Choose the Perfect Farmhouse Style Curtain Rod and Accessories

Farmhouse style decor is known for its classic and timeless aesthetic. From rugged wood finishes to galvanized metal accents, the hallmarks of farmhouse style create rustic charm and cozy warmth. An essential component of achieving this look is your window treatments. Farmhouse style curtain rods and accessories provide the framework for creating a seamless farmhouse space.

Read on for an in-depth guide to selecting materials, hanging techniques, and styling options for the perfect farmhouse window!

Farmhouse Style Curtain Rod Materials

When it comes to choosing a farmhouse rod, opting for natural and raw materials is key. Wrought iron and wood are two of the most popular options that align with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron has been used in furnishings and architectural elements for centuries. The process of heating and hand-working iron into shape gives wrought iron its rugged, imperfect look. When used for curtain rods, wrought iron offers several benefits:

  • A rustic, vintage appearance that suits farmhouse decor
  • Extreme durability and strength to bear the weight of heavy drapes
  • A variety of finish options like powder-coated black, antique brass, rust, and more to match your style

Quality wrought iron curtain rods can last for decades, making them a sound investment for your farmhouse space. For a true farmhouse look, opt for dark finishes like black or antique pewter.

farmhouse style curtain rods


For a lighter, more casual feel than metal, wood curtain rods also complement the farmhouse aesthetic well. Unfinished woods like pine, oak, and maple offer a nice raw look. Stained wood in espresso or graywashed tones works too. Painted woods are on-trend, as the farmhouse style embraces colored accents. Benefits of wood curtain rods include:

  • A natural material that enhances the cozy farmhouse vibe
  • Warmer and more lightweight than metal rods
  • Easy to cut down to custom sizes
  • Range of finishes from natural to colorful painted looks

Select a wood rod substantial enough to support your drapes. And don’t forget the finials to add decorative flair at the ends!

Essential Hardware for Installation

Once you’ve selected the perfect farmhouse-worthy rods, a few key hardware components will actually enable you to mount them properly. Having these essentials on hand will make the installation process go smoothly.


Brackets are the connector pieces that join the curtain rod to the wall or window frame. Single brackets spaced a couple of feet apart are generally sufficient. But using double brackets adds extra support, especially for heavier drapes. The farmhouse style often features fuller curtains, so double brackets are recommended.

Screws and Anchors

The appropriate fasteners are needed to securely attach brackets into your wall or window frame material. Wood screws suffice for wood frames and wall studs. For drywall and masonry, specialized anchors are required, like toggle bolts or sleeve anchors. Having the necessary screws and anchors for your wall type allows proper installation.

Measuring Tape and Level

Accurately measuring your windows and locating studs is crucial for positioning brackets correctly. A level will ensure your curtain rod is hung evenly. Improper installation can lead to sagging rods and curtains. A quality measuring tape and level makes achieving an expert DIY installation truly easy.

Curtain Rod Finials

Finials serve both form and function when it comes to curtain rods. Not only are they decorative, but they also prevent curtains from sliding off the rod ends. For farmhouse style, seek finials that complement the raw, rustic look. Some top options include:

  • Orb finials: Sphere or ball shaped finials work well with farmhouse rods
  • Acorn finials: Resembling acorn tops, these have an organic charm
  • Teardrop: The elongated teardrop form suits many farmhouse spaces

In terms of materials, stick to metallics, wood, or mineral materials like crystal or agate. For metal finials, finishes like antique brass, aged bronze, and rust enhance the vintage farmhouse look. Keep finials simple in design–avoid ornate detailing incongruous with the style.

Curtain Rings and Clips

An often overlooked yet vital component of farmhouse curtains are the rings that enable the curtains to slide smoothly along the rod. Basic metal O-rings or D-rings work well, as do small clip rings. Clips are essential to fasten the curtains securely to the rings. Some key tips for rings and clips include:

  • Space rings every 3-5 inches along the rod for optimal gathering.
  • Make sure clips are sized properly for your curtain thickness and weight.
  • Look for antique metal finishes or wooden rings to suit the farmhouse aesthetic.

Farmhouse Curtain Styling

When it comes to styling your farmhouse curtains and rods, creating a full and billowy look is key. There are several techniques you can use to achieve the quintessential casual farmhouse vibe:

Layer Rods and Curtains

Using two rods layered together allows you to hang sheers and heavier drapes for added dimension. Make sure to space rods far enough apart to prevent curtains from sagging into each other. Double brackets keep layered rods neatly aligned.

Incorporate Valances, Swags, and Tiebacks

Adding complementary fabrics like valances and swag accents at the tops of your main curtains injects additional fullness and texture. Tiebacks in natural jute, wood beads, or braided cotton add to the casual charm while keeping curtains open.

Embrace Relaxed Hanging

Achieve an artfully disheveled look by hanging panels slightly uneven and allowing them to casually stack and puddle on the floor. Embrace the lived-in look!

Choose Coordinating Lining Colors

Select a lining color that complements your curtains and farmhouse palette. For example, natural curtains with tan or ivory lining enhances the light airy feel. Contrasting colors can make a statement too.

Tips for Hanging Farmhouse Curtain Rods

To complete your farmhouse window treatment, you’ll need to properly install your curtain rods. Follow these tips for expert hanging:

Measure Precisely

Carefully measure each window width to determine appropriate rod lengths. Purchase rods wider than windows to allow curtains to stack attractively when open.

Install at Optimal Height

Standard height is 1-3 inches above the window frame. Raising higher elongates windows. Go floor length for dramatic effect.

Ensure Rods are Level

Check with a level and adjust brackets so rods are evenly hung. This prevents sagging issues.

Securely Mount into Studs

Locate studs and use appropriate fasteners for your wall type for most secure mounting.

Your curtain rods, finials, rings, and hardware all come together to create your farmhouse window treatment. Some final tips for pulling off the total look:

  • Choose cohesive metals and finishes for rods, brackets, and finials
  • Incorporate complementary lighting like pendant lamps or sconces
  • Mix in natural textures with your curtains and valances
  • Tie the window treatment to the broader farmhouse decor

You can fashion window treatments that embody farmhouse charm with the right combination of quality materials, expert hanging and creative styling. Choose rods and accessories that speak to your personal style – from bold black metal to rustic wood. Follow the tips above to guide you in creating picture-perfect farmhouse windows!

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