stand up better over time while keeping a cohesive look.

Shopping for a sleeper sofa slipcover may seem complicated given the many shapes, sizes and configurations available. But armed with detailed measurements and an understanding of your sectional’s unique style, you can zero in on a tailored cover that hugs every curve for a flawless fit.

Take the time to measure carefully, sketch your sectional’s layout, and select a cover made specifically for its shape. With the right slipcover, you can give your sectional sleeper sofa a fresh look while protecting your investment for years of continued use.

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